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Nasya Technique: Everything about putting Cow Ghee in the Nose

Nasya Technique

| Sep 04, 2023

Are you suffering from issues like nose blockage, migraines, sinusitis, or other matters related to your throat? Well, we would like to introduce you to an Ayurvedic remedy known for its remarkable benefits. This technique involves the use of beneficial herbal oil, A2 cow ghee, medicated powder, or decoction through our nasal passage. This technique helps rejuvenate and purify our throat and nasal organs while eliminating imbalanced doshas. The Nasya technique is known not only for its purifying qualities but also for its ability to provide instant relief and contribute greatly to our overall well-being by promoting balance within our bodies. 

What is Nasya Technique? 

Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medical science, holds a treasure trove of medical knowledge that can help humans live healthy lifestyles and more. This ancient system can emphasize personal well-being and focus on establishing equilibrium within the body. Its emphasis is on dietary guidelines, natural remedies, and practises tailored to balance doshas, strengthen our organs and enhance their functioning. It involves nutritional guidelines and traditional practices tailored to balance and benefit our body and doshas. Its comprehensive approach offers a variety of ways to live a healthy lifestyle and ways to treat certain diseases and conditions. One such technique is the Nasya technique. 

The Nasya technique is one of the prominent practices in Ayurveda science because of several reasons. Nasya is a practice that involves the use of therapeutic substances, such as ghee, herbal oils, or medicated powder, through the nasal passage. This technique is known for providing instant relief for conditions like allergies, migraines, and congestion, along with eliminating harmful toxins and accumulated substances and enhancing the optimal functioning of our respiratory organs. This technique can be performed in various forms, such as ‘Pratimarsha Nasya’, which involves an herbal concoction or ‘Sneha Nasya’, which involves pure ghee or herbal oils. This Ayurvedic technique can be tailored according to an individual’s demand or conditions, making it a treatment that can target the root cause of the condition rather than eliminate the symptoms. By balancing doshas, clearing the nasal passage, and nurturing the delicate tissues of the course, the technique exemplifies the principle of Ayurveda that pursues humans to live healthy lives.

How to Perform Nasya Technique At Home?

Nasya technique is a simple and effective technique that one can perform easily to clean their nasal passage and enhance their respiratory health. This technique involves the administration of herbal oils or concoctions into the nasal passage to support overall well-being and clarity of mind and alleviate congestion. Here’s how one can perform this Ayurvedic technique[1] in the comfort of your home:

  • Preparation: Choose a quiet and comfortable space in your house for this technique. Make sure your nasal passage is well-massaged and clean, along with your hands. 
  • Warm-Up: Start by lying down in your comfortable space and massage your face, neck, and forehead gently in a circular motion for instant relaxation and to promote blood circulation. 
  • Choose the oil: Choose a preferred oil type or herbal concoction such as ghee, sesame oil, coconut oil, or other medicated nasal drops, especially the one designed for the Nasya technique. These oil types are infused with several beneficial herbs that help balance your doshas, clear your nasal pathway, and enhance your respiratory functions. 
  • Tilt Your Head: Now, tilt your head slightly backwards. You can do this while sitting on a chair or lying down on a bed with a backrest.
  • Administer Herbal Oil or Ghee: With clean hands, put a few drops of herbal oil, concoction, or ghee into one of your nostrils whole, closing your other nostril with the other hand gently. Inhale the oil, allowing it to reach your sinus cavities. 
  • Massage and Drainage: After administrating and inhaling the ghee, start gently massaging the area around your cheeks, neck, and forehead. It helps in distributing the oil along with encouraging its absorption. After 5-10 minutes, blow your nose to remove excessive oil, diet and impurities. 
  • Repeat The Process With the Other Nostril: Now repeat the process with the other nostril using the same procedure. 
  • Rest: After completing your Nasya technique, it’s recommended in the Ayurveda study to rest for a short time, as this will allow the oil to work its way through the nasal passage and provide numerous therapeutic benefits. 

Did you know that there are several benefits of performing the Nasya technique everyday? This technique is known for improving our respiratory health, enhancing mind clarity, and strengthening our overall well-being. 


There are different types of Nasya techniques that are designed to address and discuss conditions or concerns in Ayurveda. We have mentioned three types of Nasya techniques that you can try in the comfort of your own home. 

  1. Brihmana Nasya: Brihmana Nasya type is a technique that focuses on strengthening and nourishing our nasal passage and its structure. It is highly beneficial for individuals experiencing Vata constitution or experiencing weakness, dryness, or debility. This technique involves the administration of cow ghee or herbal oils that are infused with rejuvenating herbs. The goal of this technique is to improve nasal tissue health, deep moisturization, and promote overall vitality. 
  2. Virechana: Another Nasya technique is known as the Virechana technique, which focuses on cleansing and detoxifying our nasal passage and its related structure. It is highly beneficial for individuals suffering from congestion, allergies, and Kapha imbalance. This technique involves using medicated oil, cow ghee, and other medicated substances that encourage the expulsion of excessive toxins and mucus and induce mild irritation.
  3. Shamana Nasya: This Nasya technique focuses on pacifying specific dosha imbalances within the nasal pathway. It is highly beneficial for individuals suffering from irritation, inflammation, or discomfort in the nasal passage, with the administration of warm cow ghee or herbal oils and medicated substances that contain healing and soothing properties. 

Advantages of the Nasya Technique

There are several advantages to using the Nasya technique on a daily basis. Here are five benefits of practising the technique:

  1. Instant Relief from Allergies and Sinus Congestion: The Nasya technique is highly beneficial for individuals suffering from hay fever, sinus congestion, and allergies. The administration of cow ghee or medicated oil into the nasal pathway helps reduce inflammation, soothe and lubricate irritated tissues, and promote the expulsion of mucus. Therefore, it provides instant relief from sinus-related discomfort, nasal congestion, and sneezing.
  1. Enhances Focus and Mental Clarity: TheNasya technique is well-known for clearing our nasal passage and improving airflow, which has a positive impact on our brain and functioning. The nasal passage is closely associated with the brain and nervous system. Practising it regularly can enhance concentration, mental clarity, and cognitive functions. It is highly recommended for individuals looking for ways to improve their mental alertness and focus. 
  2. Enhances Respiratory Health: This Ayurvedic technique plays an important role in enhancing and strengthening our respiratory health. Nourishing and lubricating our nasal passages helps prevent irritation and dryness, which are the main causes of respiratory issues. This technique also helps eliminate accumulated impurities and toxins, leading to a healthier and cleaner respiratory system. 
  3. Alleviates Migraine and Headache: Many migraines and headaches are linked with congestion and imbalanced doshas. The Nasya technique can be highly beneficial in managing such conditions. The administration of cow ghee and herbal oil used in Ayurvedic treatment has therapeutic properties that help reduce inflammation, pain, and pressure. Regular practice can lead to a significant reduction in the intensity and frequency of headaches. 
  4. Prevent Imbalanced and Balanced Doshas: According to Ayurveda, imbalanced doshas cause various health conditions. The Nasya technique helps balance these doshas by addressing their manifestation in the nasal passage. As mentioned before, these techniques can be customized according to specific dosha imbalances, preventing future health problems and promoting harmony in the body.

Why is Cow Ghee the Best Choice for the Nasya Technique?

A2 Gir Cow ghee is said to be the best choice for practising the Nasya technique due to its therapeutic properties and historical significance in Ayurveda. Its purity, mildness, and ability to successfully carry out the healing and cleaning process into a nasal passage make it an ideal choice for this practice. Ayurveda says cow ghee can balance doshas, nourish the delicate nasal tissues, and promote mental clarity. Its natural soothing and lubricating properties can also help alleviate irritation, congestion, and dryness in our nasal passage while enhancing our overall health benefits. 


Incorporating various Ayurveda practices into our daily lives is like opening the door to fitness and health. Incorporating the Nasya technique can bring health benefits ranging from respiratory and overall wellness concerns. By administering substances like cow ghee, herbal oil, and medicated powder in our nasal passages, we can bring instant relief and holistic balance to the body. Its different types cater to different needs, targeting the root cause of the problem rather than eliminating the symptoms, which helps benefits, span from mental clarity to allergy relief; this technique is a gateway for obtaining a healthy body and mind. The use of A2 Gir cow ghee, known for its healing and purity properties, further promotes the nasal technique as an invaluable Ayurvedic practice, harmonizing our body and mind for lasting vitality. 

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