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Panchgavya Soap, Benefits Of Panchgavya Soap & How to Make It

Panchgavya Soap, Benefits Of Panchgavya Soap & How to Make It

| Sep 20, 2022

Do you wake up sluggish every morning, unable to fully enjoy your daily tasks? If so, it’s time to make a change. Then there should be no worries; we have a solution for your problem Panchgavya soap is an Ayurvedic body soap and scrubber made from cow products (Ghee, Milk, Curd, Cow dung, and Cow Urine) and natural herbs.

Rather than simply providing foam to make you feel hygienic, Panchgavya soap cleanses your skin inside and out. The primary ingredients Ghee, milk, and curd, give the skin a healthy glow while also keeping it moisturised. Supplementary ingredients in cow dung and urine contain natural antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties that are extremely advantageous in the treatment of skin diseases.

Cow dung soap is frequently combined with Multani mitti because of its effectiveness in treating acne, pimples and cleansing properties. Multani mitti is utilized in large quantities in the preparation of cow-dung soap. Switching to Panchgavya(Also known as Panchagavya) cow dung has the added benefit of efficient Ayurvedic qualities. According to Ayurveda, the ingredients used in Panchgavya soap are absolutely crucial for naturally improving your skin. So, let’s explore the advantages of Panchgavya soap!

Introduction: What is Panchgavya Soap?

‘Pancha’ implies ‘five’, and ‘Gavya’ signifies ‘cow-derived substances.’ Panchgavya soap contains Panchgavya ghrit (Ghee) made of milk, ghee, curd, cow urine, and cow dung. The sanctity and medicinal properties of Panchgavya have been widely praised in Vedic scriptures. Even modern science recognises its marvellous ability to cure various diseases. The anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and anti-fungal characteristics of ghrit are well known. It is believed to have the power to regulate and balance the Tridoshas, which are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The soap is adequate for all skin types and treats a variety of skin issues such as skin problems, pimples, acne, skin blackening and so on. Beauty products are not only for looking good but also for protecting the skin and keeping the body healthy, pure, and clean. Beauty products on the market may make you feel good, but they pose a serious threat to your health.

Benefits of Panchgavya Soap

Here are some of the following advantages of Panchgavya Soap:

Here are some of the following advantages of Panchgavya Soap:

Complete Traditional Ingredients

The Panchgavya soap is a deep cleansing, powerful and effective five-element blend. These ingredients have been specially designed to be suitable for all kinds of skin and are identified for their recovery and detoxifying properties. All the best aspects you could want in your favourite cleanser are now available in this single product.

Discover the Difference

As you unpack your Panchgavya Soap, it will feel fresh, delightful, and herbal fragrances fill the air. This soap contains Panchgavya ghrit, which provides adequate nutrition for glowing skin that is less susceptible to infections. This cleanser bar is also long-lasting in terms of fragrance.

The Absolute Luxury Adventure

Ayurvedic Panchagavya soap has previously been used to cleanse the body’s skin while also maintaining its organic hydration levels without dehydrating it or leaving a greasy residue. This item’s rich butter produces a lavish lather that tends to leave your skin soft and smooth after each use.

Younger, Healthier and Alluring Look

The Panchgavya Soap is specially designed for men and women, resulting in wholesome, impressive results just after one wash. It will seal in deep moisture to keep your skin soft and itch-free, leaving your skin softer, healthier and much brighter than ever before.

Heals Wounds Naturally

Panchgavya or Panchagavya is a five-ingredient concoction that, when put on the skin, transforms into an effective wound-healing ointment. Panchgavya soap serves as a base to add moisture while also providing curing lather on the top layers of skin where dirt accumulates.

Goodbye to Dry Skin

Panchgavya soap is one-of-a-kind product with numerous applications. Panchgavya contains natural ingredients that clean and replenish the skin, balance the immune system, and dry moisture patches like the knees and elbows. The plant-based strategy makes it an excellent option for individuals who have delicate skin who have delicate skin who want soft yet efficient products.

Protect Your Face

Cow urine[1], being one of the most widely known herbs used in Panchgavya herbal soap, has already been medically proven to help to treat everything from skin allergies from skin allergies to eczema. It also includes a special ingredient termed “cow curd extract,” which relieves itchy skin while providing UV protection for your face.

Increasing Interest in Organic Soap

Multiple countries have found on research that Panchgavya can not only improve agricultural production, but the consumption of goods made from it, such as Panchgavya Soap, cow dung Diya, cow dung bricks and cow dung incense stick, can also relieve severe illness.

And the demand for organic Soap from the Indian market to the foreign market has increased. As a result, numerous countries have begun to import both indigenous Panchgavya and organic manure from India.

Ingredients Used

Here are the following ingredients along with Panchagavya, which is used for making Panchgavya soap which enhances and blooms your skin:   

Here are the following ingredients along with Panchgavya, which is used for making Panchgavya soap which enhances and blooms your skin:

Aloe vera Gel

  • Aloe vera hydrates your skin due to its nutrients and medicinal properties.
  • Its high levels of vitamin C and E, as well as beta carotene, help to slow the ageing process.

Rose Water

Following skincare routine is significant. It enables balancing the Ph of your skin, reduces redness, and heals eczema and scars. It is an antioxidant that improves the appearance of your skin.

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil has been widely used for centuries in India for both preparing food and skin. Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities make it effective in treating pimples and skin rashes. It can also treat wounds and bacterial infections.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is beneficial both internally and externally. The scientific community is finally adapting to its benefits, which have been used for centuries.

It has excellent skin moisturising properties and aids in cleansing the skin’s deep layers. Given today’s pollution, using coconut oil is highly recommended for people of all ages. It also protects against bacteria and keeps you safe from pathogens and sunburn.

Neem Oil

Neem oil is beneficial for those who are facing issues like acne. Secondly, it significantly moisturises your skin.


Turmeric accelerates the recovery of internally damaged skin. It has antiseptic and antibacterial features that assist with pimple reduction. Turmeric gives your complexion a youthful glow. Acme benefits from it as well. Regular use will assist you in getting rid of pimples and improve the appearance of your skin.

Gram Flour

It has anti-ageing features and assists in maintaining your skin glowing, making it an excellent agent for people with oily skin. It also helps to remove dead skin and pimples.

Rose Petals

Roses have natural oils that aid in the preservation of skin moisture. It smoothes and softens your skin. Rose petals contain sugars that are especially beneficial to people with sensitive skin.


Saffron has anti-fungal properties that aid in the reduction of acne or pimples. It brightens the dull skin and lowers the pigmentations.

Multani Mitti

Multani mitti helps in removing dirt, sweat, and impurities from the skin. It is also useful for treating sunburn, skin rashes and infections.

Process of Making Panchgavya Soap

Here is the simple process to make the Panchgavya Soap in a quick and in the easiest way:

  • In a large mixing bowl, combine 1kg Multani Mitti, 800gm Ochre Powder (Geru Mitti), 10gm Turmeric, 100gm Gram Flour, 200gm Rose and Saffron Powder.
  • After that, we must thoroughly combine all of the ingredients before adding the Panchgavya and thoroughly mixing it in.
  • Mix in 200 gm Aloe vera Gel, 200 gm Rose Water, 100 gm Sesame Oil, 100 gm Coconut Oil, and 50 gm Neem Oil to form a dough.
  • After that, take the dough and shape it into whatever shape you want.
  • And this is how the Panchgavya soap will be ready.


The Panchgavya Soap contains all of the above-mentioned natural ingredients; that’s why many natural skin product users prefer to use Panchagavya Soap for long-lasting inevitable results. The Panchgavya Soap is made at SwadeshiVIP. Apart from that, we also provide training on how to make Panchgavya Soap, and if you have an urgent requirement than on the special order, we can make diya as well. They are available for online purchase. So, take a relaxing and revitalising bath with Panchgavya Soap. To buy A2 milk, A2 Ghee, A2 Paneer, Cow Urine, Cow Dung, etc, you may visit our website or order via SwadeshiVIP app.

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