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Lavender Tea: One of the Finest Teas that Deserve your Attention

Lavender Tea

| Mar 17, 2023

One of the most exquisite flowers in the world is lavender. This vivid lilac-coloured product never fails to catch the eye, whether it’s a lavender essential oil, lavender perfume, or soap. You’ve probably seen or smelled this vivid purple plant, even if you’ve never drunk lavender tea. Around 2,500 years ago, the lavender plant’s blooms became one of the most popular smells in the perfume and cosmetic industries. The dried flowers of a lavender plant are used to make the herbal beverage known as lavender tea. Lavender, which is linked to rosemary and mint, is renowned for its calming scent and therapeutic benefits. When made into tea or added to other foods, this herbal tea has several health advantages.

All about Lavender Tea           

A steaming pot of tea can undoubtedly solve a plethora of problems. But did you know that the world’s healthiest tea is the fragrant lavender type, which has a wide range of advantages for your body? A widely consumed herb in the world, lavender is purple and violet and has a unique aroma. Due to its relaxing effects, capacity to calm anxiety and ability to alleviate pain, lavender has been utilised in aromatherapy and medicine for ages. As it wasn’t used as frequently as other flower-based tea, like chamomile, lavender was unquestionably a must in many mediaeval medicine boxes. Lavender is a member of the Lamiaceae plant[1] family, which also includes sage and mint.

The lavender flower from the Lavandula plant is naturally dried and then used to make lavender tea. This charming and aromatic herbal tea has the power to rapidly awaken our senses and cure our bodies from the inside out. Because of this, lavender tea is mentioned in historical texts where Hippocrates claimed that it “warms the brain, fatigued of the past years.” In addition, John Parkinson, a well-known English physician, called this plant “a superb treatment for all neurological and mental illnesses.” Intriguingly, for a tea lover, this lavender tea is more than simply a beverage; it’s an encounter with a delicate yet calming floral aroma, a combination of protein-rich milk and the sweetness of honey.

​What Makes Lavender Tea The Healthiest Tea?

Black lavender tea, often known as lavender tea, is a calming beverage that can help with skin health, sleep induction, pain relief, stress reduction, and cognitive function. The combination of different tea flavours with dried lavender helps with many things, including boosting energy, maintaining strength, improving mood, and easing worry and tension. In addition, lavender has a long history of use as an antidepressant in traditional medications, treatments, and therapies. This tea can serve as a natural sedative and aid in calming the nervous system if you drink it before bed.

Flavour Profile

Lavender tea has a unique flavour and captivating aroma. There are traces of mint and rosemary in lavender tea. While some mixes have a smokey or woody flavour, others are more flowery and sweet. In addition, lavender tea can include undertones of rose, green apple, and earthy aromas comparable to those in green tea[2].

Health Benefits of Lavender Tea

This tasty and simple herbal beverage keeps your complexion glowing and radiant while kicking anxiety out the door. Even though more research is still needed on the benefits of consuming lavender tea, there is a tonne of results demonstrating the therapeutic advantages of this herbal tea as a natural healer, so enjoying a warm cup of this tea can improve your overall journey.

  • Promotes Skin Health: The skin, which serves as the first line of defence for our body, is a powerful organ that protects us from pathogens, controls our body’s temperature, and also gives us the ability to feel touch. While having three layers—the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis—this amazing barrier can nevertheless be prone to numerous common conditions like cancer, rosacea, ageing, and allergies. Because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics, drinking lavender tea regularly can help heal skin conditions. According to studies, lavender oil is more efficient than common therapies like hydrocortisone cream in reducing irritated rashes and accelerating the healing process. Also, it aids in easing dryness, minimising wrinkles, and even reducing inflammation and acne scars!
  • Improves Sleep: Sleep is essential for recharging your body and ensuring overall efficiency. It is equally essential to our survival as water and food. Sleep gives us an energy boost so we can keep up with the demands of daily life while also helping us create important neural connections to preserve memories properly! Fortunately, certain benefits of lavender tea may help you get better restful sleep. Long used to treat sleep issues, lavender is a fragrant herb that helps to reduce brain activity by inducing a reaction in our nervous system.
  • Helps with Stress and Anxiety: Anxiety is the sensation of fear, despair, or stress in response to an approaching event. Physical symptoms, including a rapid heartbeat, sweating, and trembling, are frequently present and can range from moderate to severe. If untreated, anxiety can significantly affect a person’s life. According to some theories, lavender stimulates activity in specific regions of the brain, delivering signals and reactions across brain cells that portray a soothing attitude and a cheerful mood.
  • Provides Relief From Migraine Pain: According to studies, lavender can help to lessen the intensity of chronic migraines as well as the accompanying symptoms. Lavender can be quite helpful in easing headaches, muscle discomfort, backache, as well as other problems you may be experiencing as it begins to work on lowering pain in the body. In studies and tests, lavender consistently performed excellently and was found to be extremely helpful in relieving a throbbing head. Essential oils have already long been used to help treat headaches naturally.
  • Ease Menstrual Pain: Lavender can indeed be your saviour if you’re someone who spends every period curled up into a ball, suffering from periods pain and cramps. This calming, pleasant herb lowers inflammation, relaxes our body and reduces muscle spasms— some of the excellent qualities for those who are in pain. According to studies, women who smelt the aroma of lavender for 20 minutes each day for the first three days of their menstrual cycle reported less discomfort than a control group. Make sure to start the kettle before your period is due.

Basic Lavender Tea Recipe

Are you prepared to make yourself a cup of Enlightenment? Lavender tea might be the magic potion you’re looking for. You can buy it or make it yourself; both options are simple. Just steep pre-purchased tea bags in boiling water for around 5 minutes to prepare lavender tea the simple way. The addition of lavender to herbal tea mixes that include chamomile or lemon for extra depth of flavour or tranquilly is, however, possible.

You can also prepare your lavender tea by pouring a cup of water over a half-teaspoon of loose lavender buds. Give it some time to steep. Some recipes even specify a steeping time of up to 10 minutes. Also, you can consume lavender tea with A2 Gir cow milk.


The benefits of drinking lavender tea are enhanced by its distinctive flavour and pleasant scent. Potential advantages of lavender tea include better sleep and a reduction in pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. It also helps in the reduction of menopausal symptoms, migraines, and exhaustion. To support these views, additional research is necessary. Before drinking this tea, be sure to consult your doctor, especially if you are expecting, having surgery, or have allergies.

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