Best Medicine for Acid Reflux: Top 10 Ayurvedic Treatments

Medicine for acid reflux
| Jan 12, 2023

Have you ever had an excruciating burning pain in your chest or throat that kept you up at night? The occasional sensations of heartburn or acid reflux are almost universal. Many times, all that it takes is one extra cup of tea, delaying breakfast, or going to sleep with a filled stomach. Any age can be affected by acid reflux, which can have catastrophic consequences if left untreated. It is a condition that makes acid reflux symptoms worse. Therefore, if people want to be rid of this ailment, it’s crucial to watch what they eat and how they live. By offering proper instructions for a healthy lifestyle and food plan about this issue, Ayurveda treats acid reflux with Ayurvedic and herbal formulations. Let’s learn about the best medicine for acid reflux.


You feel a burning pain in your chest when there is an excessive build-up of acid in your body. This state is known as acidity. When you have acid reflux, your chest feels like it’s burning, your tongue tastes foul, and your throat could hurt. An antacid might provide you with immediate comfort, but occasionally you could feel like it’s not doing much for you. You might benefit from this situation with Ayurveda. Ayurveda offers the greatest and best medicine for acid reflux, and it is also safe.

Ayurveda views a healthy digestive system as the foundation of good health; hence its significance cannot be underestimated. Despite the fact that acid reflux is incredibly common as well as non-threatening, if it is not treated properly, acidity disorders such as GERD, heartburn, and acidity can also lead to additional issues. Traditional OTC drugs can offer temporary comfort, but prolonged use of these drugs can result in unwanted side effects. As a result, natural remedies for acidity are your best option. Reputable Ayurvedic doctors, gastroenterologists, and dieticians also highly recommend a variety of foods. Let’s learn about acid reflux before moving to medicine for acid reflux. 

What Is Acid Reflux?

When the valve separating the stomach and esophagus[1] weakens, it allows stomach acid to flow back into the esophagus, causing heartburn and unpleasant burning pain in the throat or chest. Acid reflux is the result. However, it is a frequent issue brought on by poor eating habits, such as consuming greasy and cold food products, processed meat, meals that are only partially cooked, and junk foods. According to Ayurveda, healthy eating practices are indeed the best medicine for acid reflux since they maintain a healthy digestive tract and ward off such diseases.

The infrequent occurrence of heartburn indicates that acid reflux is not a severe concern, but if you frequently experience heartburn or chest pain, you should seek medical lookout as soon as you can. Due to its safety and natural ingredients, Ayurvedic medication is regarded as the best medicine for acid reflux. Check out the main signs and symptoms of acid reflux before learning how to treat it with Ayurveda.


There are various ways that acid reflux can manifest itself. The main signs that people typically experience are as follows:

  • Heartburn
  • Head Ache
  • Water brash
  • Pain while swallowing food
  • Nausea
  • Heartburn

Ayurveda can cure or prevent these symptoms.

Best Medicine for Acid Reflux: Top 10 Natural Medicines with zero side-effect 

In the modern lifestyle, poor eating habits, including skipping breakfast, eating fried food, spicy food, heavy meals, and consuming too much tea, caffeine, and alcohol, cause the Pitta dosha to become more pronounced (imbalance of fire and heat element). Thankfully, Ayurveda contains treatments that work to address this medical issue. Given below is the list of best medicines, but you need to opt for the best medicine for acid reflux at your convenience. 

  • Ginger-Lemon Juice: As a popular concoction of lemon, ginger, and honey can be used as the best medicine for acid reflux and gastrointestinal problems. This mixture may be beneficial for the treatment of GERD, heartburn, and other acid-related conditions. Ginger’s anti-bacterial properties and the anti-inflammatory properties of honey help improve health.
  • Fennel Water: Fennel water’s advantages aren’t as thoroughly researched or debated. This well-liked organic digestion aid also functions well as a mouth freshener. Anethole, a substance found in fennel seeds, calms the stomach lining. It lessens the likelihood of gas, stomach spasms, and acidity. Antioxidants and vitamins present in it make it a calming cure for keeping your gut healthy and clear of toxins. It functions as the greatest acid reflux treatment and a superb detoxifier. One can switch to fennel water for fast relief when one experiences gas, an upset stomach, or diarrhoea. It is a significant & best medicine for acid reflux.
  • Coconut Water: When you have acid reflux, your throat may feel as though it is on fire. Therefore, the best course of action to treat this problem is to try a calming beverage that has a cooling impact on the throat. No other beverage has the same healthy qualities as cool, tender coconut water. Due to its unrivalled capacity to rehydrate the body, its richness in electrolytes and carbohydrates, including sodium, magnesium, and potassium, makes it one of the best medicine for acid reflux. Coconut water’s potassium content preserves proper cellular activity and adjusts the pH of the stomach. 
  • Probiotics: Probiotic beverages like A2 buttermilk include a sizable amount of microorganisms that are good for the stomach. This beverage that supports the gut promotes the movement of beneficial bacteria and prevents acid reflux. People of all age groups favour this beneficial drink because of its nutritional content making it one of the best medicine for acid reflux.
  • Water: Just a few glasses of water will instantly ease the discomfort brought on by acid reflux symptoms. Water is well known for improving the pH of the stomach, reducing stomach acid, and flushing out any food particles trapped in the area of the oesophagus. A hot cup of water increases metabolism and removes toxins from the body. Drinking water regularly ensures healthier bowel motions, eliminating the possibility of digestive disorders.
  • Herbal Tea: Since ancient times, licorice root, one of the common herbal tea, has been used to heal digestive problems and boost immunity. Herbal teas are quite efficient at resolving stomach-related issues like gas and constipation, as well as boosting the digestive system. Because ginger tea is filled with anti-inflammatory properties, drinking it can help prevent nausea. That is why licorice root tea is one of the best medicine for acid reflux.
  • A2 Milk: Experts believe that A2 cow milk is good for our liver, stomach, and intestines. The A2 Beta-casein protein that contains is easy on the digestive tract. Additionally, it is an effective treatment for all stomach-related diseases and infections. It is a highly effective and best medicine for acid reflux. Adulteration of dairy products is a widespread problem today. Thus, it is a good idea to include A2 milk, which is belly-friendly and adulteration-free, in the daily diet sequence.
  • Smoothies: Smoothies are not only a nutritious food but also a healthy one for achieving excellent health since they assist in adding the proper proportion of nutrients and minerals to the meals. You should take into account adding fruits containing low acidic qualities when making a bowl of smoothies, such as pears, watermelon, etc. Additionally, you can continue to have nutrient-dense green vegetables, which are highly effective in reducing acidity and heartburn.
  • Cardamom: Cardamom, popularly referred to as Elaichi in India, is a multipurpose spice. It helps in reducing stomach cramps and healthy digestion and also calms our stomach lining. For immediate impact, simply boil two Elaichi pods in water before consuming.
  • Amla: Amla, also comprehended as the Indian gooseberry, is rich in vitamin C, which helps in repairing the irritated lining of the oesophagus and stomach. To help prevent acid reflux, take one spoonful of gooseberry powder. You can speak with an Ayurvedic practitioner if you want to discuss a specific issue.


Our stomach is an emotional organ that has a connection to our emotions. It also has minimal intelligence. As long as we don’t destroy its intelligence, it can function. Acid reflux and heartburn symptoms have evolved into diseases in addition to lifestyle disorders. Our stomachs can take care of us if we take better care of them. The likelihood of preventing stomach-related problems closely relates to how systematically and religiously we live our lives. So, you can provide yourself immediate comfort with the Ayurvedic remedies indicated above. A wide range of Ayurvedic medicines are available, but you have to find the best medicine for acid reflux easily available. To enhance your knowledge on subjects pertaining to health & wellness, dairy, and other segments, keep reading our blogs. 

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