Top Dairy Farm for Buffalo Milk in Noida

| Jun 28, 2024
Buffalo Milk

Milk, a universally healthy beverage, comes in various forms, from the popular desi cows to buffaloes. However, with its unique qualities, milk obtained from buffaloes stands out. It’s not just a beverage but a complete food packed with all the essential nutrients our body craves.

 SwadeshiVIP holds first place as a top dairy farm for buffalo milk as it is experiencing a surge in popularity, as people are becoming more aware of the superior health benefits of consuming buffalo milk.

Buffalo milk is robust and boasts a rich fat content. In this blog, we’ll delve into the basic details, the unique benefits of consuming buffalo milk, and our dairy farm for buffalo milk as the best option to pique your interest.

What is Buffalo Milk?

Buffalo milk, with its rich nutritional profile, is not just a dairy product but a symbol of a health-conscious movement. It’s a powerhouse of calcium and protein, surpassing cow’s milk. Moreover, it contains less cholesterol and sodium, making it an excellent choice for maintaining healthy bones, dental health, and cardiovascular health. It’s also a good source of minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus.

Buffalo milk has a higher Vitamin A content than cow’s milk, and its fat content is significantly higher, giving it a creamy and thick texture. The growing interest in buffalo milk products is not just a trend but a testament to the increasing awareness of the health benefits of diverse dairy options. This interest has led to innovative experiments in dairy farms, offering a range of new and exciting products that are becoming a part of our health-conscious lifestyle.                     

SwadeshiVIP places an extreme emphasis on serving top-class dairy items. Unlike other dairy farming brands, it is natural, organic, and fresh. Who doesn’t enjoy a fresh glass of buffalo milk straight from the gaushalas? It is a significant change to take on when it comes to being truthful and genuine about our product and services; it has taken an oath to stand by its policies and supply the best milk sourced from the best buffalo available in Noida. 

Factors to Consider Choosing Top Dairy Farm for Buffalo Milk

Finding the best buffalo milk for consumption is a matter of concern. The items coming from the top dairy farm for buffalo milk help in making some of the wonderful Indian dishes like ras malai, dahi vada, rasgulla, kheer, mishti doi, and many more require a considerable amount of milk, which comes to mind as soon as we hear the word ‘Milk’.

If we start comparing the density and consistency of buffalo milk protein, it is the same the thickness and density of human breast milk.  Milk is a product produced entirely by the processing in the body, be it human or animal. Sourcing some best buffalo milk from organic dairy farms will serve you the best protein-rich milk to consume daily. This will help boost immunity, developing bone health, and raise overall health. Always trusting the brand with full trust and belief, and having 100% transparency with its customers.

  1. Grass-fed cattle provide great quality milk, always try buying milk from dairy farms where the buffaloes are fed green grass. These cattle are taken good care of with their diet and overall health. The Murrah breed in the buffaloes have to be taken good care of mostly with their diet, they are particularly fed green grass and protein-rich milk yielding.
  1. Buffaloes will always give you better produce with quality if their emotions and sentiments are looked after and their environment is maintained with peace and harmony.
  2. The A2 buffalo milk should never be adulterated or injected with drugs. Injections infused additionally in the animal will always deliver the protein-rich milk which might later harm our body.
  3. The brand should sell certified buffalo milk. Many fake brands retail information as government guidelines to ensure trust over the food products. Double-check the quality and then purchase it for your consumption.

We must be mindful of our consumption and consider our bodies’ needs. SwadeshiVIP is one such dairy farm for buffalo milk in Noida. It is the newly established dairy brand that is leading the way in promoting buffalo milk and positioning itself as a top buffalo dairy supplier.

SwadeshiVIP emphasizes the provision of authentic and fresh milk and other dairy products. In an era where freshness and organic products are paramount, it is steadfast in delivering on its promise, serving over 5,000 families in Noida, India.

Difference between A2 Milk & Buffalo Milk

Buffalo milk is more accessible for people to digest due to its lower levels of lactose compared to A2 cow’s milk, making it suitable for those who suffer from lactose intolerance or other digestive issues related to dairy consumption. Also, A2 milk may help reduce inflammation and improve gut health due to its high level of beneficial proteins and fatty acids compared to A1 milk.

Buffalo milk has a much higher fat content than regular cow milk, around 6-7%. And it contains more vitamins and minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iron. On the other hand, the A2 beta-casein protein gene present in A2 milk does not break down into morphine-like BCM7 when digested. Therefore, it does not cause digestive or allergy issues for those sensitive to dairy products.

Nutritional Powerhouse: Buffalo Milk

NutrientsNutritional Values /100 gms
Carbs12 gms
ProteinNine gms
Fat17 gms
Lactose13 gms
Calcium32% of the daily value

Health Benefits of Buffalo Milk

Buffalo milk has numerous health benefits and is packed with essential minerals and vitamins that your body requires.

Buffalo milk is an excellent source of minerals like phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium. It is an ideal drink for cardiovascular, dental, and bone health. It is much higher in vitamin A in comparison to A2 cow milk. Its rich source of fat makes it creamy and thick. So, let’s delve into some health benefits of buffalo milk.

1. Heart Health is Improved

Buffalo milk has less cholesterol, a concerning benefit for improving cardiovascular health. The fat content is higher, and moderate consumption benefits health. In a world full of heart diseases, heart attacks, and strokes, consuming buffalo milk regularly and maintaining your cholesterol level isn’t the wrong decision.

2. Improves Growth & Development

Buffalo milk contains high amounts of protein content. Buffaloes have around 10% more protein than cow milk. Consuming the A2 buffalo milk gives you the required protein for every bodily activity. It provides valuable protein to be converted into energy and utilised for the development and growth of the body.

3. Boosts the Immunity

Vitamins A and C are richly present in buffalo milk. These two vitamins play a crucial role in the overall protection and functioning of the body. Vitamins A and C are antioxidants that help remove harmful toxins and free radicals that may later cause chronic illness. Also, zinc and other minerals in buffalo milk are good immunity boosters and antioxidants.

4. Mineral Deficiency is Prevented

Buffalo milk contains phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other essential minerals. These minerals strengthen bones and teeth and protect the body from osteoporosis.

5. Rich Source of Protein

You consume two glasses of buffalo milk daily for 19 grams of protein. It holds nine types of amino acids.  Adding buffalo milk to your daily diet can resist your immunity by taken care of. 

6. Support Bone Health

Buffalo milk is rich in calcium, an essential mineral for bone development. The primary protein in buffalo milk is casein, which accounts for about 89% of the total protein content. This milk is also a source of casein-derived peptides that improve bone health and lower the risk of osteoporosis, a condition known by weakened bones and an increased risk of fractures.

SwadeshiVIP- Top Dairy Farm for Buffalo Milk in Noida

SwadeshiVIP intends to change people’s monotonous lifestyle and inform them about the importance of A2 buffalo milk when milk’s mix-matching and degraded quality are very high. SwadeshiVIP keeps control over hygiene, natural milk retains the organic deliveries with well-equipped sheds the heaps they receive in love, and they return their love with fresh milk.

 Our dairy farm for buffalo milk is up the lead in supply and carrying forward over Noida, other than the brands that have tried their luck and are in the business. With SwadeshiVIP being the top dairy farm for buffalo milk, the flavour and aroma make it the first choice, rigid and with unique qualities. They are making ethical milking, eco-glass bottling systems, chemical-free, certified A2, 100% organic, and giving A2 milk products of India a genuine boom.


Buffalo milk is the second most consumed milk type worldwide after cow milk and contains more proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than cow milk. It is rich in proteins and unsaturated fatty acids and has a higher antioxidant capacity than cow milk.

Buffalo milk has a thick and creamy texture, making it perfect for butter, cream, yoghurt, cheese, and ice cream. It improves bone and heart health and suits people with diabetes and allergies.

SwadeshiVIP is a recognized dairy farm for buffalo milk in Noida, known for its ethical milking practices, eco-glass bottling systems, and chemical-free, certified A2, 100% organic products. Their commitment to quality has given A2 milk products in India a genuine boom.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Which buffalo is the best for dairy farming?

    Murrah is the best dairy-type buffalo, capable of producing more than 35kg of milk in a day. This breed has been improved in India and several other countries.

  2. Which buffalo gives 25-30 litres of milk per day?

    The Murrah buffalo breed is mainly considered for its high milk production. It originates in Haryana and Punjab, India, and is kept in Bhiwani, Agra, Hisar, Rohtak, Jind, Jhajhar, Fatehabad, Gurgaon, and Delhi.

  3. Is the buffalo milk business profitable?

    Buffalo Farming is a profitable business with a good capacity for employment generation.

  4. Which buffalo gives the maximum milk?

    A Murrah buffalo milk yield usually ranges from ten to sixteen litres daily. It is noted to have the highest milk yield among Indian buffalo breeds.

  5. How many months do buffaloes give milk?

    The lactation period is about 300 days for the Murrah breed and 320 days for the Nil-Ravi breed.

  6. Who is the wealthiest dairy farmer in India?

    The most affluent dairy farmer in India is Ramesh Ruparalia, who earns 10 Cr annually and sells ghee for Rs 2 lakh.

  7. What is the price of buffalo milk in Delhi?

    The cost of 1 litre of buffalo milk in Delhi is 65 Rs for pure and fresh buffalo milk.

  8. Can we drink buffalo milk daily?

    Buffalo milk, if consumed daily, may control or lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglyceride levels. Thus, daily consumption of buffalo milk might be helpful for the heart.

  9. Who should not drink buffalo milk?

    Individuals with high cholesterol problems can benefit from consuming cow milk rather than buffalo milk due to the difference in protein.

  10. How much cream is in 1 litre of buffalo milk?

    Around 100 ml of cream is accumulated from 1 litre of buffalo milk. Generally, an 80%-20% ratio is considered skim milk cream.


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