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International Women’s Day: 10 Special Desserts to make your Wife Happy

Special Desserts

| Mar 07, 2023

Every year on March 8, people all over the world join together to celebrate and recognize the contributions that women have made to society. Women had to suffer and work twice as hard as their male colleagues to attain success or make a place in traditional society, whether it was the 1990s, the 1920s, or even the 21st century. The battle, however, didn’t end there; their credits were taken, and they were accused of concentrating solely on home and marital responsibilities. Let’s try to alter the world by altering our viewpoint. To honour the cultural, social, economic, and political accomplishments of women, International Women’s Day[1] is celebrated worldwide. This year, if you want to appreciate your wife and give her a delectable dessert that will warm her heart, we have you covered. We’ve provided you with a list of 10 special desserts in this article to celebrate the women in your life.


The purpose of International Women’s Day is really to serve as an annual reminder for you to appreciate the women in your life. This day honours women’s commitment and resolves to make the world a better place to live in a world where women are still battling for some basic rights like equal pay and opportunities globally. They encounter a variety of significant and minor obstacles every day. Women encounter situations that seem to be body shaming daily and still come out as better people. These situations can affect a person’s mind and hurt their soul. And among them is your wife. She is the woman who runs your household and turns it into a home for you and your kids. She goes through much more and harsher hardships than you do, although you may not realise it. It’s never too late, though! Every woman should accept the important role she plays in this world by celebrating on March 8. If you want to surprise the women in your life who have supported you through your highs and lows—whether they are your mother, wife, sister, friend, or anyone else you adore to the moon and back—try these incredibly delectable and special desserts with a special surprise ending that will make this day unforgettable for them.

10 Special Desserts to Make Your Wife Happy 

Making your women feel special and adored is not difficult. She will be overjoyed and ponder about it all day, and she will even brag about it to her friends, even if you only give her a flower from the garden. Why not surprise her with a delectable treat like a special dessert on this Women’s Day? To make things even easier for you, we have compiled a list of 10 special desserts that you can treat her with:

10 Special Desserts to Make Your Wife Happy 
  1. Gulab Jamun Cheesecake: Imagine these two incredibly delicious flavours coming together to create something that is nothing short of mouth magic, yes! Gulab Jamun and cheese are two things that every Indian woman can agree on. We’re referring to the Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake, which you may give as a special dessert to your beloved woman on March 8 and instantly win her heart. A2 Milk Khoya can be used in the preparation of Gulab Jamun.
  2. Jar Cakes: One of the most special desserts is jar cakes, which are not only adorably cute but also delicious and available in a range of flavours. Isn’t it also the perfect and special dessert for your wife? Cake jars are the modernised version of an old-fashioned delicacy that has been captivating our hearts ever since. Jar Cakes shows that the best things in life may be found in modest packages because it is served in a mason jar.
  3. Gateau Fondant Au Chocolate: Gateau Fondant Au Chocolate is a French dessert recipe that translates to “melting chocolate cake” and is loved by many women all over the world. It is also known as lava cake or chocolate lava cake in many other countries. This French treat requires more recognition because it is quite challenging to prepare and can turn into cake batter or brownies depending on how much or how little is done. For this recipe to result in a cake that can offer you flawless lava and put a perfect smile on your wife’s face, the baker must be more attentive and skilled.
  4. Apple Jalebi: Apple Jalebi is the perfect treat to surprise your lady with if you want to give her something completely different and tasty! This is a unique treat that will make you forget about apple pie and traditional jalebi. It’s time to surprise your darling lady with a dish that perfectly combines these two crowd-pleasing foods and is also highly delicious and distinctive. With the same juicy dribble of jalebi in every bite, a fruity makeover will satisfy your taste buds.
  5. Crème Brulee: The one and only Crème Brulee is one of the special desserts recipes that will provide your wife with a sense of comfort and a sweet, distinct flavour that will burst on her tongue and block her mind. A sweet treat she won’t forget. This one will quickly find its way to her heart since it contains a small amount of crisp caramel that has been burned just enough to provide a subtle bitterness to the flavour and is loaded with the fragrant flavour of vanilla custard. It is one of the finest custard recipes in the world and is traditionally made with pure cream.
  6. Peach Melba: Peach Melba is one of the well-known and special desserts that not only tastes delicious but also has a lovely aesthetic. Every taste of this delicacy, which I recall eating with my older sister, made me feel cosy and heavenly. This dish is simple to make and will instantly win her heart. It was created in honour of Nellie Melba, a well-known soprano vocalist of the Victorian era, and made just of peaches, raspberry sauce, and vanilla ice cream. The combination of flavorful vanilla ice cream and juicy, fresh peaches makes a heavenly dessert.
  7. Victorian Sponge Cake: This sponge cake is named after the illustrious Queen Victoria. Almost every day, the queen would eat this cake with her evening tea. The ingredients for the cake include vanilla, whipped cream, and raspberry jam. It includes whipped cream and raspberry jam between two layers of vanilla sponge, with powdered sugar on top. Sounds delicious, right? Surprise your wife with a delicious dessert on International Women’s Day to make her feel like the queen that she is.
  8. Pavlova: The Pavlova is a dessert that can take the top spot on International Women’s Day. This unique dish bears Anna Pavlova’s name, a well-known Russian ballerina. An interesting fact is that Australia and New Zealand continue to argue over which nation is the true source of this dessert. However, everyone can agree that it has a dreamy, crunchy and creamy flavour. This dish is of the crème de la crème and should be served decorated with fresh, fluffy whipped cream and sour fruits.
  9. Tarte Tatin: While not extremely original, tarte tatin is one of the special desserts. A unique dessert created by a remarkable woman for another woman! This dessert was created by Stephanie Tatin, a co-owner of the Hotel Tatin in France, when she was extremely hungry and exhausted. She intended to make a traditional apple tart, but she overcooked the apples in sugar and butter. She decided to layer some pastries on top of the apples and bake them for a short time in the oven because the apples were somewhat burned and hence unsuitable for an apple tart. This wonderful mishap produced a flavorful treat that is today loved by people all over the world. It must therefore be a special treat for a special occasion.
  10. Bake with Love: We would like to add something unique to this list. Women are extremely sensitive beings, and a small act can make them feel special and adored for the rest of the day. She values you greatly as a life partner, and you value her greatly! So why not give her something special on International Women’s Day? Although you might not be a great baker, you can undoubtedly make a wonderful husband. Whatever you prepare, use the right ingredients, such as A2 organic dairy products, fresh products, and most importantly, the love she deserves.


Women are special and distinctive because they are the only living creatures that can create new life. Every year on March 8, the globe observes International Women’s Day to encourage people to value and honour women, recognise their contributions, and—most importantly—give them the status they deserve in society. Women do not need extravagant displays of affection; a simple act of kindness is sufficient. This article includes a list of 10 special desserts that you can serve your wife as a surprise.

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