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10 Magical Benefits of Desi Ghee during Pregnancy

10 Magical Benefits of Desi Ghee during Pregnancy

| Jun 09, 2022

From boosting immunity to forestalling minor infirmities, just like that, there are numerous benefits of desi ghee during pregnancy. Desi Ghee is not only a household staple but also an integral part of every Indian food type. It improves the flavour of food, and simply a teaspoon of ghee, when spread on chapatis, can make them softer and tastier. For ages, the benefits of desi ghee have been connected to pregnancy and are said to reap numerous medical advantages for expecting moms. Many health specialists have also associated desi ghee with cholesterol and weight gain. However, everything consumed in excess has its side effects when consumed in moderation; desi ghee is one of the healthiest foods for expecting mothers.

Benefits of Desi Ghee during Pregnancy: An Introduction

Bringing a stunning life into this world is a huge responsibility for the mother. However, nurturing a child is not a piece of cake; emerging diseases and various health issues have made it a much more challenging process. Being healthy and safe is crucial for every expecting mother out there. Therefore, it is very normal for pregnant women to work on their immune system as a safeguard against all the harmful diseases and global threats. After all, the foetus is as healthy as the mother. For all expecting moms, here is a basic and simple method to boost your immunity―add a few teaspoons of Desi or A2 cow ghee to your eating regimen. The benefits of desi ghee during pregnancy are much more than one can imagine.

According to the Charaka Samhita[1], an ancient Ayurvedic text which says, “Out of all oils fit for human utilization, ghee is the best to eat.” It is otherwise also called the ‘healing oil’ in the West, which is sufficient to portray the benefits of desi ghee during pregnancy. Numerous nutritionists and dieticians suggest desi ghee for ordinary cooking over refined oil. Particularly for expecting women, desi ghee acts as a magical ingredient. From days immemorial, pregnant women have been consuming ghee for the general improvement in their well-being. Desi or A2 ghee is a fat-rich ingredient. However, it is often replaced with other healthier options by health-conscious individuals. However, for a pregnant woman, Desi ghee is considered an essential food item, particularly in the winter season. Most pregnant ladies are additionally reluctant to consume ghee, dreading it will make them fat. Notwithstanding, moms and grandmas generally encourage pregnant ladies to consume ghee to keep a sound eating routine — both for the kid and the mother. Our mothers and grandmothers have experienced the benefits of desi ghee during pregnancy.

What Are The Characteristics & Ingredients Of This Ghee?

Desi Cow Ghee, as currently mentioned, is completely produced using A2 cow milk. No different fixings, added substances, or synthetics are added to this ghee type. Here are the characteristics of A2 ghee:

● It is yellowish, which is because of the presence of a colouring pigment known as Beta-carotene found in A2 cow milk. Beta-carotene is a carotenoid that is a vitamin-A forerunner.

● It has a grainy surface, an exceptionally desired property, as it implies that while creating the ghee, a low fire was utilized.

● It has a rich fragrance, which helps it with mixing precisely with any meal.

Let’s read through all the benefits of desi ghee during pregnancy.

Benefits of Desi Ghee during Pregnancy

Pregnancy in India is a colossal celebration. However, the celebration doesn’t start until the start of the second trimester. Our Dadi’s and Nani’s begin spoiling the pregnant woman with nutritious and scrumptious food items. They have years of vital experience in dealing with a pregnant lady; they prescribe a sound eating regimen to be consumed by the mother-to-be during these 9 months. Our conventional dinners, which consist of dal, rotis, sabzi, Curd, salad, rice, and a few desserts, are highly recommended. So, you must be wondering why this golden liquid is highly recommended and what are the benefits of desi ghee during pregnancy. We, the SwadeshiVIP, bring to you the benefits of Desi or A2 ghee during pregnancy.

Benefits of Desi Ghee during Pregnancy

Helps in Digestion

One of the desi ghee benefits during pregnancy is that it helps in improving the digestion process. Pregnant ladies frequently face digestion issues. Desi Ghee is known to be one of the most effectively digestible dairy fats. It helps in detoxification, preventing constipation, and proper digestion. Desi ghee contains an acid called butyric acid which can nourish the cells in our intestine. This acid additionally helps in reducing inflammation and working on improving the digestive system. Unlike cooking oil or butter, desi ghee fastens the process of digestion.

Acts as a Natural Tonic

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian scripture of medicine, has stated the benefits of desi ghee during pregnancy. Ayurveda has recommended that expecting mothers must add pure desi ghee to their daily diet, along with warm A2 ghee, 3-4 drops of honey, 1-2 drops of saffron, and a pinch of turmeric, to guarantee safe delivery further and improve brain health. The benefits of desi ghee during pregnancy not only improve the infant’s brain health but also guarantee the child’s safe birth. It likewise works as a mind tonic for children’s brain development.

Provides Multiple Nutrients

Another benefit of desi ghee during pregnancy is that it provides necessary nutrients. While pregnant, numerous supplements in the body are consumed in the development of the child. In such circumstances, desi ghee is an incredible source of restoring supplements like healthy fats, nutrients A, D, E, and K, antioxidants, and minerals. Adding ghee to your daily diet is very simple if you’re consuming traditional Indian food. A pregnant woman requires no less than 200-300 calories more each day than an ordinary person. Ghee is an incredible food item to soundly get those additional calories. During pregnancy, sweet tooth cravings can be satisfied by eating desi ghee ladoos. Cooking with desi ghee could likewise assist you with getting more nutritious supplements.

Natural Stress Reliever

One of the most helpful benefits of desi ghee during pregnancy is that it reduces stress. Pregnancy can be quite a troublesome period in light of all the physical changes, hormone imbalances, anxiety of labour pain, altered metabolism, tiredness, etc. At a point when a pregnant woman starts consuming desi ghee routinely, it helps in easing the nerves, triggering the fat hormones, and most importantly, reduces stress. Additionally, we have also listed the eating regimen tips for boosting immunity and weight management.

Repairs the Organs

 Did you know that one of the benefits of desi ghee during pregnancy is that it can repair and heal your organs? Yes, A2 cow ghee helps with healing and repairing the organs, which expand during pregnancy to foster the child inside the belly. Besides, the consumption of ghee likewise fixes tissues, decreases cholesterol, drains out toxins, prevents and slows down the ageing process, and amplifies the immune system.

Boosts Immunity

For an expecting mother, remaining healthy and fit is very crucial as it affects the infant’s health and development. Loaded with fat-solvent nutrients like A, D, E, and K, Another benefit of Desi Ghee during pregnancy is that it helps in strengthening immunity. These nutrients play a very crucial role in the functioning of the brain, heart, and bones. So, all pregnant women must add desi ghee to their daily diet for their child’s physical health.

Additional Benefits of Desi Ghee during Pregnancy

Have a look at the additional benefits of desi ghee during pregnancy-

Additional Benefits of Desi Ghee during Pregnancy

Helps In Reducing Stress Marks

One of the major concerns that every pregnant woman has to face is stretch marks. Another benefit of Desi Ghee during pregnancy is that it helps in reducing stretch marks. As we are aware, stretch marks are the most widely recognized condition that ladies face during their pregnancy. Usually, during the last trimester of pregnancy, a woman’s belly stretches the most, and even her arms, hips, and legs can be stretched in the process. And this is where desi ghee comes in handy. One can simply take a few drops and massage gently on the stretch marks to reduce them.

Works as a Lubricator

Well, another benefit of Desi Ghee during pregnancy is that it works as a lubricant for the vaginal canal that helps with normal and painless delivery. Following a healthy diet is extremely essential all through the pregnancy period. An expecting mother should have an even eating routine to provide her developing baby with satisfactory nourishment. Our grandmas guarantee that ghee lubricates the vaginal canal and helps with normal and painless delivery. They also believed that the ghee could help with contraction stimulation and delivery discomfort. These perspectives, in any case, are not upheld by any scientific information, but rather we have seen numerous examples ourselves and heard many from our moms and grandmas.

Regain Lost Vitality

Usually, after labour, a woman feels tired and weak. Another benefit of Desi Ghee during pregnancy is that it helps in regaining lost vitality. As mentioned earlier, desi ghee is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins, out of which a major part is supplied to the foetus during the pregnancy period, due to which the mother can suffer from a lack of energy or vitality. A sufficient amount of desi cow ghee can help with re-establishing the mother’s lost vitality and strength.

Nurtures the body

Benefits of desi or A2 ghee during pregnancy are much more than you must have imagined. Moderate utilization of desi or A2 ghee develops a good mood and positive temperament, and as needs are, it eases excessive pressure. Besides, it is perhaps the most normal and solid method for nurturing the body and for keeping it warm and tough. Desi ghee is a better and more helpful ingredient in your eating regimen for a pregnant lady in contrast with another synthetic ghee type. Notwithstanding, Ghee is high in carbohydrate levels, and to that end, it is shrewd to add it under the solution of a dietician as per your age and body weight.

The Difference between A1 and A2 Cow Ghee

Just by reading the names, one can easily assume that these two ghee types must not have a huge difference in their source or medical advantages. But that is not the truth, Ghee that is produced by using A2 milk type that contains A2 Beta casein (a sort of protein) is called A2 ghee. This sort of protein is found in the milk of just a few local Indian cow breeds and a few different animals like the Indian buffalo, sheep, camel, goat, sheep, camel, etc. This protein makes desi ghee a valuable item during pregnancy.

Then again, ghee that is produced by using milk having just A1 beta-casein or here and there both A1 and A2 beta-casein are called A1 cow ghee. A1 beta-casein is tracked down in all commercial dairy items that we consume daily because of the unfamiliar variety of crossbred cows in India. It’s less expensive as the milking capacity of crossbred cows is more noteworthy than desi cows, and the absolute number of them is also quite gigantic. A1 milk is no chance better compared to A2 milk; that’s what makes A2 or desi ghee beneficial during pregnancy.

The beta-casein present in A1 milk has a structure that can produce small molecules called beta-casomorphin-7 or BCM-7, which separate during the digestion process. Some specialists say that this protein can lead to various health issues from autism, juvenile diabetes, schizophrenia, and allergic reaction to auto-immune infections like Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis. However, the percentage of individuals affected is really small, but the consequences for the affected person are severe. Then again, A2 cow milk is tantamount to breast milk with regards to medical advantages and digestibility. These differences make A2 or desi ghee a preferable choice. So, now we know where the benefits of desi ghee during pregnancy come from. 

Benefits of Desi Ghee during Pregnancy: How to Consume Desi Ghee during Pregnancy?

It’s undeniably true that a balanced eating regimen and nourishment are of most extreme significance for a pregnant lady. During pregnancy, a lady likewise needs to consume healthy fats. Desi ghee is a healthy source of fats, and because of this and numerous other reasons, it should be added to the eating routine of a pregnant lady. In any case, one ought to incorporate it solely after talking with a health specialist. We have enumerated a few methods through which a woman can absorb all the benefits of desi ghee during pregnancy.

● Milk with desi Ghee is the superfood mix for pregnant women. Milk and Ghee are available in every Indian household and consumed every day as a rule inside the Indian family. It’s conjointly every mother’s #1 beverage for their youngsters. Desi ghee helps in improving digestive functions, strengthening bones, and lubricating the joints. Milk is a rich source of metallic components, and A2 ghee is the powerhouse of energy. The child and mother each require this magical beverage as they’re going through the different development processes. A glass of warm, soulful milk with a tablespoon of desi ghee is a must-add drink to an expecting mother’s eating regimen. With this drink, a woman can absorb all the benefits of desi ghee during pregnancy.

● Makhanas, commonly called lotus seeds, have many benefits; they’re a magnificent source of metal, potassium, magnesium, thiamin, protein, fibre, and phosphorus. Roast some makhanas in desi ghee and sprinkle some salt and black pepper to unleash a healthy snack. These are easily available in any grocery store and are helpful once the mother-to-be and child don’t appear to be in an exceptionally good mood. This particular snack is unbelievably lightweight and healthy. Roasted makhanas in desi ghee provide all the benefits of desi ghee during pregnancy.

● Desi ghee is a prosperous source of energy. It contains medium and short-chain unsaturated fats, of which lauric acid is a powerful antimicrobial and antifungal substance. Nursing moms are usually given desi ghee ladoos to maintain and restore energy levels. Pinni is one more Punjabi treat which is savoured across North India for its taste as well as for its energy-helping properties. The most usually consumed ladoo during the pregnancy period are Ragi ladoos, Gond ladoos, and dry organic product ladoos. These ladoos provide all the benefits of desi ghee to a pregnant woman.

● Ayurveda focuses on the daily utilization of desi Ghee throughout the pregnancy period. It recommends 7-8 tsp of desi ghee with natural herbs or a traditional Indian meal. Desi ghee is either consumed with milk or sedated with sweet herbs like licorice and Shatavari; it is highly beneficial when consumed empty stomach early in the morning. Ayurveda has additionally expressed various benefits of desi ghee during pregnancy.

SwadeshiVIP A2 Ghee:

SwadeshiVIP A2 or desi ghee is healthy, nutritious, unadulterated, and pure ghee with A2 proteins produced using the A2 cow milk of the native Indian cows. In comparison to other ghee brands, our ghee is 100 per cent pure and natural, produced by grass-fed cows in India. Our A2 ghee is gluten-free, simple to process, and safe for lactose or casein intolerant individuals. Our ghee is emanated from the high breed of Gir cow, known for producing profoundly high-quality A2 milk. Not at all like normal milk, A2 milk contains A2 protein, which is better and more secure than A1 protein. We make our Desi-Ghee by the customary technique. This Vedic strategy called bilona is the best method of producing desi ghee. The desi ghee prepared with machines and chemicals does not have medicinal properties like desi ghee prepared through bilona. At our farm, we make sure that the Ghee is made by the Ayurvedic method, which is recommended in Ayurveda literature. So, what are you waiting for, order our desi ghee and enjoy all the benefits of A2 ghee during pregnancy.


Not even one of us would be here had it not been for anticipating moms. Their consistency and solidarity to proceed are excellent. The new life that you are going to deliver to this world isn’t only momentous for you, yet it is likewise a critical commitment to mankind. We just expect that they get to see an ideal, disease-free, and healthy world. A2 cow ghee has repeatedly shown what it can do to assist you with staying safe and healthy. With all these listed benefits of desi ghee during pregnancy, shouldn’t you buy your jar? Begin now by getting your container of SwadeshiVIP A2 desi cow ghee at our online shop.

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