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A2 Gir Cow Premium Ghee

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Pure and 100% Fresh


SwadeshiVIP A2 Gir Cow Premium Ghee is nature’s perfect gift for you. This premium ghee is made especially on customer demand. Our customers who order this ghee receive the breed details on request. We share the details such as family history, name of the cow breed, what the cow eat, etc., about the particular cow whose milk is used in making A2 Gir Cow Premium Ghee. The trio of fine aroma, granular texture, and superfine colour has made our premium ghee an irreplaceable option. It is packed as well as sealed in an eco-friendly container.

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Product Description

Our 100% natural, Vedic grainy A2 Gir Cow Premium Ghee is a perfect combination of ‘Swaad’ and ‘Swag’. It is made by using the 3000-year-old hand-churned Bilona method. As it is loaded with Vitamins E, K, D, and A, iron, calcium, A2 Beta-casein protein, butyric acid, and other essential minerals, it is a powerhouse of Ayurvedic medicines for 100+ health issues. It is preservative-free and chemical-free. Besides this, it is free from synthetic fillers, colours, and artificial elements. A2 Gir Cow milk, obtained from a desi cow that belongs to the league of Desi Gir Cow Bloodline,  is used to make our nutrient-dense A2 Gir Cow Premium Ghee. 

Flavoursome A2 Gir Cow Premium Ghee

Specialty- 100% Additives –free, Customized as per the Demand of customers

Storage- Store in a cool and dry place

Multiple Uses- A delectable cooking ingredient, Known for its healing properties in Ayurveda, used for religious purposes, festivals, or rituals

Nutritional Info

Nutrition Details

Per 100g

Energy (Kcal)


Sugar (g)


Carbohydrates (g)


Milk Protein (g)


Saturated Fatty Acids (g)


Monounsaturated Fatty Acid (g)


Milk Fat (g)


Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid (g)


Cholesterol (mg)


Vitamin E (mg)


Transfatty Acids (mg)


Vitamin A (µg)


Stepwise Guide- Process of Making SwadeshiVIP A2 Premium Ghee

Step 1- Organic and desi cow milk is boiled and sourced at SwadeshiVIP Farm

It’s essential to boil pure and preservative-free A2 milk in a hygienic condition. We ensure that our milk is bacteria free and an excellent treat for milk lovers.

Step 2- Conversion of milk into curd

In a clay pot, we convert nutritious A2 milk into curd. Before initiating the churning process, we store curd in a cool place.

Step 3- Bilona, a Traditional hand-churned technique, is used

In the third step, the curd is churned with a bilona, a wooden churner. We add chilled water free of harmful impurities. Through this method, we get Makkhan once the curd gets segregated into buttermilk and butter.

Step 4- We separate Butter from the Buttermilk

While finishing the churning process, we separate Makkhan (butter) from the buttermilk. Furthermore, we use this Makkhan in Ghee preparation.

Step 5- Butter gets Heated on a Medium-high Flame

After putting butter in a stainless steel pot, we continue heating the butter till it starts becoming clear, and we look at the bottom of the pot to see the visible layer of solids present over there. The ghee is ready, and its aromatic fragrance with a blend of natural look will keep your eyes glued.

Step 6- We Store and Preserve the Ghee in a Well-tightened Glass Container

We take care of the cleanliness and hygiene while storing the pure desi ghee in the glass container. We know that impurities can lower down the quality of A2 Cow Ghee, and therefore, we closely monitor the entire process.

Benefits of A2 Premium Ghee

Strengthens digestive system

Boosts immunity power

Beneficial for heart, eyes, and hair

Increases brain power and memory in growing kids



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  • Narendra Kumar

    very good quality

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