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6 Reasons Why People Are Choosing Organic Colours this Holi

Organic Colours

| Mar 06, 2023

Every year in March, India celebrates Holi, a stunning, colourful festival full of life. Holi is no different from other Indian holidays because it also contains a moral lesson. Holi is a festival that symbolizes the victory of good over evil. One of the most eagerly awaited and popular Indian festivals is Holi. It is well-known as the “festival of colours” all across the world, as well as because tourists from other nations travel to India in March to take part in the festivities in various cities like Agra, Pushkar, and more. Holi is celebrated using water guns, balloons, and colour powders. But today, in this article, we’ll talk about why choosing organic colours is a good idea for several reasons. And we’ll list the top 6 reasons for you! 


It’s the ideal time to purchase bright colours, water pistols, water balloons, and more, as Holi is only a few days away. Yet, the main focus should always be on having a safe and environmentally friendly Holi celebration. Holi is a wonderful event, and colours are certainly gorgeous, but do you recall seriously thinking of little ways to keep your skin and hair safe? For example, my siblings and I always used coconut oil on our bodies and hair to protect against harm and keep the dyes from colouring our skin and scalp. Yet we have always favoured developing damage control plans over switching to organic and safer colours. And as time went on, a significant segment of people started to understand the value and necessity of using organic colours.

Why is it dangerous to use loose-colour powder? The readily available loose colours are typically created by combining hazardous oil with industrial dyes or oxidised metals. To achieve various colours, dangerous compounds like lead oxide, mercury sulphide[1], copper sulphate, aluminium bromide, and copper sulphate are also used in large quantities. These colours have a high level of toxicity that not only harms our skin but also has long-lasting negative impacts on several major illnesses. Organic colours, however, are the exact opposite. Online stores typically sell organic colours. These colours are made with naturally produced ingredients and raw materials that are also edible. For example, the organic red colour powder is made using maize flour combined with dried rose petals and essential oils. Different types of edible-grade raw materials are used to prepare different colours. These ingredients feel gentle on your skin and impart a radiant holiday glow. Organic colours are not only a safer option but also kind to the environment and to pets. Besides embracing organic colours this Holi, try organic dairy products such as A2 Gir cow milk, A2 Gir cow ghee, A2 Milk Khoya, etc. We believe we have already covered the two most important reasons to switch to organic colours during Holi, but keep reading to learn the other four!

6 Reasons Why One Must Use Organic Colours This Holi

Natural extracts are used to create organic colours, which are readily available online. They are mostly made of dried leaves, fruits, and flowers and are safe for the environment, skin, and health. To create various colours, many sorts of edible-grade substances are used. For instance, rose and maize flower petals can be used to create the colour red naturally.

These are six arguments in favour of using organic colours this Holi:

6 Reasons Why One Must Use Organic Colours This Holi
  1. Non-toxic in Nature: Many hazardous substances and chemicals are present in the common Holi colours that you use. Also, they are full of dangerous oils that hurt our skin and possibly have long-lasting effects. Organic colours, on the other hand, are created using only natural, pure materials that are safer and better for our general health. These colours are of the finest quality and are very natural.
  2. Safe for Skin: Holi colours that are synthetic and chemically rich can be extremely harmful to your body, causing conditions like severe nail fold inflammation, abrasion, discolouration, and contact dermatitis. They can also aggravate dermatoses that already exist. On the other hand, natural and organic colours won’t cause any such problems and will guarantee that you can enjoy the vibrant colours safely. These natural Holi colours or gulal won’t harm your skin in any way. Chemical-based colours are known for resulting in illnesses, infections, and rashes. Children, more than anyone else, experience the negative impacts of the toxins during this festival. Nonetheless, their organic counterparts were created using elements that are found in nature. As a result, they do not in any way irritate the skin.
  3. Prevents Hair Damage: A day before Holi, we all feel that sense of holiness. We are really worried about the hair, especially if the colour stains the scalp. It can be exceedingly challenging to remove hair colour, and vigorous rubbing can result in rashes, hair loss, and split ends. However, for this Holi, we advise choosing organic colours. This Holi, make sure your only concern is getting covered in colour from head to toe.
  4. Animal-Friendly: When it comes to animals, humans can be pretty irresponsible at times. Our actions have a significant negative impact on the animals in the area, and this is especially true during the Holi celebration. Animals that come into contact with us are harmed when we play with dangerous chemical-based colours. They can have severe allergies, itching, redness, and other conditions because their coats and skin are far more sensitive than ours. Yet, organic colours that are created with edible, organic components are similar to coloured powder for our animals. The use of organic Holi colour on our pets has no negative side effects.
  5. Environmental-Friendly: Have you ever wondered what happens to all that water that is filled with Holi colour powder washes away? So, all of the water either seeps into the soil or is drawn into other water streams. Do you believe that is a wise choice considering the chemicals and hazards involved? Not! The soil is depleted of fertility and is contaminated by pollutants. On the other hand, organic colours are the best option and are 100% safer. Although natural substances may offer certain benefits, their organic ingredients have no harmful effects on the environment.
  6. Safe for Eyes: Because our eyes are delicate, eyelashes serve as their protector. We’ve all had moments during Holi celebrations when we were having a great time and suddenly noticed that the colour was making our eyes smell bad. The chemicals used to make these loose colour powders are really bad for our eyes; they can make them itch, turn red, feel burning, and more. When the chemicals get into your eyes, they can seriously harm your vital tissues. The organic colours, however, are a much safer and better choice.


Now that you are aware of the significance of utilising organic colours for Holi, we must warn you against market fraud. You must be cautious since some scammers will market harmful colours as organic colours. The process by which chemical and organic colours are created differs. Otherwise, they look identical and can even smell the same. If you closely inspect them, you might be able to feel the difference in their textures. Comparatively speaking, chemical colours have a rougher texture than organic colours. You should be aware of how and what is used to make these colours before purchasing organic Holi colours.

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