Where can you Buy the Best Ghee in Kerala?

| Jun 17, 2024
Cow Ghee

Kerala is known as God’s Own Country. The lush green coastal fields with beautiful backwaters only symbolise peace and the epitome of purity. The culinary cuisine of this state is an exquisite example of tradition, love, and authenticity. Food is the people’s language; for instance, Sadya, Putta and Kadala, etc., are all made from pure desi cow ghee.

SwadeshiVIP takes extreme pride in making it possible to reach every corner of the country, delivering the best ghee in Kerala through its 6-10 days of PAN India delivery. A state rich in culture and customs should be served with the best organic ghee to make delicious delicacies and perform its beautiful traditional rituals.

Making of Purest Ghee at our SwadeshiVIP Farm

SwadeshiVIP is committed to keeping the natural texture of the ghee. Our farm believes in delivering a product that brings back their childhood memories and connects them with the time when our mothers used the benefits of ghee in abundance. Purchasing our ghee with its purest natural texture will bring you one step towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We use fresh A2 milk from Gir cows, which is boiled. Moreover, it is further set to curd. This curd is eventually churned naturally with the help of a hand using a wooden churner called a bilona. The A2 butter is procured through this process. It is then separated and at a slow pace heated to get the ghee without losing its nutrition. This is called the Bilona method. We aim to offer the best quality ghee by not using any impurities in the process. Moreover, we ensure the well-being of the cows by feeding them the best quality fodder and taking good care of them in a peaceful environment.

Benefits of Natural Ghee Made using Desi Cow Milk

Desi cow ghee is a powerhouse genius that deserves every space in your kitchen. It supports digestive health, boosts immunity, and enhances beauty. Embrace this traditional liquid gold and experience the well-being it brings along. Being a superfood provides a range of potential health benefits.

From aiding digestion to promoting healthy skin, this superfood can be a beneficial addition to your balanced diet. So why not swap your regular ghee for organic ghee to get the best ghee in Kerala and see the difference yourself?

  1. Boosting immunity:  A2 Gir cow ghee contains butyric acid, which helps boost immunity by increasing T-cell production and fighting against allergens in the gut.
  2. Heart health is improved: Desi cow ghee is known to support heart health. Desi cow milk has omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce fat cells, harmful triglycerides, and inflammation, all promoting heart health. This ghee is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help keep your heart healthy and happy.
  3. Helps in weight loss: Ghee from grass-fed cows, such as cow ghee, contains a high amount of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which may aid speed up the fat-burning process and promote weight loss.
  4. Bone health stays strong: Cow ghee promotes strong bones because Vitamin K2 aids in depositing calcium in the necessary areas of the skeletal system. Consuming cow ghee in a moderate amount can prevent calcium buildup in soft tissues, which is one of the degenerative diseases.
  5. Helps in muscle growth: Production of glycogen and synthesis of protein is supported by vitamin A, which is found in cow ghee in reasonable amounts. It also contains Vitamin B, an antioxidant that blocks the effects of free radicals that hinder muscle growth. It is essential to the body’s well-being and supports muscle growth.
  6. Skin and hair care: Cow ghee can be a natural remedy for glowing skin and lustrous hair. Its moisturising properties make it an excellent treatment for dry skin, while its nutrients nourish the scalp and strengthen hair follicles, preventing hair fall and promoting healthy hair growth.
  7. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Inflammation is the primary cause of numerous deadly diseases. Desi cow ghee possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation in the body, particularly benefiting individuals with arthritis or other inflammatory conditions.


Desi cow ghee is packed with numerous vitamins and fatty acids that benefit our brain and body. SwadeshiVIP is known for delivering the best ghee in Kerala. Our pure cow ghee contains both medium and long-chain fatty acids and is rich in omega-3 and omega-9 unsaturated fats. Its cultural significance and culinary versatility make it an essential ingredient in traditional Kerala recipes. It can be used for baking, ayurvedic treatments, frying, and cooking, making it a nutritious addition to a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy digestive system and strong immunity are crucial for well-being. The best A2 ghee in Kerala by SwadeshiVIP is renowned for its high smoke point, nutrient-rich, and versatility, offering numerous health benefits for everyday use.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Which ghee is best in Kerala?

    SwadeshiVIP’s A2 cow ghee is the best in Kerala. It delivers pure organic ghee across PAN India within 6-10 days of delivery.

  2. How do we know what ghee is best?

    Pure ghee is always clear and smooth in texture. Cloudiness, grains, or impurities are signs of adulteration; pure ghee doesn’t leave any traces behind, and high-quality ghee stays transparent and liquid at room temperature.

  3. How do you know ghee is pure?

    Heat a pan on medium flame to check if the ghee is pure or impure. Once the pan is hot, add a spoon of ghee. It is pure cow ghee if it melts immediately and turns dark brown. However, it is not pure and impure if it takes time to melt and turns yellowish.

  4. How do we know if the ghee is A1 or A2?

    There is a quick and straightforward method to check the A1 or A2 quality of ghee: Place a tablespoon of A2 ghee on your palm and keep it as it is for a few seconds. If the ghee starts melting immediately, then the ghee is A2 and unadulterated.

  5. What is the colour of pure ghee?

    The colour of pure desi cow ghee is yellowish or golden; it is never pure white; it is pale with light golden liquid on the top.

  6. Does homemade ghee expire anytime?

    If stored correctly, homemade ghee has an indefinite shelf life. For best results, store it in a well-sealed container in a dark spot.

  7. Does ghee need to be refrigerated?

    Refrigeration is not essential for desi cow ghee; moreover, if you want to extend its life span, it is worth keeping open shop-bought ghee or homemade ghee in the fridge.

  8. Which ghee is best for digestion?

    Pure desi cow ghee contains vitamin A, which supports the system. According to Ayurveda, pure ghee decreases the pH level of the gastrointestinal tract and helps the small intestine absorb nutrients.

  9. How do we know if ghee is terrible?

    Always check for mould or discolouration; the ghee has a sour flavour and unpleasant odour. This signifies the lousy quality of the ghee.

  10. Does ghee increase cholesterol?

    Ghee is considered cholesterol-friendly despite being classified as a high-fat food. It contains CLA, a beneficial fat essential for the body to eliminate unwanted cholesterol. The relation between ghee and cholesterol should not be viewed negatively if the individual is aware of the appropriate quantity and method of consumption.


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