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Top 6 Incredible A2 Cow Ghee Benefits & Nutritional Facts

Top 6 Incredible A2 Cow Ghee Benefits & Nutritional Facts

| Jul 20, 2021

In Indian households, there is the significant importance of ghee, and it’s one of the major kitchen staples that we utilize in preparing most of the food items. From children to pregnant women and senior citizens, nowadays, everyone is making ghee a part of the regular diet package due to its multifunctional role in boosting health. Due to the ongoing buzz around A2 cow ghee, folks are curious to learn about the A2 cow ghee benefits. 

This superfood has become the families favourite and gained acclaim for its health benefits as well as taste-enhancing quality. As A2 cow ghee is on the list of Ayurveda’s treasured products, there is no doubt about its purity and healing properties. Don’t you think adding health-friendly ghee in dal, halwas, chapatis, and khichdi takes the taste to a different level?

Weight gain myths associated with the ghee have changed the mindset of a substantial segment of the population, and they have stopped consuming ghee despite its nutritional value and amazing benefits. A2 ghee is known as the purest form of ghee prepared with the help of the traditional bilona method. Bilona method is also popularly regarded as the hand churning method. Before throwing light on the A2 cow ghee benefits and nutritional facts concerning A2 ghee, let’s learn first what is A2 cow ghee.


1.      Top 6 Incredible A2 Cow Ghee Benefits & Nutritional Facts

2.      What is A2 Cow Ghee?

3.      Special Features of the Ghee

4.      Top 6 A2 Cow Ghee Benefits

5.      Immunity Enriching Package

6.      Improves Digestion

7.      A2 Cow Ghee Benefits: Nourishes the Body and Heals the Skin

8.      Improves Heart Health

9.      A2 Cow Ghee Benefits: Boosts Mental Health

10.  Desi Ghee Tadka: Boosts the Zest and Aroma of Food

11.  A2 Cow Ghee Benefits: Additional Benefits

12.  Nutritional Facts

13.  To Wrap Up

What is A2 Cow Ghee?

  • As mentioned in the above paragraph, A2 desi cow ghee has gained the status of the purest form of ghee prepared wholly from the milk extracted from indigenous cow breeds.
  • The preparation of this organic cow ghee takes place by utilizing the traditional bilona or churning method effectively.
  • At an initial level, the milk is curdled, and after that, it is hand-churned or motor-churned.
  • Thereafter, the butter accumulated in the process gets heated till the cow ghee obtained from desi A2 is procured.
  • Pure and natural A2 ghee is deemed as a healthier preference over regular ghee as the main ingredient of A2 ghee as well as A2 cow milk, does not entail a form of β-casein protein known as the A1 protein.
  • This protein leads to a detrimental effect on the human body and has heaps of adverse effects on those who are suffering from lactose intolerance.
  • As there is no involvement of chemicals, additives, and machinery in making A2 ghee, it’s free from all forms of adulteration.
  • Prepared from the highest quality a2 milk of Gir cows, A2 cow ghee is a perfect blend of taste and goodness.
  • This desi ghee is also viewed as the most nutrition-dense variant for children, senior citizens, and different age groups.
  • Pure and nutritious desi ghee is readily available in the market.
  • A2 cow ghee is pure, healthy, and is known for its thick layer. The medical health benefits of A2 milk and numerous A2 cow ghee benefits are the reason behind the rapid soaring demand for A2-milk based products in the Indian and international markets.

Special Features of the Ghee

Given below are the unique features of A2 desi cow ghee- 

  • Shuddh desi ghee made of A2 cow milk contains a sufficient quantity of Omega-3 fatty acids[1] and vitamin A. 
  • The presence of Beta-carotene, a colouring pigment present in A2 cow milk, gives a yellowish colour to A2 ghee. Beta-carotene is basically a carotenoid that is a vitamin-A precursor.
  • A2 ghee is mass appealing due to its rich aroma, which helps it blend appropriately with any meal.
  • It has a nutty flavour, grainy texture, an extremely coveted characteristic, as it means that when composing the ghee, a quiet, mild flame was used.
  • Since this variant of ghee is an outcome of milk given by indigenous Indian cow breeds and follows the Vedic manufacturing process, it has got the tag of Ayurvedic superfood.  

Top 6 A2 Cow Ghee Benefits

The incredible A2 cow ghee benefits are mentioned below-

Top 6 A2 Cow Ghee Benefits

Immunity Enriching Package

The presence of fat-soluble vitamins such as K, A, D, E that is known for their immune supportive nature, ensures that A2 cow ghee consists of an immunity enriching package. There is a massive increase in the consumption of A2 cow milk, ghee, curd, and other dairy products made of A2 milk in the uncertain pandemic days. It’s a known fact that around 80% immunity of an individual depends on his gut health. Pure and organic A2 ghee is capable of boosting the immunity level, and when it comes to detoxifying the body, there is no comparison for the magical A2 ghee. A perfect mix of anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant benefits of this power-packed food item won’t let diseases roam around in your close surrounding. When different forms of vitamin function together, they help in smooth operational activities performed by the skin, heart, as well as brain.

Improves Digestion

  • A2 ghee prepared by using A2 cow milk is an ideal consumption option for all age groups as it is easily digestible and is a tailor-made dairy item for lactose-intolerant souls.
  • It strengthens the digestive system and helps prevent the issues pertaining to constipation.
  • Nowadays, most of the dairy products available in the market are not digestion-friendly, and the reason is adulteration and mixing of unwanted chemicals and pieces of stuff in them.
  • However, SwadeshiVIP A2 cow milk and ghee are free from any form of adulteration as we focus mainly on retaining purity as well as quality.
  • Before bedtime, consume a spoonful of desi ghee with warm water and say goodbye to constipation and other digestion-related issues.

A2 Cow Ghee Benefits: Nourishes the Body & Heals the Skin

  • One of the top A2 cow ghee benefits is that it nourishes as well as lubricates body tissues.
  • This variant of pure ghee is helpful in strengthening & nourishing each cell present in the body.
  • Consumption of shuddh ghee made up of a2 cow milk will provide internal warmth during winter.
  • Popular as a saatvik food, ghee is an essential natural component required for the all-round development of the body.
  • A2 ghee renders a soothing effect when applied on dry as well as burnt skin.
  • It is beneficial for skin health as it treats skin-related ailments in long run.
  • When ghee is applied to lips on a regular basis, lips will become soft & smooth.
  • Are you looking for flawless glowing skin? If yes, start consuming A2 cow ghee with a glass of milk every day and get glowing & healed skin that will help you look better than the rest.
  • Ghee is popular as an anti-ageing shield in the current scenario.

Improves Heart Health

As A2 ghee is a storehouse of Omega-3 fatty acids, it will be bringing improvement in cardiovascular health. The presence of proline in desi cow ghee rich in A2 protein helps vitalize heart muscles. Regular consumption will be beneficial in preventing as well as treating heaps of health issues such as blockages in the heart,  lowers the cholesterol level and thereby, strengthen heart health.        

A2 Cow Ghee Benefits: Boosts Mental Health       

  • Nutrients that belong to A2 cow ghee assist efficient functioning of the brain. 
  • Daily consumption will lead to the enhanced mental health of a person.
  • In addition to this, it is helpful in increasing concentration power and gives a flourishing touch to the memory.
  • Packed with Omega-3 and 9, A2 cow ghee helps combat stress & anxiety by enhancing your mood and lifting up the spirit.
  • During pregnancy, its consumption supports mental health.
  • So, are you willing to give a blooming touch to your mental health?                            

Desi Ghee Tadka-  Boosts the Zest and Aroma of Food

The A2 cow ghee is not only limited upto health-based factors, but it is useful in adding taste and aromatic vibes to food. Are you striving to mix up organic and authentic taste to your food along with aroma? If yes, you can opt for A2 desi ghee.  It will provide healthy and much-needed fat to the body.  Regular consumption of ghee increases appetite in adults as well as children.           

A2 Cow Ghee Benefits: Additional Benefits

The additional A2 cow ghee benefits are given below- 

  • A2 cow ghee increases brainpower in kids and children.
  • A2 Cow Ghee Benefits for Hair- It is a perfect mate for your scalp. Pamper your hair with pure, desi, and natural ghee and let ghee promote hair growth.
  • It strengthens the functioning of the intestines.
  • A2 Cow Ghee Benefits for Mental Health- If you have a migraine or any mental health issue, then, in that case, desi ghee can be a saviour.
  • Desi ghee consumption is an effective remedy for bones & joints.

Nutritional Facts

                          Nutrition Info

                                    Per 100g

 Milk Fat (gram)


Milk Protein (g)


Carbohydrates (g)






 Monounsaturated Fatty Acid (g)


Vitamin E(mg)


Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid (g)


Saturated Fatty Acid(g)




Transfatty Acids (mg)


Vitamin A (µg)


To Wrap Up

The benefits of A2 cow ghee are not only limited up to the benefits mentioned in this write-up, as there are endless advantages of consuming A2 cow desi ghee. All you need to ensure is that you are taking desi ghee prepared from the organic milk of indigenous cow breeds such as Gir and Sahiwal. At SwadeshiVIP farm, we are delivering unadulterated, pure A2 cow ghee produced by Vedic technique, i.e., traditional Bilona method, and we hope that our customers will experience the blissful taste and A2 cow ghee benefits by consuming SwadeshiVIP A2 cow ghee.

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