Ghee in Your Monsoon Diet: Know Why Ayurveda Suggests it

As monsoon season has knocked on every door of the Indian states, it is the time when the weather will shower like cats and dogs. The bliss of the monsoon will cherish the scorching heat of the summer and bring relief to the people residing there. Everyone loves this season because it brings comfort and […]

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10 Wholesome Ragi Recipes for Weight Loss

Obesity and overweight are alarming factors with high rates in the world. A serious need to make behaviour changes in lifestyle is needed. The necessary behaviour modification is required to eat healthy to reduce weight. When the quality of the grains we consume improves, there is a good chance of high nutrient-dense food. At present, […]

Litti Chokha Recipe: The Culinary Symbol of Bihar

‘Jiya ho Bihar ke lala, jiya tu hazar saal’, let’s use this phrase for the long life of Litti chokha. Let’s thank Bihar for contributing to the world’s culinary masterpiece, “Litti chokha”. This dish has made its place in every Indian’s heart. A beloved type of street food comes from Bihar. It shows a long […]

Amrit Mahal Cattle Breed: The Symbol of Power and Endurance

During the 19th century, the Amrit Mahal cattle breed gained renown for its power and speed. Initially divided into three types- Hallikar, Hagalvadi, and Chitaldroog- these three kinds were isolated in 1860. The kings of the Mysore State established a herd of cattle comprised of the area’s most common breeds to provide milk and milk […]

15 Home Remedies to Remove Skin Tan Naturally

Have you ever wondered why your skin gets darker after spending an entire day in the sun? It’s all because of the natural process called tanning. When you are out in the sun for a while, your skin produces more melanin, a natural pigmentation. This extra melanin helps protect the skin from the harmful UV […]

Top Dairy Farm for Buffalo Milk in Noida

Milk, a universally healthy beverage, comes in various forms, from the popular desi cows to buffaloes. However, with its unique qualities, milk obtained from buffaloes stands out. It’s not just a beverage but a complete food packed with all the essential nutrients our body craves.  SwadeshiVIP holds first place as a top dairy farm for […]

Superiority of Gir Cows: History, Traits, and Global Impact

The Gir cow, a captivating breed native to the Gir forest region in Gujarat, stands tall among all other indigenous cow breeds. The uniqueness and superiority of Gir cows are evident in its development and growth. This breed’s history is a shining exa mple of excellence, with unique qualities that have made it a valuable […]

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Management of Skin Diseases in Farm Animals

The management of skin diseases in farm animals, especially cattle, involves understanding the disease’s causes, observing clinical signs, and using appropriate diagnostic and treatment strategies. Various factors can cause skin disorders. Animals are commonly treated with drugs to fight external pests like fleas, mites, and internal parasites. To successfully treat skin diseases, each factor must […]

Is it Allowed to Carry Ghee on a Domestic Flight?

On a general basis, Indian students leave their homes and go to study or work for a while, and many emotions and mothers’ food are left back. Pickles and ghee are the ones that are missed the most. As a hosteller, these are the survival kits. Imagine if you could bring them along with you […]

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Ongole Cows: The Gentle Giants of Andhra Pradesh

Ongole cows are the prominent desi cows from the heartland of Andhra Pradesh. They have pulled the attention of masses due to their power, endurance, and ability to stay strong amidst the unfavourable circumstances. The dairy market had a successful development story in India, where once the country was importing milk despite having the highest […]

Where can you Buy the Best Ghee in Kerala?

Kerala is known as God’s Own Country. The lush green coastal fields with beautiful backwaters only symbolise peace and the epitome of purity. The culinary cuisine of this state is an exquisite example of tradition, love, and authenticity. Food is the people’s language; for instance, Sadya, Putta and Kadala, etc., are all made from pure […]

12 Effective Home Remedies for Blackheads

Imagine someone pin-pointing your blackheads on your face! Yes, it would be not very comfortable. It is not always possible to prevent blackheads, but maintaining good cleaning habits, lifestyle tips, and a range of natural household remedies help remove them effectively. After adolescence, blackheads commonly affect the skin. For removing blackheads on the face requires […]