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5 Proven Health Benefits of the A2 Cow Milk for Senior Citizens

5 Proven Health Benefits of the A2 Cow Milk for Senior Citizens

| Jul 16, 2021

In old age, the deficiency of essential nutrients in the body becomes a matter of concern. Thus, people who belong to the category of elderly ones must consume A2 cow milk on a regular basis. The pure, desi and organic A2 cow milk are gaining momentum in the Indian market due to its multifunctional medical properties. The benefits of A2 cow milk for senior citizens are something that everyone should know in modern time due to the fact that milk produced by A2 cows are effective enough to boost the immunity level.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors have recommended folks of all age groups to consume A2 milk as A2 cow milk have got all the nutrients that can strengthen the immunity system. Desi cow milk has gained acclaim and becomes people’s favourite in recent times. Nowadays, a well-developed immunity system is a major requirement to fight against COVID-19. Thus, the protection of children and older adults deserves everyone’s attention.


1.      5 Proven Health Benefits of the A2 Cow Milk for Senior Citizens

2.      Health Benefits of the A2 Cow milk for Senior Citizens

3.      Higher Potassium Content

4.      Maintains Bone Strength in Senior Citizens

5.      Effective Treatment for Acid Reflux and Heartburn

6.      Benefits of the A2 Cow Milk for Senior Citizens: Muscle Health

7.      Presence of Immunity-boosting Ingredients

8.      To Wrap Up

Health Benefits of the A2 Cow Milk for Senior Citizens 

Given below are the health benefits of A2 cow milk for senior citizens- 

Health Benefits of the A2 Cow Milk for Senior Citizens

Higher Potassium Content 

The combination of the lower level of potassium and higher sodium content causes health complications like high blood pressure. Another widely known name for raised blood pressure that has increased fear among the people is “silent killer.” A significant chunk of older adults loses their lives due to further health issues induced by high blood pressure. This silent killer heightens the risk of heart attack, stroke, as well as kidney diseases. In order to increase the potassium intake in a daily diet, one must develop the habit of drinking milk daily. All senior citizens must equip their bodies with higher potassium content by including milk in their diet chart.

Maintains Bone Strength in Senior Citizens 

The high level of calcium present in the milk will be helpful in strengthening the bones of senior citizens. When it comes to building bone strength, calcium plays the role of a vital nutrient. Increasing the consumption of calcium-rich milk will be beneficial as A2 milk contains sufficient calcium that osteoporosis and bone loss mass can be prevented easily. It is beneficial in overcoming the effect of aging on senior citizens’ bones. The concentrated calcium source in A2 milk is responsible for repairing the bones. Furthermore, you can increase the intake of A2 cow milk in order to make your teeth healthy.

Effective Treatment for Acid Reflux and Heartburn 

A2 milk is known for eradicating all the health-related issues pertaining to acidity and heart. It’s a soothing remedy for those senior citizens who are suffering from acid reflux and GERD. Most of the time, elderly folks suffer from heartburn because of consuming spicy and heavy food in excess. Consumption of a glass of cold milk may provide them instant relief from heartburn as well as acid reflux. A2 cow milk acts as a valve and stops the movement of the acidic content present in the stomach moving towards the esophagus. A2 cow milk for senior citizens can be highly effective in healing as well as soothing tummy.

Benefits of the A2 Cow Milk for Senior Citizens: Muscle Health 

As the A2 cow milk contains an ample amount of protein, it is helpful in boosting muscle health in the body of elderly people. Consuming A2 cow milk on a daily basis rebuilds as well as repairs muscles and keeps muscle health in a better state. In order to perform daily activities with ease, it gives strength to the senior citizens. Intake of A2 cow milk produced from desi cow breeds regulates muscle power and prevents muscle damage as well. Replenishment of muscle is a major need in the body of senior citizens, and A2 cow milk is the perfect dairy stuff for meeting the need.

Presence of Immunity-boosting Ingredients 

Taking an adequate quantity of protein on a regular basis will help the body prepare the advanced defence mechanism required for fighting against the viral infection or any other form of infection as well. Milk is home to essential amino acids required for the proper functioning of the body. It aids in stimulating the immune system as it is a principal source of Vitamin D, B12, Zinc, Magnesium, and other elements that belong to the family of immunity-boosting components. Amid the first & second waves of the COVID-19 pandemic[1], major health specialists and doctors all over the world have advised COVID patients and other people from all age groups to consume cow milk.

As the COVID-19 third wave is all set to come, everyone should increase the availability of A2 cow milk for senior citizens so that they can be safe and protected from the potential health hazard caused by the virus.

To Wrap Up 

Several health benefits of A2 cow milk for senior citizens have been covered in this write-up. It’s important in the current scenario that we should make our elderly ones understand the worth of drinking A2 cow milk, especially during the tough time of COVID-19. By consuming A2 cow milk regularly, senior citizens will be able to boost their immune systems and gear up to fight against the virus. At SwadeshiVIP, we satisfy the urge of our valuable customers to have fresh-farm A2 cow milk for senior citizens. We are committed to bringing back the golden days of organic goodness.

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