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How to Make A2 Paneer? Follow this Step-by-Step Guide!

How to Make A2 Paneer? Follow this Step-by-Step Guide!

| Jun 15, 2022

How to make A2 Paneer is something that we have covered for you in this write-up. As soon as we hear the word “Paneer”, a hundred recipes flash into our minds like Shahi paneer, butter paneer, paneer bhurji, and many other Asian dishes. A2 paneer is such a versatile Indian ingredient that a lot of us also use it in different cuisines like paneer pizza, diced paneer chunks in pasta, and whatnot. A2 paneer can also be a great tea-time snack; it can be grilled paneer with sauteed veggies or fried paneer with bbq sauce. These could also tempt guests to parties and get-togethers. All in all, paneer is a saviour for us vegetarians, and it is absolutely devouring. 

However, have you ever wondered how paneer is made? Some general knowledge never did anyone bad! Or, do you want to try making paneer at home sometime? Well, it is no rocket science; the answer to the question- “How to make A2 paneer” is not a difficult one. Let’s simplify the A2 paneer making for you right now! Plus, there’s a difference between store-bought and fresh paneer; if you notice closely, store-bought paneer is slightly chewy or gummy, whereas fresh paneer is smooth and easy to bite. So in case you crave some paneer dish, and there isn’t any in the fridge, you can always use this easy trick and make safe, delicious, and soft A2 paneer at home.

A Detailed Guide on How to Make A2 Paneer

Let’s dig into the main process concerning How to Make A2 Paneer. To start off, take some whole milk in a big utensil so that there are no chances of being burnt and difficult to wash vessels for you. It will be advantageous if you choose whole milk to give it a thick and creamier taste. Next, boil it to a high temperature until the milk rises; make sure you keep an eye on it in order to eliminate any chances of overflowing. 

Once the milk rises, it indicates that it has been completely boiled and is now better for consumption. The third step in the making of the A2 paneer is to add a squeeze of lemon or a tablespoon of vinegar[1] and give it a bit of stir. Now, in about 30 seconds of time, you’ll start seeing visible curdling, which is lump formation in the milk. There will also be a bit of yellowish water with it, which is not important, and nothing to worry about. What you have to do next is let it sit for about 10 minutes, so you can easily separate the paneer from it.

Once you let it rest, the bulky part will automatically settle on the base of the pot. And this will also give it the time to cool down. Now the final and fruitful step is to strain the A2 Paneer out. Put a cloth over a big utensil and pour the curdled milk into it until the yellow water and paneer separate. Squeeze out the excess water from the paneer cloth to tighten the paneer up. We would suggest that you hang it over a sink or an empty bowl to completely drain out the water. And, there you go! You have your homemade A2 paneer. You can enjoy your handmade paneer in several recipes.

You can store this paneer by refrigerating it; this will also ensure that it comes together better, or else the paneer might turn into crumbles. You might have got the key points concerning how to make A2 paneer. 

A2 Milk

Milk is the base ingredient for obtaining paneer, so if you want to make an A2 paneer, you have to buy the best quality thick, non-adultered, chemical-free A2 milk. A lot of milking brands add tonnes of water into their milk which might cause your A2 paneer to come out lesser in quantity than what a normal 1-litre milk packet would give. So make sure you find top-notch quality milk, and then you can strive to find the answer to the question- How to make A2 Paneer?

Top 5 Benefits of A2 Paneer 

The key benefits of A2 Paneer are-  

The key benefits of A2 Paneer are

Builds Better Bones and Teeth- The richness of Vitamin D and Calcium in the A2 paneer makes it an excellent magical source for enriching and strengthening the bones. From kids to youngsters to elderly ones, folks from all age groups can consume paneer on a regular basis and build better bones and teeth. 

Enhances Digestive System- It’s a known fact that the digestive system is one of the vital organ systems in the human body. Any form of defect in the digestive tract may slow down or hamper the normal functioning of the digestive system. The presence of Magnesium in the paneer may portray the part of laxative in the entire digestion mechanism. 

Effective against Diabetes- Since Paneer is rich in Magnesium, it controls blood sugar levels. Diabetic patients can consume it without much worry as it is a low-carb food and control the fluctuations in glucose levels in the blood. 

Develops a Strong Immunity Structure- Regular consumption of A2 milk-based paneer will pull up the immunity level and make the body capable enough to fight against infectious viruses. The presence of Vitamin B complex is beneficial for growing children. 

Healthy-looking Skin- The presence of Selenium, Vitamin E and antioxidants in A2 paneer gives healthy-looking skin to its regular consumers. It combats the free radicals present in the human body. 

How to Make A2 Paneer: Popular Indian Paneer Recipes 

The answer to how to make A2 paneer is something that many people want to know.

 Here are a few popular Indian Paneer recipes- 

  1. Paneer Butter Masala
  2. Palak Paneer
  3. Malai Kofta
  4. Paneer Manchurian
  5. Paneer Patties
  6. Paneer Paratha 
  7. Aloo Paneer
  8. Chilli Paneer
  9. Kadhai Paneer
  10. Paneer Sandwich

The Bottom Line

Now that’s all about it. Making A2 paneer is quite an easy task; you require the bare minimum ingredients like milk, lemon, and some utensils, which you will have ready at home. Several people know how to make A2 paneer, while many people don’t. If you want naturally prepared dairy products like A2 milk, A2 paneer, A2 Buttermilk (chaas), A2 lassi, etc., you can check out SwadeshiVIP. We are one of the highly trusted brands with fresh, hygienic, and transparent products.

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