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Meet Hardy and Unique Malnad Gidda Cow Breed 

The Malnad Gidda breed is an essential cattle breed to India’s local economy and culture. Many efforts have been ongoing to conserve and promote this breed. Our Indian animal husbandry organisations and government resources focus on breeding programs, providing extra pay to our farmers and raising awareness about its significance.   The Malnad Gidda cow breed […]

Red Kandhari Cattle: The Draft Breed of India

India’s cattle genetic biodiversity has been rich for ages. Around 30 well-defined breeds are spread over diverse agroecological zones. These 30 defined breeds are classified as draught, dual purpose, and milch. Indigenous cattle breeds have adapted to harsh and poor supervision in different levels of ecological disbalance over the past centuries. All these desi breeds […]

Red Sindhi Breed: The Resilient Breed of Indian Dairy

Red Sindhi Breed is one of the prominent Indian cow breeds. Cattle in India have been traditionally raised for milk and labour purposes since old age times. The dairy industry in India is vital for both rural and urban economies, providing livelihoods for millions of small and marginalised farmers and ensuring food stability by supplying […]

8 Key Reasons Why Curd is the Best Cure for Indigestion

Curd has long been a favourite meal in India. It is a flexible cuisine that may be eaten straight or utilized in cooking to give various dishes creaminess and tang. Remember eating curd and sugar before your exams for good luck? Well, it does bring good fortune by improving your health, as far as your […]

Benefits of Lemongrass Moringa Tea that will Flabbergast You

When fresh lemongrass is combined with dried moringa leaves, we obtain a nutrient-dense herbal tea. Lemongrass moringa tea is a refreshing beverage that is also deliciously healthy and promises to give your body the boost it requires. Lemongrass and moringa combine to create an aromatic journey for the taste buds that is 100% natural and […]

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Gir Cow Milk Vs Normal Cow Milk: An In-depth Overview

The cow breed from which the milk is obtained highly impacts our health. It may elevate our health condition or even deteriorate it. Recently, Gir cow milk has been showcased to be a healthier alternative to regular cow milk. According to nutritious experts, it offers numerous health advantages and is easier on lactose-intolerant individuals. A […]

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Consume Fresh A2 Paneer and Live a Balanced & Healthy Life

Fresh A2 paneer is made using desi cow milk obtained from desi cow breeds like Sahiwal, Gir, etc. Since most vegetarian weight-loss diets rely primarily on paneer for their daily protein intake, making paneer a necessary dietary component. Protein is a necessary nutrient required by a body for both creating and mending bodily cells. A2 […]

Difference between Gir Cow and Hybrid Cow

The key difference between Gir cow and Hybrid cow, or the obvious one, is that the Gir cow is an Indian or Asian breed of cows, while Hybrid cows are from abroad, typically not in Asia. There are a lot more such distinctions and odds that make these two completely different from each other. In […]

Buy Farm Fresh Paneer in Noida and Bring a Change in Diet Chart

Dal Chawal and roti sabzi every day is definitely the most fulfilling meal, but from time to time, we need to spice up things and thus, we try paneer butter masala, Paneer Nawabi, Paneer Chilli, Shahi Paneer, Paneer Jaipuri, etc. to satisfy our taste buds. Paneer dishes are a staple in every Indian household. It’s […]

Swadeshi VIP Is Emerging as The Best A2 Cow Milk Farm in Greater Noida

In recent times, we are growing as the best A2 Cow Milk Farm in Greater Noida. Milk falls under the very primary necessities of our everyday routine. We use it in almost every alternate dish. And, mainly desserts, life without desserts in a single word are deserted, and we do not need that kind of […]

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14 Health Benefits of Omega-3 in Vedic Bilona Cow Ghee

With the deadly outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, not only has the world shattered but is also facing numerous challenges along with fighting several silent battles regularly. This pandemic broke us in every possible manner it could while leaving us with some extremely harsh and important life lessons.  The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was […]

Why Buy Desi Cow Milk Products?

As Indians, we can’t go one day without milk or desi cow milk products. We use it in tea, coffee, our all-time favourite sweets, Paneer Sabzi, or sometimes just as it is. One glass of pure desi milk can do wonders to your body health, which is why since ancient times, milk has never lost […]

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