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Incredible Health Benefits of Gir Cow Milk: Benefits you must know

Incredible Health Benefits of Gir Cow Milk: Benefits you must know

| Jul 23, 2021

We are well aware that milk and potatoes are the complete survival health package as they meet all the health requirements of the human body.  The rich content of protein, carbohydrates, fat, well-known vitamins and several minerals make milk nature’s most perfect drink. A lot of in-depth research and research report suggests that A2 Gir cow milk is 100% pure and organic and there are heaps of health benefits of Gir cow milk that you will come to know via this write-up.

Cow Milk- A Perfect Choice to Include in Daily Diet Routine

We are living in a country where cow milk is treated as an effective remedy for many small and big health ailments. Have you observed your ‘Daadi’ and ‘Naani’ insisting on having a glass of milk every day with honey, or have you seen them drinking ‘Haldi doodh’ at night? Well, I believe everyone who is living in rural and even urban parts of India must be familiar with the importance of cow milk. Around 6 billion people have become regular consumers of milk. The use of cow milk is not confined to drinking purposes only as one can also make Curd, Butter, Ghee, Rabdi, and Lassi by using it.

There are several health benefits of Gir cow milk. Pure cow milk is beneficial for teeth, bones, skin, hair, and heart; it has grabbed a permanent spot in the heart of a major chunk of the population. The presence of Omega-3 fats in the milk makes it a companion for the heart and strengthens the cardiovascular system as well. Right from being a health-supportive drink to being that taste-enhancing ingredient for sweet delicacies, cow milk is a perfect mate for health and taste buds. Some people consume milk daily for sound sleep, while some people prefer to have it in the morning for a fresh start to the day.


1.      Incredible Health Benefits of Gir Cow Milk: Benefits you must Know

2.      Cow Milk: A Perfect Choice to Include in Daily Diet Routine

3.      Benefits of Gir Cow Milk

4.      Other Benefits of Gir Cow Milk

5.      The Final Words

Health Benefits of Gir Cow Milk

The milk produced by Gir cows comprises Amino Acids, which plays a significant role in preventing numerous health issues such as obesity, joint pain, as well as asthma.

The incredible health benefits of Gir cow milk are mentioned below-

Keeps your Heart Healthy- Pure Gir cow milk includes nutritional elements such as calcium, rich fats, potassium, phosphorus, which supports regulating blood pressure. In addition to this, A2 Gir cow milk contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid, a vital acid that reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the body and thus, we can say that A2 Gir cow milk maintains heart health. The healing properties of cow milk produced by Gir cows have made it attain the status of super drink.

Natural Ability to Boost Immunity- The milk delivered by the A2 Gir cow is a blessing in disguise for those who are eyeing to take their immune system to the next level. This variant of milk not only holds calcium and protein but also it holds antioxidant compounds such as zinc and selenium. The natural properties in milk received from Gir cows help formulate a stronger immune system in children to emerge victorious against cold, flu, cough, etc. Immunity boosting property is one of the core health benefits of Gir cow milk.

Prevents Weight Gain- Regular consumption of milk received from Gir cows will turn out to be beneficial in preventing weight gain as it’s a complete meal, boosts the metabolism rate and put hunger under control. Milk produced by Gir cows is overloaded with nutrients that make it a perfect option for satiating hunger pangs. Weight gain prevention is one of the significant health benefits of Gir cow milk.

Essential for Brain Development- One of the most significant Benefits of Milk received by A2 Gir cow is that it can lead to miraculous brain development if consumed on a regular basis. The presence of an adequate amount of vitamin B in milk delivered by Gir cow helps to calm down our nerves in order to pull down the graph of stress in everyday life and maintain a sound sleep cycle. It encompasses vitamin B12[1] that is known for boosting memory and bringing improvement in memory power. Milk can do wonders in the entire brain development of a growing kid. A glass of milk on a cyclic basis can accelerate your brain performance. A higher intake of milk for a longer duration may yield great outcomes where mental efforts are needed. 

Healthiest Preference for Stomach and Digestive System- Milk received from A2 Gir cow is light and easy on the stomach and consuming it regularly won’t lead to any negative effect on the stomach & digestive system. A2 milk obtained from Gir cow is a soul companion for those who are striving to maintain their stomach health and smoothen the digestion process. Effective functioning of digestive system is one of the significant health benefits of Gir cow milk.

Other Health Benefits of Gir Cow Milk         

Some other health benefits of Gir cow milk are mentioned below-

Other Benefits of Gir Cow Milk

Good for Bones and Muscles- As A2 Gir cow milk is stuffed with calcium as well as other essential minerals, it has a huge role to play in the growth & development of bones and muscles. The presence of phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin D and calcium makes this variant of milk a complete source of development for the entire body, including bones and muscles. Consume a glass of A2 Gir milk daily and close the doors for osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. 

Hair Hydrating Properties- The availability of natural moisturizer in milk works magically on dull and dry hair. Regular use of Gir cow milk on hair gives hair a glossy look and soft texture. In addition to this, applying it on a daily basis will lead to the rejuvenation of your mane.

Prevents Heartburn- Milk is a vital source of protein, a nutrient that lessens the impact of heartburn. Protein is known for stimulating Gastrin secretion. Gastrin is a hormone that eliminates the acidic content from the stomach and acts as a cleansing agent. Several studies suggest that milk has a cooling effect that coats the oesophagus as well as stomach lining against heartburn. Heartburn prevention is one of the significant health benefits of Gir cow milk.

Healthy for your Eyes- Since milk contains Vitamin A, it is helpful in improving vision. Also, it is an excellent source of riboflavin, and thus, it is helpful in reducing cataract risk. 

The Final Words

Embracing Gir Cow milk in your daily diet can help you get rid of several health-related problems and usher you on the path of attaining a healthy lifestyle. Known for its immunity-boosting attribute, milk received from Gir cows must be an integral part of the daily diet regime, especially during these days when the third wave is anticipated to arrive in the next two to three months. Regular consumption of this pure variant of milk will recharge your mind & body. At SwadeshiVIP farm, we are focusing on the natural upbringing of cows, and we are feeding them organically grown fodder. You can visit our farm to witness the environment of companionship and how we are nurturing them in a wholesome condition. I hope this write-up may be a surprising eye-opener for you concerning the benefits of Gir cow milk.

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