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What Is The Best Way To Choose A2 Milk Products?

What Is The Best Way To Choose A2 Milk Products?

| Jun 14, 2022

Rewind back to the golden days when our mothers and grandmothers force-fed milk to us. It is only now that we realize the benefits of A2 milk products. Milk is an integral part of our lives; we use it in different forms like Paneer, Dahi (curd), Chaas (Buttermilk), Lassi, and what not. As Indians, we consume milk or A2 milk products at least once a day because can we even live without tea or coffee to energize ourselves? No! And Henceforth, it forms a huge part of our vitality, which is why we often come across the question: What is the best way to choose A2 milk products that are advantageous, healthy, and free of toxins or other harmful ingredients. 

The Best Way To Choose A2 Milk Products?

In this blog, we’ll decipher the best way to choose A2 milk products, the most suitable brand, the qualities to look for, and other aspects that influence it.  

What Are A2 Milk Products?

A plain glass of milk is what we visualize when we hear the word “milk”, but it contains a lot of components. Milk and A2 milk products constitute a huge part of the Indian culinary rituals. We can’t like without a tempting Paneer Tikka Masala, Rasgullas, Kheer, Butter Pav Bhaji, Paneer barbeque, or simply a cup of hot chocolate.

Let’s understand the nutrient composition of A2 milk products in depth. So, Casein and whey are two primary milk elements and amazing sources of calcium and protein. Casein accounts for over 80% of the protein composition in milk. There are several types of casein, including beta-casein. This kind accounts for about 30% of the protein level in cow’s milk. Beta-casein types A1 and A2 are a part of milk. However, because of the lack of A1 protein, tests on the subject suggest that A2 milk is a preferable choice.

The A2 milk protein has a structure that is comparable to that of human breast milk. Because this milk is entirely processed in the body, all of the components are assimilated quickly. The nutritional content of A2 milk is higher. It has anti-inflammatory components, boosts immunity, develops bones, avoids diabetes, and promotes overall health.

How Can You Choose The Ideal A2 Milk Products? 

Choosing the ideal A2 milk products is the need of time. Now, selecting a brand that you trust and follows a 100% transparency policy is the most ideal scenario. Here are the things you should look for when considering an A2 milk product brand with which you can then choose to have a lifelong consumer-business relationship. 

Consider Buying A2 Milk From Cows That Graze on Grass and Eat Natural Fodder

The diet of cows that generate the dairy we ingest is similar to how a woman’s diet impacts the content of human milk. Grass-fed cattle can provide you with the greatest milk. Native Milk’s cows are Gir cows that are grass-fed and fed nutrient-rich hay to ensure a well-balanced diet.

Best Way to Choose A2 Milk Products: Choose Brands That Treat Their Cattle Well

A lot of farms think of cows as a revenue manufacturing machine, which they clearly aren’t. Cows or animals, in general, have sentiments; they feel hurt, pain, happiness, and other emotions. It is necessary that you keep a check on the cow’s status; a happy cow produces a better quality of milk. But also, keeping that aside it would be a moral and ethical choice to look for a cruelty-free dairy brand.

Get A2 Milk from Cows That Haven’t Been Treated With Chemicals or Drugs Injurious To Health

The greatest approach to reap the benefits of milk is to consume it in its natural state. To boost milk supply, cows are frequently medicated with chemicals or bacteria. Seek for dairy that hasn’t been infused with medicine and doesn’t contain any additional chemicals.

Ensure That the Brand Has Certifications to Sell A2 Milk Products

There are a lot of fraudulent brands that broadcast false information to make money without delivering the best A2 milk products. Government provisions like FSSAI[1] assure that those food products are safe to consume or edible. Hence, ask for any certifications before purchasing A2 milk products.

The Final Words

Nowadays, there are so many things to keep a tab on that we forget about our health or other basic necessities. It is crucial that you keep everyday consumption on top of your priority list, and A2 milk products are one of those. Start with researching well about any brand before investing. SwadeshiVIP is an Indian brand that makes A2 milk products with precision while following all the above-mentioned rules. Drop down any questions that you might have, and we’d be more than happy to help. Our sole ethos is to promote a healthy lifestyle while delivering the best A2 milk products. 

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