Is Pashu Aadhaar A Controlling Measure For Lumpy Skin Disease?

Is Pashu Aadhaar A Controlling Measure For Lumpy Skin Disease?
| Sep 19, 2022

The Government of India is planning on creating a huge numbered database for dairy animals like cows, buffaloes, sheep, and more, with a particular character number. The particular ID number will make it easier to record the amount and health condition of all the dairy animals in our country. A biometric identifier allows UIDAI to perform complex errands effortlessly. Presently with the new turns of events, the public authority will present ‘Pashu Aadhaar’, which is planning on creating the world’s biggest animal database, related to only the dairy industry. 

What is Pashu Aadhaar?

Pashu Aadhaar is being introduced by the Indian government to improve the traceability of domesticated animals and their products, like milk and meat. This initiative will help animal cultivation authorities and farmers to devise better strategies and methodologies to manage livestock in our country. Very much like Aadhaar cards, Pashu Aadhaar will likewise dole out a novel recognizable proof number to every animal, close by a large group of other related information that will help in dealing with the country’s immense domesticated animal assets. Pashu Aadhaar is being promoted as the world’s biggest existing database of animals.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday addressed the nation at the inaugural ceremony event of the World’s Dairy Summit 2022. He also mentioned that the formation of this animal database would be done through biometric identification. A biometric identifier allows UIDAI to perform complex errands effortlessly. Presently with the new turns of events, Pashu Aadhaar is launched to create the world’s biggest animal database, related to only the dairy industry. 

Database Maintenance of Livestock Animals

The Indian Government is planning on creating a numerical database for livestock animals involved in the dairy industry. Pashu Aadhaar is very similar to Aadhaar cards which consist of a 12 digits identification number which acts as a recognizable proof number. These remarkable ID numbers will assist with following the number of inhabitants in animals. The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB)[1] will develop this database along with the assessment of the Network for Animal Productivity & Health (INAPH), which will be comprehended as Pashu Aadhaar. As a part of this initiative, all the livestock animals will be given an ear tag containing the bar-coded 12-digit UID. The INAPH can then produce all the necessary information related to the creature’s species, breed, health, and family. It will likewise also contain data on calving, milk creation, and immunization.

How Will Pashu Aadhaar Help Animals Face Increasing Diseases?

As of now, the central government and the state government are dealing with containing the spread of lumpy skin disease, which has killed animals in around eight states in India, including Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, and Gujarat. Lumpy skin disease is an infectious viral illness that causes fever and knobs on the skin of animals, mostly cows, leading to the death of cows and a reduction in milk production.

Narendra Modi addressed the nation on 12th September, stating that the Government is busy developing an indigenous vaccination for this widespread sickness; the public authority is additionally putting forth attempts to follow the health condition of animals to check the sickness outbreak. The advanced recognizable proof will assist with monitoring the strength of domesticated animals. According to Animal Husbandry, Jatindra Nath Swain, and Dairying Department Secretary, the central government is busy fostering a vaccination for the sickness; in any case, it is probably going to require three to four months. In the meantime, many states are utilizing the ‘goat pox’ antibody to treat lumpy skin diseases in creatures.

How Can You Apply For Pashu Aadhaar?

Pashu Aadhaar was first proposed by the administration board in the year 2015 to forestall cattle smuggling. The board’s proposal came after a High Court request on a supplication against the trafficking of cows. Right now, a total number of 226,763,928 animals are enlisted under this venture on the INAPH official website. 

Here is the procedure to apply for Pashu Aadhaar-

● Firstly, farmers must register themselves on the INAPH official website. 

● Click on the option ‘New Account’ to open an account for yourself.

● Then farmers must verify their mobile numbers through the verification code shared on their entered mobile numbers. 

● Now, to register the animals online, farmers can follow two ways through the INAPH portal.

● Through an offline method, farmers first need to install the INAPH Android app on their mobile phones after receiving a link via SMS.

● Through an online method, farmers will receive an SMS with login details through which they can easily start accessing the website. 

Here is the procedure to apply for Pashu Aadhaar -

Animal farmers can apply via the online method and register their animals by following these two steps:

● Open the INAPH portal

● Select the ‘animal registration’ link and fill in all the required details, after which they will receive a UID number for their respective cattle.


In the Pashu Aadhaar Card plan, cows and different creatures will get a UID number. The distributed Pashu Aadhaar number will contain every information related to the animals, very much like the Aadhaar card conveys our ID subtleties. In this article, we have discussed Pashu Aadhaar and how one can apply online for Pashu Aadhaar ID. Aside from observing the well-being of the domesticated animals, the data set is supposed to assist the government with really looking at the spread of lumpy skin disease. At SwadeshiVIP, we will help you register for Pashu Aadhaar Card. We deliver 100% natural and organic A2 milk in the Delhi NCR region without compromising the quality part.

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