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SwadeshiVIP is Embracing the Concept of Ethical Milking in India

SwadeshiVIP is Embracing the Concept of Ethical Milking in India

| Jul 17, 2021

At SwadeshiVIP, we follow ethical milking practices in order to ensure that fresh-farm milk of superior quality reaches the ultimate consumers. Mother Cow is the lady of all treasures, and milk produced by desi Indian cows can heal several diseases if served without any form of adulteration. As per the Yajurveda, the cow has unlimited qualities & virtues. In the holy Vedas, the cow is linked to the Aditi, the mother of all the gods.

In recent times, cows are not getting the respect and honour that they deserve not just because of their sacred significance but also due to numerous uses of pure cow milk in treating various diseases. The soaring demand for milk as well as dairy products made people illegally inject cows in order to boost milk production. It’s completely not fair to the voiceless, innocent cows. That’s why SwadeshiVIP came into the picture for bringing the revolutionary transformation in the dairy industry and is moving ahead with an ethical milking approach.

Ethical Milking in Brief

Ethical milking (Also known as Dohan) was followed and esteemed in ancient Bharat, but post-independence, a wave of commercialism arrived in our country, and the ethical practices were stopped. All the dairy farmers and milk business owners were immersed in the rat race for minting profits, and nobody was concerned about the quality of milk. Things have even deteriorated. The need of the hour is a significant change in the dairy industry, i.e., reviving the ethical milking practices.

After realizing the need to stop unethical treatment of desi Indian cows and poor living conditions as well as unhygienic milking environment, SwadeshiVIP Founder Narendra Kumar realized his responsibility to kick-start ethical milking practices and treat cows with love and respect. Ethical milking has nothing to do with profitability and production of milk (quantity of milk output). It is concerned with providing a safe, blissful, and nourishing atmosphere to the desi Indian cows.

Cows are full of feelings. They enjoy the company of other cows and strengthen their bond with each other. Like human beings, they also love and take care of their little ones. In addition to this, they have several personality traits as well as emotions. In expressing love and different shades of emotions, cows are just like us. Most of the time, they express themselves through their body movement and gestures.

All dairy farms must embrace ethical milking practices in the current scenario in order to set a flourishing stage for the dairy industry.

Ethical Milking in Brief

Unhygienic Environment and Lack of Facilities for Cows  

We are living in a nation where a major chunk of the population consumes milk and milk-based products daily. In most parties, events, functions, and even normal days, we prepare coffee, sweets, and other milk-based food items. Despite the demand for milk in the Indian market, Mother cows, the major milk provider, suffers a lot by one or the other means. Move to any traditional dairy farms, and you will observe that they are not even getting the necessities such as healthy food, ethical living conditions, healthcare facilities, and other basic sources of comfort.

Unfortunately, cows don’t get enough space to roam freely and relish the beauty of soothing nature. The saddest part is that they’re injected to ensure more female births. Once a cow gives birth, in no time powerful bond develops between the mother and the newborn. Calves are separated and kept away from their mothers within a time frame of one or two days after landing on this planet. This separation brings moments of pain and distress in the lives of mother cows as well as calves. In case if the calf is female, she will be forcibly impregnated and go through the exploitation phase. Mother cows are deprived of the opportunity to shower love and affection upon their calves and take care of them. During the milking process, cows go through painful moments.

The suffering of cows is not confined only to them, but after drinking milk produced in such an unethical and unhygienic environment, humans have significant chances of getting cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, stomach ailments, and other health complications. Is it fair to exploit such a sacred animal that provides us nutritious milk? I wonder how someone’s conscience can allow beating or torturing such innocent, unheard animals.  

Significant Elements of Ethical Milking

  • Have you ever experienced difficulty convincing your child to consume a big glass of milk before they leave for school? Normal A1 milk can cause stomach pain and digestive issues. As A2 milk is tummy-friendly and won’t lead to any discomfort, Switching to A2 cow milk will give relief to your stomach, prevent the problems related to digestion and boost your immune system as well.
  • The ethical milking process is natural and simple, and milking is done twice a day.
  • Cows are preserved in a healthy, cool, and safe environment where sufficient sunlight and the air is present.
  • Cows receive a sweet and friendly welcome, and they have unique names and identities. Furthermore, they are treated like family members.
  • Even non-milking cows receive equal respect & treatment and deserve to have fun-filled moments just like milking cows.
  • Use of chemicals, detergents, or any other items is strictly prohibited at SwadeshiVIP Farm. We are against adulteration as we believe in maintaining the purity and wholesome factor of A2 Gir Cow milk.

Are you all set to Embrace SwadeshiVIP A2 Milk?

At SwadeshiVIP farm, we ensure that we follow the principles of ethical milking at every single step of obtaining pure A2 milk. Delivering high-quality and nutritious milk to our customers is a matter of prime concern for us. We are maintaining the environment of companionship at SwadeshiVIP farm, where we raise up cows in a healthy and blissful environment.

By adopting the ethical milking process, we want to ensure that we are taking care of our cows and not letting them suffer due to any reason.

The Final Words

The ethical milking process is concerned with maintaining the purity of cow milk and raising the cows in a harmless environment. At SwadeshiVIP, we are riding ahead with the concept of ethical milking in our minds. If you are looking for purity and wish to take milk from a dairy farm where there is no place for cruelty and violence, you can bank upon SwadeshiVIP.  

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