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Today’s Organic Dairy Products Cost Less than Tomorrow’s Medical Bills

Did you know that there are a whole lot of differences between the way regular dairy products and organic dairy products are produced? From animal welfare to preservatives and additives, dairy products produced by the organic method are certified by law, which assures the consumer about the quality of the final product. Yes, organic dairy […]

How Do A2 Products Impact Your Health And Beauty?

In the present technology-aided world, any data is less on the benefits of the A2 product. It is healthier, easier to digest, and safe for consumption by everybody, including lactose-intolerant individuals. It is proven to be as beneficial as mother milk is. The regular A2 protein present in A2 products provides good quality omega-3 fatty […]

A2 Cow Milk and Buffalo Milk: Pros and Cons

Milk is a healthy beverage – whether it is A2 cow milk or buffalo milk. It is viewed as a complete food with all the fundamental nutrients that our body requires. Both buffalo milk and A2 cow milk enjoy their own share of benefits. While A2 cow milk is lighter and easier to process, buffalo […]

What Is A2 Milk Khoya? Types of A2 Milk Khoya & How to Produce It

A2 Milk Khoya is a type of cheese produced in India. It is drier than ricotta cheese and is frequently used as a base for sweet dishes, for example, Gulab Jamun and ladoo. In certain parts of India, it is called khoa, and in different regions, most eminently the Punjab, it is called Mawa. Traditional […]

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What is A2 Milk, Facts about A2 Milk & 12 Things to Know about A2 Milk

Milk is a famous dietary staple in our country. Different sources of milk and milk items include cows, sheep, camels, goats, and others. Other alternative sources that don’t include animals incorporate soy, coconut, almond, flax, rice, and hemp. Recently, another kind of cow’s milk has shown up in the dairy walkways. This item, called A2 […]

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A2 Cow Ghee for Boosting Immunity: An Overview

In every day’s hustle and bustle, we usually forget to focus on what we are consuming and how our meals will influence our well-being. A person is believed to be healthy if they have a strong immunity system. The older generation before us has diligently dealt with themselves by adding little things like a warm […]

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Throwing Light on Why Should We Consume A2 Butter & Its Benefits

As Indians, we are no more strangers to A2 butter made from desi cow A2 milk. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna loved this superfood so much that he would frequently get into trouble for stealing the same from the neighbours’ kitchen. A2 butter keeps on being a popular choice in India, despite the complete […]

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How to Make A2 Paneer? Follow this Step-by-Step Guide!

How to make A2 Paneer is something that we have covered for you in this write-up. As soon as we hear the word “Paneer”, a hundred recipes flash into our minds like Shahi paneer, butter paneer, paneer bhurji, and many other Asian dishes. A2 paneer is such a versatile Indian ingredient that a lot of […]

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What Is The Best Way To Choose A2 Milk Products?

Rewind back to the golden days when our mothers and grandmothers force-fed milk to us. It is only now that we realize the benefits of A2 milk products. Milk is an integral part of our lives; we use it in different forms like Paneer, Dahi (curd), Chaas (Buttermilk), Lassi, and what not. As Indians, we […]

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What Is A2 Ghee, And How To Check Its Authenticity?

Recently, we get to hear a lot of people speaking about A2 Ghee and its advantages. How A2 ghee is the best ghee type, and why should we avoid consuming mass-produced ghee from easily available companies? However difficult it might be to accept what we are consuming, accepting to be ghee is not the credible […]

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Significant Reasons for Promoting Indigenous Gir Cows

The Gir cow is a renowned Indian- born dairy cow breed. The native tract of Gir cow is the forest of Kathiawar and Gir hills. It incorporates the Gujarat areas of Amreli, Bhavnagar, Junagadh, and Rajkot. The name of this cow breed is derived from Gir forests. In this article, we discuss all the necessary […]

10 Magical Benefits of Desi Ghee during Pregnancy

From boosting immunity to forestalling minor infirmities, just like that, there are numerous benefits of desi ghee during pregnancy. Desi Ghee is not only a household staple but also an integral part of every Indian food type. It improves the flavour of food, and simply a teaspoon of ghee, when spread on chapatis, can make […]