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Cow Urine Shampoo: Benefits, Demand & How to Make Cow Urine Shampoo

Cow Urine Shampoo Benefits, Demand & How to Make Cow Urine Shampoo

| Sep 22, 2022

Cow Urine Shampoo has been grabbing folks’ attention in recent times. Selecting a shampoo is similar to dating because a lot of people try out several options before resolving on the one that is best for their hair. Hair care, as mundane as it appears, is an essential component of our everyday lives. Shampoo, in addition to oil, is an important item for keeping your hair fresh, oil-free, and fragrant.

As a result, it is crucial to buy shampoo that prevents issues such as hair loss, dandruff, and itchy scalp. So unless you love having strong hair and want to keep its brightness for a long period of time, you should try the Cow Urine Shampoo because it nourishes your scalp and hydrates your hair, keeping it soft and smooth. So, let us explore how to make cow urine shampoo.

A Brief Look at Cow Urine Shampoo

As we all know, Ammonia[1], which seems to be found in many advanced shampoos, is found in cow urine. Cow Urine Shampoo is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Thus, using this product can help with acne, dandruff, and scalp infections. Its anti-oxidant characteristics help to prevent hair loss. The “Q Shampoo” also includes sunflower and coconut oils to conceal the odour.  

Benefits of this 100% Natural Shampoo

Given below are the benefits of the Cow Urine Shampoo, which keeps your hair healthy and shiny:

  • Get rid of hairfall
  • Reduce the Dandruff
  • Less white or grey hair
  • It also works as a hair conditioner

Step Taken by PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji towards the Indigenous Cow Products

Hindus have always revered the cow as a sacred animal. In February 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi established Kamdhenu Aayog, an authoritative advisory body tasked with developing policies and regulations for the Indian Cow. “The Aayog will publicise sustainable farming by using cow urine and dung as bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers,” says Kamdhenu Aayog Chairman Dr. Vallabhbhai Kathiria. He further added that promoting dung and other cow items will better preserve the mother cows long after their prime milking years.  

Demand and Market Potential among the Consumer for Cow Urine Shampoo

The six University of Reykjavik students stated that they had discovered historical evidence of women adding cow urine to their bathwater to wash and shine their hair. This invention encouraged them to bring the tradition back to life by developing a urine-infused hair-cleaning product. If their assertions are true, the urine-infused ‘Q Shampoo’ is packed with vitamins and minerals that do wonderful things for the hair.

Government Conducts a Research into the Uniqueness of Cow

“Although many vaidyas and experts use primary goods from the indigenous cow for several treatments, there has not been much climate science and study on the subject.” From an advanced standpoint, the research strategies should conduct severe comprehensive research of chemical characterisation, the identifier of bioactive theory liable for improving activity of antimicrobials and anti-cancer drugs, and other medicinal properties of main products from indigenous cows.” The government also requested recommendations for research onto the distinct characteristic and qualities of cows that are “believed to contain certain exceptional traits and characteristics.”

Raw Materials for Making Cow Urine Shampoo

Here are some of the following raw materials for making Cow Urine Shampoo:

Here are some of the following raw materials for making Cow Urine Shampoo:


Process for Making Cow Urine Shampoo

Here is the simple and quick procedure for making cow urine shampoo:

  • Take a big mixing bowl and add ½ litre cow urine, 2 litre water, 50 gm Shikakai, 50 gm Reetha, 50 gm Amla, 50 gm Neem leaf, 50 gm berry leaves.
  • After that, mix it thoroughly and set it aside for 24 hours to soak.
  • In the next step, we will take the steel bowl and pour the mixture into it, enabling it to boil for a few minutes before adding the two lemon slices and thoroughly mixing it.
  • After that, set it aside for cooling and allow it to cool.
  • Strain the mixture into a steel bowl and add 50gm water and 50gm aloe vera gel.
  • Add some face powder and thoroughly mix it in. Add some lemon ascent and store it in an airtight container.


In accordance with the above discussion, there is a fact that no detergents or harmful ingredients are used means that your hair is not detached from its natural oils. Cow Urine Shampoo inspires your hair how to nourish itself, restoring it to its greatness! Your hair starts to regenerate its natural oils, making it healthier inside and out.

That’s all there is to it! A comprehensive guide to how cow urine shampoo can benefit you and your surroundings. Support your hair and scalp to achieve maximum health without affecting the planet’s health. People interested in learning the process of cow urine shampoo can get training from SwadeshiVIP. We also make the shampoo, and if you have an urgent requirement, we can make the shampoo on special demand. So, at last, I want to say that protect your hair by investing in the 100% organic cow urine shampoo. At SwadeshiVIP, we are offering 100% pure and natural A2 Gir cow milk, A2 Sahiwal cow milk, A2 Paneer, A2 Organic Ghee, A2 Premium Ghee, A2 Dahi, A2 Lassi, etc. at a reasonable price. You can order our products by visiting SwadeshiVIP App or website.

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