Margesh Rai

Paneer Lababdar Recipe: The Authentic Taste our Tongue Crave for

A major chunk of North Indian hearts craves different types of paneer curries. One of the mouth-watering and supremely delicious food items is paneer Lababdar. It’s tasty, rich paneer gravy that is light. Isn’t it surprising? Well, it’s true. A blend of tangy and mildly sweet punch makes the Paneer Lababdar recipe a must-try one. […]

Benefits of A2 Milk for Cognitive Function: An Overview

In recent times, A2 milk has emerged as a buzzword due to its nutritional benefits and connection with the Vedic days of organic and purity. The term A2 milk revolves around a form of milk obtained from desi Indian cow breeds, and the name A2 is associated with the A2 Beta-casein protein that is found […]

Ayurveda Recommends These 13 Natural Cooling Drinks for summer

The summer is accelerating, and thus, we are seeking natural cooling drinks to defeat summer. A wide range of fruits, herbs, and spices are known for their cooling properties. From bael sharbat to Pudina Sharbat, Buttermilk, Lassi, and Sattu Sharbat, you need these refreshing, natural cooling drinks to overcome the effects of summer. The sweaty, […]

Gir Cow Breed: Physical Characteristics, Description & Benefits of its Milk

The Gir cow breed is one of the popular cattle breeds of Indian origin. The native place of Gir is the Gir hills and forest of Kathiawar. When it comes to size, it is a moderate to large-size breed. Among the list of indigenous cows of India, it is one of the most admiringly efficient […]

What is Cuddle a Cow Trend, and why do Cows Love Humans?

Cuddle a cow trend is one of the amazing therapies enjoyed by a major chunk of Gau-lovers across the world. Can you believe that for 90 minutes of cow cuddling sessions, people are spending more than 20k happily? Well, it seems unbelievable, but it’s a reality. This wellness trend came to light for the first […]

15 Home Remedies for Snoring that ensures a Snore-free Life

If you snore, you unknowingly or unwillingly disturb your family members or partner’s sleep. The word snore stands for an unpleasant and sometimes unbearable sound generated while sleeping. In the world of medical science, it is viewed as the initial sign of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome[1]. This form of noisy breathing disturbs others and your […]

Almond Milk vs Cow Milk: Which one to Choose for Good Health?

Can you think of a nutritious drink equivalent to a one-time meal? Well, milk is dairy goodness that, if consumed properly, meets the dietary & nutritional requirements of your body. A wide range of essential nutrients is present in it that boost an individual’s health. Through this write-up, you will be enlightened about almond milk […]

16 Best Foods to Lower Cholesterol and Enhance Heart Health

The total number of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases has witnessed an increase at an alarming rate. About 17.9 million lives succumb to death due to heart-related ailments every year. Elevated levels of cholesterol are linked with an increased risk of cardiovascular disorders. It’s important to prepare a list of the best foods to lower […]

10 Health Benefits of Milk for Hair Growth that Might Surprise you

What is your definition of good hair? We are guessing that good hair refers to strong, hydrated, silky hair that lacks dryness and dullness. Are we right? Well, very few people are blessed to have such qualities in their hair. The reason is loud and clear. Pollution and dust particles affect the natural quality of […]

Yoga for Constipation: 10 Effective Poses for Quick Relief

A major segment of the youth population is inclined towards the consumption of junk foods. An unhealthy, fast-paced lifestyle has deteriorated the health condition of folks. Lifestyle-related health issues such as constipation, hyperacidity, GERD, bloating, etc., are because of poor dietary choices and lack of balance in eating habits. Yoga for constipation is considered highly […]

Where to Buy Cow Milk in Noida & What Makes it a Wholesome Food?

We are living in an era where purity hardly exists, whether you look at food products or dairy items. Here, we are throwing on the dairy industry. In the current scenario, people either consume adulterated milk products or use packet milk. The deteriorating health condition of folks and the increase in the cases of cancer, […]

10 Effective Home Remedies for Sinus Infection & When to Visit Doctor

Sinusitis (Also known as Rhinosinusitis) is a medical condition in which mucous membranes (sinuses) either get swollen or inflamed. Before inflammation takes place, a blockage of the sinus creates problems. Sinuses are hollow spaces that appear in the forehead, nose & cheekbones. The lining of these spaces produces mucus. It provides protection against germs, allergens, […]