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Throwing Light on Why Should We Consume A2 Butter & Its Benefits

Throwing Light on Why Should We Consume A2 Butter & Its Benefits

| Jun 17, 2022

As Indians, we are no more strangers to A2 butter made from desi cow A2 milk. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna loved this superfood so much that he would frequently get into trouble for stealing the same from the neighbours’ kitchen. A2 butter keeps on being a popular choice in India, despite the complete domination of adulterated or salted butter in the market. Many individuals still like to churn it at home with unadulterated A2 milk. Homemade A2 butter is said to be packed with numerous medical advantages. It isn’t simply less harmful to your body in comparison to salted butter, yet additionally has a lot creamier flavour than the last option. In this article, we will discuss various reasons why one must consume A2 butter.

A2 Butter: An Introduction

A steaming hot Paratha soaked in a bit of A2 butter is the most delicious combination of taste and happiness served on a platter. Whether you are a foodie or a fitness enthusiast, the experience of enjoying traditional food items made with A2 butter or Makkhan can just restore the nostalgia of bygone times! A2 butter has immense advantages for our bodies. A2 butter is a great source of lecithin, a substance that aids in the digestion and assimilation of cholesterol and other fat constituents. A2 Butter produced using A2 milk, or cream has the best supplements, quality, and taste. Butter is a decent source of fat-soluble nutrients like Vitamins A, D, E, and K.

In today’s world, people are quite conscious about health and fitness; there’s an assumption that A2 butter or homemade Makkhan are stacked with unhealthy fats, which lead to an increase in cholesterol and also lead to obesity. Strangely, these myths probably confused many about adding a dash of tradition to their authentic everyday Indian meal. However, you would be shocked to know that desi Makkhan or A2 butter can be an incredible substitute for your normal vegetable oils.

Difference between Homemade Organic butter and Packaged Butter

Everybody can agree on the fact that there is nothing like freshly churned Makkhan or A2 butter made from pure A2 milk cream. In comparison to packaged butter, A2 butter is unadulterated and packed with healthy nutrients. With the change in lifestyle and eating habits, in today’s world, not everyone has the time and energy to make makkhan at home, and so we end up utilizing the readily available butter.

The main difference between homemade and packaged butter is the amount of sodium content. If you look at the nutritional value of both the items, you will understand that the packaged butter has an outrageous amount of sodium, around 8.36 mg per 100g, which can be harmful to our body, particularly for hypertension and cardiovascular patients. Aside from the overabundance of salt, packaged butter contains hidden sugar and colouring agents. The high amount of sodium goes about as a preservative, and that is the reason why packaged butter endures longer than homemade butter, yet it scarcely has the significant supplements that our body needs. Because of the short life expectancy of homemade butter, we would suggest transforming it into ghee, as seen in our Indian households.

One more myth that we need to break is “low-fat butter” or “low cholesterol butter”. Recall these are just merely misleading remarks, and as a general rule, there are no such kinds of butter. So for that reason, the best kind of butter is the one that is normally natural and unadulterated.

Why A2 Butter?

In India, preparing A2 butter or makkhan at home has been a deep-rooted traditional relationship to such an extent that the traces of its history are connected to Hindu mythology, wherein Makkhan was Lord Krishna’s number one food. A2 butter has been supplanted by fancy-looking ‘trans-fat free’ containers of butter that guarantees weight reduction and great well-being. However, the market-sold yellow butter contains trans fats, sugars, colouring agents, and excess salt, while the A2 butter is a rich source of various supplements like vitamin A and D. As a matter of fact, the extravagant yellow butter contains hidden synthetic fats which can prompt weight gain. In any case, A2 butter contains healthy calories, which are significant for a strong body and weight reduction. Indeed, even various studies have expressed that A2 butter can be excellent for your well-being. Regardless of how heavenly and creamy yellow bundled market butter appears, preparing homemade butter without adding substances is generally the healthiest, and best of all, one can trust all the ingredients used in making butter.

Likewise, homemade A2 butter is loaded with the decency of milk proteins, saturated fats, and vitamin D and A, which are great for bone health and also help in boosting immunity. Adding a dash of A2 organic butter can complement the flavour of a dish, and yet, it helps in providing your body with the right portion of cell reinforcements and vitamin E, which further develops processing and digestion and turns out wonderful for healthy glowing skin.

Benefits of A2 Butter

The benefits of A2 butter are-

Provides Healthy Calories: A2 Makkhan, as we all know, contains a high-calorie value. In any case, as per well-being nutritionists, the food varieties that have high measures of calories are additionally those that are substantially more advantageous to the body. Every 100 grams has around 750 calories. One must figure out how to follow the number of calories to consume every day.

Helps in Losing Weight: Yes, we are serious. A2 butter contains lecithin, a substance that helps in the proper digestion and digestion of cholesterol and other fat constituents. This makes you separate and uses fats all the more productively, assisting you with actually shedding. It likewise satisfies any desires you could have while you are dieting, thus helping in the weight reduction process.

Helps in Treating Minor Injuries: A2 butter or Makkhan has proven to contain antifungal and antibacterial properties that make it an extraordinary food item for boosting one’s immune system and dealing with minor injuries like a cold, flu, or upset stomach. A simple question, ‘Have you ever wondered why when you are sick, your mother will prepare for you a bowl of dal khichdi with a dollop of A2 Makkhan or A2 ghee? The reason is that it contains antibacterial and antifungal properties, which strengthen your immune system and fight bacteria.

 Additional Benefits

Better Immunity and Increased metabolism: White or A2 butter is composed of saturated fat, a unique molecular structure. This saturated fat helps with holding a good amount of phosphorus, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin D. This multitude of constituents helps boost one’s immune system. Lecithin supports cutting bad fats as well as helps in improving digestion, another element that is liable for weight reduction. Increased metabolism also means intensified activity levels. This is a decent indication of a healthy body.

Helps in Developing the Brain and Nervous System in Children: Since A2 butter contains Arachidonic Acid (AA), which plays a significant role in cerebrum work and with the maintenance of healthy cell structure, it is excellent for the proper improvement of a child’s mind. Aside from that, it has a unique property of absorbing vitamin D that is fundamental for the proper working of the neurotransmitters (segment between two nerves that helps the transfer of data to and from the brain). Since children’s brains are still developing so, providing them with the right amount of nourishment is of most extreme significance.

Lubricates the Joints: Because of its structure, A2 butter helps in producing various compounds that lubricate our joints. It is particularly ideal for individuals experiencing joint pain since it builds the grease between joints which helps reduce the pain related to the condition. Being an ideal old-age remedy for joint pain, it is highly recommended to senior citizens. Assuming you are experiencing something very similar, try adding one tablespoon of A2 or white butter to your everyday diet.

Other Significant Benefits of A2 Butter

Helps in Treating Ailments: In Ayurveda, various practitioners have recommended the utilization of A2 organic butter as a remedy for numerous ailments, for example, sexual weakness, bed-wetting, insomnia, ear problems, and mental illnesses. It is particularly advised for mothers-to-be during their fourth month of pregnancy since it nourishes the developing foetus and eases labour.

Helps Fight Cancer: A2 butter is loaded with CLA or formed linoleic acid alongside the short-chain and medium-chain unsaturated fats that have anti-cancer properties. The fortified medium and short-chain acid present in A2 butter help our body battle cancer cells. Conjugated Linoleic Acid[1] present in it helps in resisting cancer in the body. Anti-oxidants, vitamin A and C, selenium, and cholesterol present in organic butter also help in battling cancer growth.

Glowing Skin: Natural homemade Butter is loaded with fundamental minerals like selenium, a strong antioxidant, along with vitamin E, which assists with smoothing out the skin and keeps it healthy and elastic. The healthy fats present in organic butter help improve the elasticity of your skin, thereby providing a natural glow to your dull and lifeless skin. 

Maintains the Cholesterol Level: A2 milk-based butter contains lecithin, due to which the digestion of body cholesterol is kept up excellently. It contains various types of antioxidants, on account of which our physical body is protected from free radicals. The covering of organic butter also protects our blood vessels from all the distress caused by free radicals. Vitamin A and C also provide our physical body with various antioxidants. The amount of antioxidant substance selenium is present more in A2 butter than in any other food item. It is an excellent source of the good type of cholesterol for the body.

How to Make A2 Butter

Here are some tips to prepare delicious and creamy A2 butter or Makkhan at your home:

● Whenever you boil your milk to prepare organic butter, you must first refrigerate it for about 4-5 hours before utilizing it to make natural butter. This is because the milk forms a layer of cream that you can use to make butter. You wouldn’t need to purchase cream any longer and can depend on fresh and natural cream. Store the cream which is obtained from the milk in a continuous process. You ought to gather the malai for two-three days until you receive it to the point of making butter in return.

● Whenever you have heated the milk, make sure you don’t disturb the milk and leave it to cool down. If you stir it with a spoon continuously, it won’t form the malai you need for making A2 butter.

● During the churning process, ensure you remove the whey from it. Likewise, guarantee that you squeeze out all the excess water from the butter by using a cheesecloth. You don’t want the butter to be watery and soft. Make sure the texture of your A2 organic butter should remain creamy yet stiff.

● Store the butter in a dry container and refrigerate it right away. Try to consume it within 10 to 15 days. On the off chance that you are freezing it, you can save it for a month yet, not more. Try preparing a fresh batch of A2 butter whenever you can.

● To produce A2 organic butter out of the cream, you should utilize a wooden ladle or mathani. You want to mix it ceaselessly in both directions to separate the butter from the cream.

Keep it to the side for 30 minutes and allow the butter to turn thick. Then, skim the butter and leave the liquid aside. You can also utilize a manual churner to prepare this healthy homemade butter. You can likewise include some salt or spices according to your need. What makes the A2 organic butter so healthy is that it has no additional additives, salt, or colouring and is made with only one natural ingredient.


As Indians, we are no more strangers to A2 butter. A2 or white butter keeps on being a popular choice in India, despite the complete domination of adulterated or salted butter in the market. Many individuals still like to churn it at home with unadulterated A2 milk. Homemade natural butter is said to be packed with numerous medical advantages. With numerous health benefits and nutritional content, A2 butter has proven to be more healthy and beneficial than yellow butter.

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