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Significant Reasons for Promoting Indigenous Gir Cows

Significant Reasons for Promoting Indigenous Gir Cows: An Overview

| Jun 10, 2022

The Gir cow is a renowned Indian- born dairy cow breed. The native tract of Gir cow is the forest of Kathiawar and Gir hills. It incorporates the Gujarat areas of Amreli, Bhavnagar, Junagadh, and Rajkot. The name of this cow breed is derived from Gir forests. In this article, we discuss all the necessary details, characteristics, and reasons for promoting Indigenous Gir cows. 

Reasons behind Promoting Indigenous Gir Cows: Introduction to Gir Cows

The Indigenous Gir cows are one of the humped classification dairy cattle breeds in India. This breed is viewed as exceptional and significant as far as its attributes and uses when compared with other cow breeds. This cow breed originated from Gujarat. Gir cows are healthy and produce unadulterated and A2 quality milk. The Gir cows are normally found in the backwoods of Kathiawar and Gir hills, including Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Amreli, and Junagadh locale of Gujarat, India. This breed is likewise known by different names in Gujarat and which are Desan, Sorthi, Gujarati, Kathiawari, and Bhodali.

This breed is utilized to drag weighty burdens on a wide range of soil. Different nations like the U.S.A, Brazil, Venezuela, and Mexico have imported this creature where they are being reproduced effectively. The greater part of the milk creation in the province of Gujarat is contributed by the Gir cow; this cow breed holds a bright spot among 39 phenotypically portrayed Indian steers breeds. Another healthy and helpful cow breed in Gujarat is Kankrej. Both Indigenous Gir cows and Kankrej cows have developed through hundreds of years of rearing efforts, cultivating procedures, and for the most part, peaceful transitory networks of Gujarat, which are the Charan, Maldhari, Bharwad, and Rabari.

About Gir Cows

The milk production by average indigenous Gir cows is 10 litres per day after bringing forth the calves. The Indian cow Gir Breed is additionally well known in different nations like Brazil and North America, Australia, and New Zealand. Gir cows have been utilized in the development of the Brahman cow breed of North America. This cow breed has been additionally utilized to improve numerous native Breeds of India. By and large, this cow breed has become extremely well known over the recent years since it produces unadulterated A2 milk. The A2 milk has a colossal interest in metro cities of India. The milk has A2 Beta casein. Furthermore, it is a better decision than ordinary milk.

The indigenous Gir cows can adjust to the climate in India. The Gir cow generally gives fast and most extreme returns to the Dairy ranchers of India. Numerous Gir cow farms are creating generally excellent benefits through Gir cow Milk and Manure.

Characteristics of Indigenous Gir Cows

The information on the remarkable physical characteristics and the production performance of the indigenous Gir cows are of great importance to forestall aimless reproduction and keep up with production efficiency. Thus, the information revolves around the actual characteristics and different creation characteristics of Gir cows.

  1. Skin: The coat of the indigenous Gir cows’ shifts from shades of red and white to practically high contrast or whole red. Their skin is delicate, flimsy, gleaming, loose, and flexible. Their hair is glossy and soft as well.
  • Head: The forehead of the indigenous is conspicuous, raised, and expansive like a hard shield with a long face. The arched forehead of Gir cows is the most surprising component of this variety. Their curved temple goes about as a cooling radiator to the cerebrum and pituitary organ. Their eyes are hooded and dark pigmented, and there is a ton of free skin around their eye region. Ears are long and pendulous and collapse like a leaf with a score at the tip. They go about as excellent fly and bug swatter. The horns of Gir cows are hindered well on their heads and thick at the base. Horns are bent, turning around at the tip. They situate downwards and in reverse from the base and incline a little upwards and forward from thereon.

Additional Characteristics 

Body Characteristics: The Indigenous Gir cows are known for their unmistakable appearance, level and weight, and natural beauty, which make them altogether different from the Jersey cows, and so on. Their body is proportional, and the udder in cows is advanced and round. They have a huge protuberance and are viewed as the biggest of the Zebu breeds and are very much marbled. It is utilized as a pot broil. Gir creatures have tolerably evolved dewlap: guys have a huge and pendulous sheath. Hip Bones are conspicuous, and the body is proportional. The females normal 385 kg with a level of 130 cm and the males normal 545 kg with a level of 135 cm. The tail is long and whip-like. They have exceptionally hard hooves, dark in variety and medium-sized. They love being with people. They adore being scratched or brushed on their enormous dewlaps, around the head, and between the back legs. They are exceptionally gregarious and, around evening time, structure a circle extremely near one another with their calves dozing under their necks.

Milk Yield: The indigenous Gir cow is a dairy cow breed and is essentially brought for milk creation in India. The typical milk yield for the Gir is 1590 kg for every lactation, with a record creation of 3182 kg at 4.5% fat in India. In Brazil, the normal 3500 kg for every lactation, with a world record creation of 17.120 kg by the cow Profana de Brasília. Girs are exceptionally rich and calve routinely. Their calves are conceived little, so calving issues are unfathomable. In contrast with different types of cows, the Indian cow’s milk positions are extraordinary and are called A2 in specialized terms. That is a result of the presence of gold desire in cows’ milk. Consequently, the milk, spread, and Ghee from an Indian cow are brilliant yellow in variety.

Reasons behind Promoting Indigenous Gir Cows

The indigenous Gir cows are of the key Zebu breeds starting in India. It’s undeniably true that Gir cows and any remaining unadulterated cow types of India produce unadulterated milk, which is extremely simple to process and sound. Gir is awesome and the best milk-creating cows regarding low fat and more protein. The explanations for promoting Gir cow can’t be summed up in certain words or a passage. We want Gir cow as it gives us various enchanted medical advantages in a type of A2 Cow Milk in contrast with another cow breed. Here are a few reasons to promote indigenous Gir cows-

  • Raw A2 Milk produced by indigenous Gir cows contains well-being nutrients that assist in absorbing phosphorus and calcium, extremely important to build and keep up with our bones and teeth.
  • Riboflavin in the milk assists our body with involving sugars for energy, and Vitamin B12 helps our body in breaking protein and RBC creation.
  • Minerals present in milk produced by indigenous Gir Cows comprise calcium, phosphorus, and potassium that assist us with keeping a sound way of life.
  • Calcium is especially required for the proper working of muscles and bones and to keep up with our pulse.
  • Phosphorus not just gives building blocks to sound bones and teeth yet additionally assists with delivering protein for cells and tissue development, upkeep, and fix.
  • Potassium is significant for the working of our body cells, tissues, and organs and in controlling circulatory strain.
  • Protein in A2 milk is the most reasonable wellspring of good protein-1 gm in 30 ml.

Promoting Indigenous Gir Cows is the Key

A2 milk produced by indigenous Gir cows doesn’t cause a similar inflammatory reaction in the people who are lactose intolerant in the manner in which A1 milk causes. At the point when you consume unadulterated A2 milk, you can savour its advantages with practically no gastrointestinal inconveniences.

Milk obtained from indigenous Gir Cows is very nutritious and has a variety of supplements, which makes it an entire feast in itself. The storage facility of value protein helps in giving more than adequate solidarity to the structure with obstructing cells. It contains nine fundamental amino acids, demonstrated for their mind-blowing medical advantages. Cow milk is fundamental in fortifying your resistant framework and fixing the harmed cells and tissues.

Milk is fundamental brain food. It contains a good amount of vitamin B, which helps in calming down your nerves and keeping a legitimate sleep cycle. Vitamin B12 is known to further develop your memory power and sharpness. It is particularly significant in upgrading the general mental health of a developing kid. Due to its immense nutritional value and healthy fat content, Indigenous Gir cow’s milk is associated with weight loss. It is very satiating and prevents sudden hunger pangs. Also, cow milk helps improve the body’s metabolism and prevents weight gain.

Indigenous Gir Cow’s milk is stacked with various essential supplements and is broadly thought to be a mending food. It has rich fats, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, which assist in managing and keeping up with raised blood pressure. It likewise has a significant acid called Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)[1] that guides in bringing down the development of terrible cholesterol and hence, keeps your heart healthy.


Embracing A2 milk produced by Indigenous Gir Cows in your everyday eating routine can assist you with disposing of a few well-being-related issues and usher you on the way to achieving a sound way of life. Known for its resistance helping property, milk obtained from Gir cows should be a fundamental piece of the everyday eating routine system, particularly during these occasions when the third wave is expected to show up in the following few months. Customary utilization of this unadulterated variation of milk will re-energize your brain and body. At SwadeshiVIP ranch, we are zeroing it down to focusing on the natural upbringing of cows and feeding them organically grown fodder. You can visit our farm to observe the environment of friendship and how we are supporting them in maintaining a healthy life. I trust this article might be an eye-opener for you to promote our Indigenous Gir cows.

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