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यया सर्वमिदं व्याप्तं जगत् स्थावरजङ्गमम्। तां धेनुं शिरसा वन्दे भूतभव्यस्य मातरम्॥

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Things to do in our farmThings to do in our farm


Perform Gaupooja

Take a trip to SwadeshiVIP farm, perform Gaupooja for Mother cows and get the divine blessings of Lord Krishna.


Farm Visit

Take a rejuvenating break from the city chaos and visit our farm to experience peace, calmness, and an abundance of love.


Cow Cuddling Activity

'Cuddle a cow' has emerged as the latest wellness trend in order to relieve stress and anxiety & promote positivity in one's life.


Feed Cows and Calves

Feeding cows and calves will yield you two things- internal satisfaction and blessings from the mother cows. You can feed fodder, fruits & vegetables.


Perform Gau Daan

Get rid of all your sins and Paap karma by performing Gau Daan. It is the biggest donation an individual can make in a lifetime. A desi Indian cow will be donated to a Brahmin in your name.


Perform Gaubath

Give a bath to our lovely calves and cows in order to enrich them with a fresh and cool experience that will make them feel better, especially in the summertime.


Panchagavya Therapy

Visit our lush-green dairy farm and use our milk, ghee, curd, cow dung, and Gaumutra to prepare Panchagavya, a precious gift to mankind from Ayurveda.


Selfie with Cows & Calves

Pose with our cows and calves and take awesome selfies. Don't forget to tag us on social media while posting the selfies.

Things to do

A peep at some distant orb has power to raise and purify our thoughts like a strain of sacred music, or a noble picture, or a passage from the grander poets. It always does one good.

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Customer Experience


Mukesh Mishra

SwadeshiVIP A2 Ghee is just wow- The aroma and flavour are unparalleled. Can't use regular Ghee after this


Sagar Shrivastav

A2 milk is just beyond the peak of awesome. Even people with milk sensitivities can enjoy it to the fullest.


Prabhash Mishra

SwadeshiVIP A2 ghee is the best ghee I've ever had. It is of exceptional rate in terms of fragrance, taste, and quality. A must-try product for sure


Deepak Kumar

Finally, there's cow milk in the market that we can drink without any fear of adulteration. Go for it, guys


Mohit Gangwar

I'm a health-conscious person, and after trying SwadeshiVIP A2 Paneer and ghee, I became a big fan of this brand


Sourav Kumar

I switched to SwadeshiVIP A2 Gir cow ghee after receiving a suggestion from one of my close friends. I'm impressed by their products and timely delivery


Ankit Sharma

I have downloaded the SwadeshiVIP app and ordered A2 Ghee and milk. Being a sports person, I found SwadeshiVIP products as a perfect mate for me


Tarun Sharma

SwadeshiVIP A2 Ghee is just wow- The aroma and flavour are unparalleled. Can't use regular Ghee after this


Pradeep Yadav

I have visited SwadeshiVIP Farm their milk quality is pure and very pure. Amazing taste with purity thank you Swadeshivip

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