Why Is Desi Ghee Preferred Over Oil For Lighting The Lamps For Pooja?

Why Is Desi Ghee Preferred Over Oil For Lighting The Lamps For Pooja?
| Aug 23, 2022
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Worshipping a God represents our complete trust in them. On a daily basis, we all engage in ritualistic worship with the multiple Pooja items such as Mangal Kalash (Metal water vessel), Shankh (Shell), copper plate, lamp, and so on. Pooja is believed to be performed to purify your body and mind. Lighting diyas or lamps is the vital and first step in performing Pooja. Each and every item of Pooja has its own significance that must be understood by us. So, in this blog, we will be going to see why desi ghee is preferred over oil for lighting the lamps for Pooja.

Why Is Desi Ghee Preferred Over Oil For Lighting Lamps During Pooja?

Pure desi ghee is revered as a source of durability and a symbol of ‘pureness, blessings, and nourishment.’ According to Shastra, a desi ghee lamp can attract Kubera aura and bless you with richness, happiness, luxury, and power.

Grass-fed Natural grass-fed cow ghee is being used in the lamps because it encourages Sattva[1] elements in the environment. People also believe that lighting ghee lamps in the house exclude airborne diseases. The cow is also revered as the most mythological beast in India and is worshipped with great devotion. In India, products derived from cows are also regarded as pure and sacred. Pure ghee, which is made from grass-fed cow’s milk, could be the best choice for lighting diyas during pooja.

History of Lighting Lamps

The Santana Hindu Dharma gives a reason for lighting a lamp. The lighting of diyas or lamps represents the emergence of light from the darkness. People also believe that lighting diya removes negative energy or evil from our surroundings, as well as keeping the house and our minds at peace. According to the Agni Puran, oil or desi ghee must be used to make diya for Pooja. Since it is more Sattvik, Desi Ghee is preferred over oil for diyas during Pooja.

Several homes light their diyas in the morning time, while others light them in the morning and evening in both times, and still others keep their diyas lit all day. Ghee diyas are lighting up during poojas at festivals such as Ganesha Chaturthi, Dussehra and many more to welcome the almighty. However, on special occasions, diyas are lit to make sure a positive and happy atmosphere throughout the day.

Desi Ghee Is Preferred Over Oil Lamps. Check Out the Reasons –

Here are some of the following why desi ghee is preferred over oil lamps by people:

Here are some of the following why desi ghee is preferred over oil lamps by people:

Importance of Lighting Lamps

The lamp represents the fire principle known as Tej because most spiritual traditions around the planet see God as brightness; lighting the lamp to begin the pooja is incredibly symbolic of observing the supreme principle manifest in visible form as the flame of the lamp.

Chakras Activation

Every spiritual practice, whether pooja or another form of Meditative practice, is intended to enlighten the 7 chakras of the human body and awaken the divine strength within. Whereas an oil lamp could send sensations to the first two chakras, Muladhara and Svadhisthana, a ghee lamp can also send sensations to the net two chakras, Manipur and Anahata. The oil lamp every time activates the person’s Surya Nadi, whereas a ghee lamp can power up the Nadi that is suitable to the individual based on the activity he is performing.

Boosting the Vital Sheaths

Throughout formation, there are three basic proclivities, Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas, which represent positive, impulsive, and lethargic tendencies, respectively. A positive outlook is required for spiritual growth. Whereas an oil lamp sends a sensation that boosts the Rajas compounds of the vital air sheath (Pranamaya Kosha), a ghee lamp can increase the Sattya or optimistic particles of this sheath, making spiritual pursuit easier.

Lamp Ambience and Flame

Yellow and red colour elements in an oil lamp portray spiritual conscience and radiant energy in both. A ghee lamp includes an additional element of blue colour, which represents divine emotions and aids in the attraction of more divine vibrations from the environment.

Best Choice for Pooja Lamps

Ghee is most commonly used as a fuel for lamps. Desi Ghee and fire are said to generate extremely powerful spiritual energy. In fact, lighting the lamp with ghee is equivalent to placing a powerful spiritual yantra at the location. Lighting a ghee lamp is said to be equivalent to wearing a lucky charm. That is also the reason why desi ghee is preferred over oil. According to the Shastra, a ghee lamp can attract the aura of Kubera, the god of wealth, and aid in the attainment of wealth, fame, power, and luxury in one’s life.

Characteristics of Oil and Desi Ghee for Lamp

Since ancient times, only oil or ghee (clarified butter) is permitted to be utilized in the lamp for pooja, while no other flammable substances are permitted. Spiritual science always tends to suggest that the lamp that uses ghee is more Sattvik (spiritually pure) than the lamp that uses oil. This is frequently a very important aspect that we understand in order to recognize what to use. So let us calculate the weighted average of the lamp that uses oil. Desi Ghee is the most important fuel for lamps.

In general, oil is more widely used than Ghee. Oil has a longer lifespan because it contains lamp kindles, whereas ghee contains lamp kindles for a shorter period of time, but spiritually, ghee takes precedence over oil. Allow us to now determine the difference from a spiritual perspective.

  • When especially in comparison to oil lamps, ghee lamps have far more intensity to attract the saatvik sensation revealed in the surrounding environment.
  • According to Agni Puran. The oil lamp can encourage the saatvik sensation to circulate over an optimum distance of one metre, whereas the ghee can encourage the saatvik sensation to spread all the way to SwargLok (heaven).

When the oil lamp burns out, the presence of raja particles within the air increases and lasts for approximately half an hour. However, after four hours of using the ghee lamp, the impact of sattva (the quality of being sattvik) on the ambience is recognised.


In India, we light lamps with oil, desi ghee, navadhanya oil, and other ingredients, but still, the best is pure cow’s ghee. The mixture of ghee and Agni is thought to produce divine yantra and a special aura of divine knowledge. Thus, depending on your interests, you can light diyas with oil or ghee, but ghee diyas are considered essential and are the reason for boosting the divinity of one’s home and mind during the whole day. Basically, there is no such stuff as pooja Ghee. Grass-fed cow’s ghee is among the holiest and best ghees for lighting lamps and consuming in daily life. Just make sure you get pure ghee with no additional preservatives or flavours.

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