Incredible Benefits of Panchgavya, Ingredients Used, and Effects of Panchgavya

Incredible Benefits of Panchgavya, Ingredients Used, and Effects of Panchgavya
| Jun 03, 2022

There are numerous incredible benefits of Panchgavya that can transform lives. Panchgavya or panchakavyam is a blend utilized in conventional Hindu customs that is ready by blending five fixings. The three direct constituents are cow fertilizer, pee, and milk; the two inferred items are curd and ghee. These are blended in the legitimate proportion and are then permitted to age. The Sanskrit word Panchgavya signifies “five cow-subsidiaries”. When utilized in Ayurvedic medication, it is likewise called “cowpathy”. In this article, we will discuss the meaning of Panchgavya, the Benefits of Panchgavya, and its effects, etc.

Benefits of Panchgavya: What is Panchgavya?

In Sanskrit, ‘Paanch’ signifies Five and ‘Gavya’ signifies Cow. According to Hindu ceremonies, a perfect combination of 5 products produced by the cow is called Panchgavya[1] or Panchakavyam – Milk, Cow pee, Cow waste, Curd, and Ghee. Of these, Ghee and Curd are later derived from cow milk through the process of fermentation and churning. These items are blended in prescribed proportions mentioned in Ayurveda. Panchgavya is believed to help seek prosperity and great well-being. Different Vedic scriptures and texts like ‘Charak Samhita’, ‘Sushruta Samhita’, ‘Ras Tantra Sar’, and many more discuss the astounding advantages and significance of Panchgavya in human existence. It is accepted that the benefits of Panchgavya confine both physical & mental health. 

In India, the cow is venerated as a divine being called ‘Gaumata,’ indicating its motherly nourishing nature. Ayurveda prescribes Panchgavya to treat infections of various systems, including serious circumstances, with practically no side effects. Panchgavya can help build a healthy population, elective wellsprings of energy, fulfilling the nutritional requirement, eradicate poverty, pollution-free climate, natural cultivation, and so forth. Panchgavya can likewise provide the mother earth with life force by improving the soil richness, worm creation, safeguarding crops from bacterial and parasitic contaminations, and so on. Each ‘gavya’ can be utilized as a solitary treatment or in blend with different products or with different treatments. Likewise, each of these five ingredients can be utilized alone or mixed or used with any other herbal, synthetic, or mineral origins.

Ingredients Used In Panchgavya

The present review centres on the synthesis of each Panchgavya item and its medical advantages and medicinal properties.

Ingredients Used In Panchgavya

Cow Dung:

Cow compost is a rich source of several beneficial microorganisms like Saccharomyces, Lactobacillus, Bacillus, Streptococcus, Candida, and so on. It likewise contains different nourishing components, including minerals, nutrients, potassium, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, cellulose, hemicellulose, bodily fluid, and lignin. Cow manure is utilized to corrupt waste produced from the cities and hospitals because of its richness of various microorganisms that are beneficial for waste degradation. The utilization of cow waste in agribusiness is fundamental to keeping up with soil quality. Cow compost helps increment the number of inhabitants in night crawlers and advances and oversees ripe soil with the presence of Eisenia Andrei types of worm, showing an upgrade in the nitrification cycle. Contagious illnesses are among the serious issues in agricultural fields. The utilization of Cow dung can restrict the improvement of such fungal issues because of Fusarium oxysporum, Fusarium solani, and Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. High nutritional value and microbial count led the cow waste as fertilizer for cultivating practices in natural homesteads. Cow dung fills in as the best trade for these synthetics and guarantees human and creature well-being. Cow waste has additionally been demonstrated to have anti-bacterial and parasitic impacts. It fills in as a skin tonic and is found compelling in treating psoriasis and dermatitis. With the ideal mix of cow dung and different elements of Panchgavya, the benefits of Panchgavya turn out to be more developed.

Cow Urine:

Cow urine or “Gaumutra” is a non-harmful fluid waste released from the cow. Cow Urine or its distillate is known to have a few medical advantages that work on improving the quality of life along with prolonging the survival rate in patients with extreme sicknesses. In the Ayurvedic arrangement of medication, cow urine is utilized for the planning of several formulations. Various medical advantages and restorative impacts of cow urine are uncovered in the reading material of Ayurveda. It is also known to incite diuretic activity and goes about as a nephroprotective specialist. It can likewise help in weight reduction, stomach-related issues, edema, and inversion impact against different cardiovascular and kidney illnesses. It can also treat loose bowels, GIT contaminations, jaundice, heaps, anemias, and skin sicknesses like vitiligo. Indian writing has depicted various advantages of cow urine, yet it is missing to help logical proof. Other than this, cow urine also contains

different catalysts to work on the stomach-related framework and construct a strong, safe framework. Nutrients including A, B, C, D, and E are likewise present in cow urine. With the ideal mix of cow urine and different elements of Panchgavya, the benefits of Panchgavya turn out to be more developed.

Cow Milk:

Customary Indian frameworks of medication had portrayed the restorative impacts of cow milk in old writing. Milk is utilized for its well-being safeguarding, well-being advancement, and wide scope of beneficial impacts. The Indian variety of cows conveys A2 kind of milk, while A1 sort of milk is given by crossbreed or outlandish cow species. Milk fills in as a

Treasure trove of therapeutic impacts. Iron deficiency in babies can be treated by polishing off cow milk. Cow milk confines the development of hurtful stomach microbes and advances valuable stomach verdure. Milk catalysts (xanthine oxidase, lactoperoxidase, and lysozyme) are assumed to be an enemy of bacterial part, though peptides (β-casomorphins, exorphin, and Seraphin) apply against diarrhoeal action. Cow milk is utilized as a substitution for bosom milk for babies. It is fundamental for the development of teeth, bones, and heart activities. The low cholesterol fat of milk is crucial for the mental and actual turn of events, while milk keeps up with the stomach-related framework, resistant framework, and cerebrum capacities. Lactose fills in as a fundamental wellspring of energy. Milk likewise improves vision due to vitamin A though vitamin K controls the blood thickening cycle. With the ideal mix of cow milk and different elements of Panchgavya, the benefits of Panchgavya turn out to be more developed.


A2 Ghee prepared utilizing milk acquired from ‘desi’ cow or Indian variety is more helpful for well-being than ghee prepared from the milk of other exotic cow species. Because of ghee’s high unsaturated fat substance, individuals accepted that ghee utilization could build the gamble of dyslipidemia and cause cardiovascular infections. Such convictions were liable for the far-reaching aversion to ghee in India. Even though Ayurveda has given colossal advantages to consuming ghee, different logical investigations were led, and ghee’s medical advantages were restored. The medical advantages of cow ghee are memory upgrade, bringing down awful cholesterol, forestalling skin and cardiovascular illnesses, advancing skin wellbeing, keeping up with the assimilation interaction, producing energy, refining the blood, safeguarding the liver, and so forth. Ghee has exhibited different therapeutic properties, for example, calming, antineoplastic, vision-upgrading, and affixing wound recuperating. It assists treatment with cleaning and gastrointestinal infections and makes gainful impacts, including immunostimulant, hostile to cholinergic action, hostile to asthmatic impact, helps against loss of motion, and so forth. With the ideal mix of ghee and different elements of Panchgavya, the benefits of Panchgavya turn out to be more developed.


Curd, additionally called ‘yogurt’ or “Dahi“, is consumed overall because of its high health benefit and medical advantages. It is ready by ageing cow milk utilizing miniature life forms viz., Streptococcus, Acidophilus, and Lactobacillus. Curd contains a few supplements and micronutrients, including water, proteins, nutrients like A, B, D, and E, minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and so on. Probiotics present in curd help in reinforcing the safe framework and stomach-related framework, though different minerals, nutrients, and proteins in curd help battle against numerous microbes, including HIV. It is utilized to regard

stomach-related diseases as it can oppose the development of destructive miniature life forms and elevate great stomach vegetation to develop absorption further. Curd likewise goes about as a blood purifier [and helps in bringing down the complete cholesterol and low-thickness lipoproteins, in this way, forestalling the gamble of weight, hostile to contagious impact for treating dandruff from hair, and treating heaps. With the ideal mix of curd and different elements of Panchgavya, the benefits of Panchgavya turn out to be more developed.

Benefits of Panchgavya to Plants:

Among these circumstances, there is one fertilizer that has a larger number of purposes than chemical fertilizer. It is only Panchgavya. The name characterizes the utilization of 5 natural fixings. Primarily, they are the results of cows. The Panchgavya is completely a Magical Fertilizer. It has every one of the fundamental things that Plants need. Here in this article, we will tell you about the Benefits of Panchgavya to Plants.

Effect on Soil:

One of the major benefits of Panchgavya is it further develops soil fertility by expanding natural matter, macro and micro-nutrient levels, and the take-up of supplements in plants, advancing the development and proliferation of miniature life forms and keeping up with great soil well-being. It likewise advances the actual properties of soil by expanding the porosity and adjusting the dirt’s total steadiness, controlling soil pH and the dirt’s supplement profile. Beaulah, in his review, affirmed the utilization of Panchgavya in farming fields emphatically impacts the development and harvest yield by advancing the helpful soil microorganisms around the roots. The benefits of Panchgavya are not only limited to human beings but also help in plants’ growth. 

Benefits of Panchgavya: Effect on different parts of plants and crops:

The splashing of Panchgavya on leaves brings about the development of perpetually greater leaves and denser covering; improves photosynthetic material, which brings about the most extreme creation of metabolites and photosynthates. It likewise creates side shoots from the storage compartment conveying the greatest number of organic products to development; rich and high branching; rich and thick roots fill in more profound soil layers. One of the significant benefits of Panchgavya is that it assists plants and yields with staying fresh for a more drawn-out time frame by providing them with good supplements and water.

Role in Organic Farming:

Panchgavya helps in the development of synthetic pesticide-free food. It likewise keeps up with and re-establishes crop creation levels when the field changes from inorganic to natural cultivating rehearses within a year. It upgrades the time frame of realistic usability and tastes of organic products, grains, and vegetables and yields better and safer quality food items. Besides, it further develops crop reap by 15 days and lessens crop creation costs by diminishing the costs of synthetic substances, in this manner expanding overall revenue. These benefits of Panchgavya are what make the farmers today switch to organic products for better crop and soil quality.

Benefits of Panchgavya: Reduces The Use Of Chemical Fertilizers:

One of the core benefits of Panchgavya is that it has been helping farmers all over India to replace harmful chemical fertilizers with organic fertilizers. Manufactured pesticides, inorganic composts, hereditarily adjusted organic entities, and different synthetic compounds are completely not permitted to use in organic farming. Bio fertilizers or regular

Natural fertilizers produced using natural materials/squander are likewise suggested for plant sustenance. Organic farming depends vigorously on Panchgavya. It is depicted in Hindu Vedas like the Vrikshayurveda as a wellspring of supplements for the soil. Panchgavya fundamentally influences the nature of foods grown from the ground. It is utilized in different ways like seed treatment, foliar shower, and soil application alongside the water system. Panchgavya is a supportable methodology in horticulture involved by ranchers in

South India. One of the significant benefits of Panchgavya is that it improves crop development and foundation.

Benefits of Panchgavya to Humans:

The benefits of Panchgavya to humans are mentioned below-

Effect on Eyes:

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a typical issue across the globe, described by drying of eyes, consuming sensation, tingling, and redness. The benefits of Panchgavya for lubricating the eye with the Panchgavya drops, which are utilized for vision treatment, and their customary use can harm the eyes because of additives. Cow ghee has a greasing-up property that can be utilized to treat CVS with no destructive impacts. Cow ghee has Vitamin A, which keeps up with dampness in the external covering of the eyeball and forestalls dryness and visual deficiency. 

Benefits of Panchgavya: Relieves Tension:

Panchgavya is an incredible strain reliever. One of the less explored benefits of Panchgavya is that it calms your body and gives harmony. Also, it keeps your brain more engaged. A successful psychotropic, Panchgavya items are advantageous in quieting the brain and managing pressure. The cured Panchgavya items are mixed with a few strong fixings that likewise advance rest. Along with the hepato-defensive and antipyretic activity of Panchgavya, one of the key benefits of Panchgavya is that it is also valuable in treating Jaundice and Fever as well.

Improves Memory Power:

The utilization of Panchgavya is known to develop further memory power and the well-being of the sensory system. Nowadays, Panchgavya is generally utilized as a memory power enhancer for all ages. One of the vital benefits of Panchgavya is it is exceptionally valuable in dialling back the maturing system and is accordingly utilized by females to a great extent.

Benefits of Panchgavya: Cures Many Diseases:

One of the major benefits of Panchgavya is it is viewed as a successful treatment to fix cancer growth, diabetes, circulatory strain, and other critical illnesses. Ayurveda prescribes Panchgavya to treat illnesses of numerous frameworks, including serious circumstances, with basically no secondary effects. Panchgavya treatment is suggested for an assortment of

illnesses viz., asthma, influenza, sensitivities, cardiovascular illnesses, renal problems, rheumatoid joint pain, leucoderma, wound mending, leucorrhoea, hepatitis, dietary and gastrointestinal plot problems, weight, tuberculosis, ulcer, substance inebriation, other bacterial, parasitic and viral diseases. The treatment has additionally shown its restorative potential against extreme neurotic circumstances like cancer growth, AIDS, and diabetes.

Improves Immunity:

The utilization of Panchgavya works on a safe framework to battle against different illnesses. One of the highly significant benefits of Panchgavya is that it furnishes our body with major areas of strength for a framework so it can battle different hurtful oxidants and battle sicknesses.

Benefits of Panchgavya: Removes Toxin:

 Panchgavya flushes out all the harmful toxins from the body, in this way safeguarding us from different sicknesses. Additionally, it keeps body organs solid and clean. Panchgavya is made by mixing five ingredients delivered by cows; these five ingredients cooperate to wipe out every one of the destructive poisons present in the human body. One of the key benefits of Panchgavya is that it goes about as a characteristic detox for both people and


Removes Addiction:

Ordinary utilization of Panchgavya is known to give ease from addictions to liquor, smoking, and so forth. One of the vital benefits of Panchgavya is that it helps in fighting every one of the significant symptoms of liquor and cigarettes by reinforcing your resistant system. Furthermore, Panchgavya is likewise accepted to assist with relieving food addiction.

Benefits of Panchgavya to Animals:

 Earlier, we have discussed the benefits of Panchgavya for plants and humans; now, we will discuss the benefits of Panchgavya for farm animals. 

Benefits of Panchgavya to Animals

Healthier Live Stock:

At the point when taken care of domesticated animals with an everyday portion of Panchgavya, the cattle, pigs, and goats were seen to be better and produce satisfactory sums and the nature of milk. Their abrupt improvement in well-being and milk quality has made Panchgavya a viable natural medication for domesticated animals.

Healthier Animal Coat:

At the point when taking care of animals with an everyday portion of Panchgavya, the cows, pigs, and goats were seen to be better and gleaming coats. This positive change in animals by adding an everyday portion of Panchgavya has made it a requesting natural medicine for creatures.

Benefits of Panchgavya: Acts as Vaccination:

When taken orally by animals and people, the living miniature life forms in the Panchgavya animate the resistant framework and produce antibodies against the ingested microorganisms. It behaves like immunization. This reaction of the body builds the insusceptibility of creatures and people and consequently assists with forestalling sickness and fixing infection. It dials back the maturing system and re-establishes energy.

 Recommended Dose

● For a sound individual, only half to one teaspoon of it is prompted regularly on a void stomach. For Kapha body type people, for individuals with elevated cholesterol, heftiness, asthma, rehashed respiratory sensitivities, who are hereditarily and genetically inclined toward malignant growth, and so on, the portion can be higher, one teaspoon on more than one occasion per day on a void stomach. It tends to be taken in exceptionally low dosages, in light of specialists’ recommendations, in kids and pregnant and lactating moms.

● 3% arrangement was viewed as best contrasted with the higher and lower fixations researched. Three litres of Panchgavya to every 100 litres of water is great for all harvests. The power sprayers of 10 litres limit might require 300 ml/tank. When splashed with a power sprayer, dregs are to be separated, and when showered with hand-worked sprayers, the spout with a larger pore size must be utilized.

Effects of Panchgavya:

● A dainty oily film is shaped on the leaves and stems, hence lessening the evaporation of water. The profound and broad roots created by the plants permit enduring long dry periods. Both the above factors add to diminishing the water system water prerequisite by 30% and guaranteeing dry spell solidness.

● Individuals taking it interestingly may feel queasiness and revulsion towards it because of its somewhat awful scent and taste.

● In individuals with a high Pitta and Pitta Dosha body type, it might create a consuming uproar in the throat, tipsiness, indigestion, and expanded BP. Such individuals might add twofold the amount of ghee and milk to make it more decent.

● Certain individuals with ordinary bodyweight might begin getting in shape.

● Some might feel an absence of energy and shortcoming.

● It is in every case best to consume this according to the exhortation of your Ayurveda specialist.


Panchgavya has shown its capability to serve humanity and is a promising treatment against different human illnesses. The effects of Panchgavya should not be restricted exclusively to Vedic scriptures; scientific experiments are expected to approve organic activities and security and lay out the standards. Many experiments are expected to approve items, substance conduct, pharmacological activities, well-being, and the action of activity of the dynamic parts. It is similarly critical to teach individuals and elevate Panchgavya items to look for the world’s consideration of India’s rich conventional practice and writing. I hope you’ve understood the benefits of Panchgavya and its effects. You may visit our SwadeshiVIP farm to prepare Panchgavya under our guidance. 

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