Honey Vs Sugar: Which One is a Better Choice and Why?

Honey Vs Sugar: Which One is a Better Choice and Why?

When you prepare yourself a cup of tea, what do you go after, sugar or honey? Albeit both of these ingredients may add sweetness to your beverage, their wholesome advantages also differ. Both honey vs sugar, i.e., forms of two starches principally made from fructose and glucose. As both these ingredients are used as fixings in preparing various food recipes and packed food. When consumed recklessly and in abundance, they can add to unwanted weight gain. Honey’s standing for being better might have some premise. Read on to know more about the difference between two sweeteners, i.e., honey vs sugar and which one is a healthier choice.

Honey Vs Sugar: A Brief Overview

Honey and sugar are two of the most ordinarily utilized sugars. Honey is many times viewed as a healthier choice, yet is this actually the situation? Both honey and sugar add sweetness to your beverages and sweet dishes. In any case, they have different textures, tastes, and nutritional profiles. While honey vs sugar, i.e., two forms of sweetness, both are utilised to provide a sweet taste, honey is frequently promoted just as the better choice with more dietary benefits; however, is it valid? Here is a finished breakdown of honey Vs sugar and response to whether honey is a better choice.

Nutritional Value

Presently the time has come to handle the main point: the nutritional benefits of honey versus sugar. Consistently, more exploration emerges about how excessive consumption of sugar can harm our well-being. There are numerous individuals who are searching for healthier substitutes for sugar — and honey is perhaps the healthiest of them all.

Both honey and sugar clearly have a high rate of glucose and fructose, the two principal sugar particles which make them sugar.

Honey contains numerous beneficial components:

Honey contains numerous beneficial components:

Along with these nutritional benefits, honey also contains both anti-inflammatory properties and anti-microbial properties. It is the reason such countless individuals find it so mitigating to drink a honey hot beverage when they are debilitated. Sugar contains no other dietary mixtures, so it doesn’t give additional advantages similar to honey.

It’s very vital to understand that honey, when packed, is highly processed, highly filtered, and pasteurized and doesn’t contain similar quality nutrients. These processes eliminate high amounts of pollen and different mixtures that are liable for the claimed nourishing advantages of honey. In the event that you are picking honey for these health benefits, you ought to choose raw and unfiltered honey for the best outcomes.

Honey Vs Sugar: Key Differences 

As mentioned above, honey vs sugar is termed as the preferred source of sweetener. Both honey and sugar are forms of carbohydrates, mainly sugar, as it contains simple carbohydrates. As both these sweeteners are part of simple carbohydrates, they vary in their general structure. Here are some of the major differences between honey and sugar:

Honey is a rich and delicious sweet-nectar gathered by honey bees and is made out of generally 31% glucose, 38% fructose, 7% maltose, and 17% water, notwithstanding modest quantities of other straightforward supplements, starches, and dust. While sugar, from sugar beets or sugarcane, is composed of monosaccharides, half glucose and half fructose, which come together to make the disaccharide sucrose, otherwise called sugar.

● Every 100 grams of sugar contain somewhat a higher number of calories than raw honey. Every 100 grams of sugar gives 100 grams of sugar, whereas 100 grams of honey only gives 82.4 grams of sugar. This difference in honey Vs sugar exists because honey contains higher water content, whereas sugar is 100 per cent sucrose.

● As mentioned above, sugar contains more sugar than honey and contains more calories than honey. A 100-gram table sugar gives at least 387 calories, whereas a 100-gram serving of honey gives only 304 calories. Notwithstanding, since honey is fluid when estimated by volume, it contains somewhat a greater number of calories than sugar: one tablespoon of honey has up to 63.8 calories. In contrast, a tablespoon of table sugar contains only 46.5 calories.

● Sugar positions higher on the glycemic scale than raw honey, meaning the consumption of sugar can raise sugar levels much more rapidly. It is because of the greater grouping of fructose in sugar. Sugar stands at the 65th position on the glycemic scale, while the specific glycemic positioning of honey changes on the grounds that the structure of honey can fluctuate, notwithstanding, on normal honey positions at 61. However, the difference in the glycemic scale isn’t major. 

Honey Vs Sugar: Healthier Choice

As may be obvious, honey Vs sugar, i.e., are two altogether different types of sweeteners, and which one you pick depends on you. Many individuals like to stock both in their pantries, involving sugar for baking and honey for fundamentally all the other things. We suggest keeping something like honey available because of its unrivalled dietary properties and delicious taste. 

From a sugar and calorie content point of view, the distinctions between sugar and honey are negligible; in any case, generally speaking, honey contains somewhat more medical advantages than sugar from its likely anti-oxidant[1], anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and cell reinforcement. Honey additionally contains vitamin B, magnesium, manganese, chromium, selenium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron, calcium, L-ascorbic acids, vitamin B6, folic acid, pantothenic acid, niacin, and riboflavin. Notwithstanding, it would require such huge volumes of honey, and thus sugar, to get any critical measure of these minor elements that it would probably invalidate the additional advantages. Assuming you had the exceptional processes and mass-produced honeys from enormous supermarket chains, then, at that point, you are truly passing up what honey brings to the table regarding both flavour and medical advantages.


These two broadly utilized sugars have different textures and flavours altogether. You might find that you partake in the molasses taste and dampness of earthy coloured sugar for baking yet favour the delicacy of honey on your morning toast. While honey offers more nourishing benefits than sugar, when consumed in overabundance, both honey and sugar can adversely affect metabolic well-being. Assuming you are going after honey, it is ideal to go after nearby and crude honey to profit from its cell reinforcement, antibacterial, antifungal, and mitigating properties, and medical advantages. In the occurrence that you have diabetes or coronary illness or you’re worried about dealing with your weight, talk with a medical health worker or dietician about your dietary requirements. This topic, i.e., honey vs sugar, is of utmost value. They can work with you to foster the best nourishing arrangement for you. At SwadeshiVIP, we believe in retaining the purity factor. Thus, you can try our pure honey by visiting the SwadeshiVIP website or app.

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