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Himalayan Green Tea: Straight from the Lap of Nature

Green is likely the most desired colour in today’s world. A green carpet has replaced the red carpet. This luscious green carpet covers the Himalayan Hills. Long-standing tea bushes that have evolved in harmonious relationship with the sun, wind, rain, mist, and every other natural element invite you to take part in the peace and […]

10 Foods to Keep You Warm In Winter: A Brief Overview

Harsh and cold winter days and nights can negatively affect the human body. Chilly days can highly influence every single system in our body, be it our heart, immune system[1], skin, coordination skills, or balance. However, one must additionally lay down several precautions from both inside and outside of the house during the harsh winter […]

Ghee Vs Butter: Which One Is The More Health-Friendly Option?

Ghee is one of the forms of butter that is prepared and processed to contain limited dairy proteins than other dairy products. From the start, ghee has been by all accounts an incredible substitute for ‘regular butter’, particularly for individuals suffering from lactose intolerance — however, is it better than butter? The discussion of which […]

Honey Vs Sugar: Which One is a Better Choice and Why?

When you prepare yourself a cup of tea, what do you go after, sugar or honey? Albeit both of these ingredients may add sweetness to your beverage, their wholesome advantages also differ. Both honey vs sugar, i.e., forms of two starches principally made from fructose and glucose. As both these ingredients are used as fixings […]

How Is Organic Farm A2 Milk Better Than Packet Milk?

The organic food sector is currently thriving! Many of us are most interested in switching to organic milk. You have most likely heard regarding organic milk as a more nutritious option than industrial milk, as it has been claimed to be high in antimicrobials and stress hormones. Organic farm A2 milk is chemical-free and healthier […]

Contribution and Uses of Cow Urine in the Agriculture Sector

Cow urine, also known as Gomutra, is popularly known for its medicinal, anti-microbial, antibiotic, and germicidal properties that have been evident in providing agricultural benefits since Vedic times. It is also known as Amritha and Sanjivani in ancient Vedic studies. Cow urine contains about 23 micro and macronutrients along with various prophylactic and disinfectant properties, […]

Happy Navaratri 2022: A Festival of Utmost Importance for Hindus

Navaratri is considered one of the most important festivals in the Hindu Religion. Navaratri is a Sanskrit word in which ‘Nav’ means ‘nine’ and ‘Ratri’ means ‘night.’ This festival, also renowned as Durga Pooja, occurs five times a year: Chaitra Navaratri, Gupta Navaratri, Sharada Navaratri or Maha Navaratri, Paush Navaratri, and Magha Navaratri. The two […]

Cow Urine Shampoo: Benefits, Demand & How to Make Cow Urine Shampoo

Cow Urine Shampoo has been grabbing folks’ attention in recent times. Selecting a shampoo is similar to dating because a lot of people try out several options before resolving on the one that is best for their hair. Hair care, as mundane as it appears, is an essential component of our everyday lives. Shampoo, in […]

Panchgavya Soap, Benefits Of Panchgavya Soap & How to Make It

Do you wake up sluggish every morning, unable to fully enjoy your daily tasks? If so, it’s time to make a change. Then there should be no worries; we have a solution for your problem Panchgavya soap is an Ayurvedic body soap and scrubber made from cow products (Ghee, Milk, Curd, Cow dung, and Cow […]

Is Pashu Aadhaar A Controlling Measure For Lumpy Skin Disease?

The Government of India is planning on creating a huge numbered database for dairy animals like cows, buffaloes, sheep, and more, with a particular character number. The particular ID number will make it easier to record the amount and health condition of all the dairy animals in our country. A biometric identifier allows UIDAI to […]

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Carrot Milk Drink: A Combination that Ensures Healthy Life

Carrot milk drink explicitly refers to a delicious combination of milk and carrot juice. Carrot is one of the healthy food items that comprise fundamental nutrients and minerals. Likewise, milk in itself is a good beverage. Thus, a perfect blend of milk and carrot juice ends up being a delicious and healthy beverage, which would […]

Incredible Health Benefits of Cloves and Milk One Should Know

The individual value of cloves and milk in the space of health is something that we know very well. However, do you know about the magical benefits these two offers together? Well, we don’t think so. This blog will let you gain insights into the health benefits of cloves and milk.  Health Benefits of Cloves […]