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20 Appetizing Indian Sweets Everyone Should Try

20 Appetizing Indian Sweets Everyone Should Try

| Aug 05, 2022

Indian sweets are the soul of the events and celebrations. India is a country that offers a wide variety of desserts and sweets, a country where eating sweets after every supper makes the meal complete. Indian sweet dishes are like cherry topping on Indian culture. Sweets make our culture, relationships, and connections even sweeter; therefore, their unrivalled significance can’t be ignored, particularly during celebrations and special events. Be it a celebration, a festival, or some other event worth celebrating, sweets and desserts are the first thought on everyone’s mind, like the love affair of India with sweets and desserts. 

Taking you to the World of Best Indian Sweets

Sweets, also known as Mithai or desserts, are a fundamental part of Indian food. It’s difficult to avoid delicious Indian sweets. While they’re still enjoyed wholeheartedly during a good dinner, Mithai and sweets are also vital to us Indians during celebrations or on the occasion of a good event. Some of these sweet dishes, such as ladoo, were invented during ancient times, but a considerable lot of them were introduced to our country by the Mughals who came from Persia.

Dessert makes us go hopelessly flustered. It’s like the warm cover on a cold winter evening. It’s like the cherry on the top or like a climax to a fantastic film. There is no denying the reality that sweets give befitting finishes to a delicious feast. And what about us? We incline Mithai, no doubt. In addition to the fact that sweets are our staple choice, they are always present in our places of love and faith. 

20 Most Appetizing Indian Sweets

Let’s have a look at the top 20 Indian sweets- 

Chenna Rasgulla

Chenna Rasgulla

Chenna Rasgulla is a traditional Bengali sweet dish with lots of nutritious value. 100 gm of SwadeshiVIP Rasgulla contains 186 calories, of which 153 calories are carbohydrates, 4% proteins, and about 1.85% fats. Rasgullas[1] are made of chenna (SwadeshiVIP A2 milk), Maida mixture, and sugar syrup. They are lighter on your body than other Indian desserts, and in this manner, they have been served all through the year rather than on any extraordinary occasion. It comes in different shapes and sizes, with and without sugar syrup. The best thing about the SwadeshiVIP Rasgulla is that it is more nutritious and healthy than the ordinary Rasgullas as they are not boiled in oil and are made in pure A2 ghee to fulfil your sweet tooth without breaking your daily diet. Our Chenna Rasgulla is an ideal sweet dish that will build your desire for more. It’s one of the delicious Indian sweets that a major chunk of folks love. 

Indian Sweets: Gulab Jamun

Indian Sweets: Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is one of the popular and well-known Indian sweets made of fried Maida balls. A kind of dumpling, Gulab Jamun is sweet, tacky syrup. Gulab signifies ‘rose’ in this way; according to custom, the sugar syrup has a fragile rose flavour. A Jamun is an Indian berry with size and variety similar to dough balls, subsequently the name: Gulab Jamun. These red-hued sweet balls will fill your heart with joy and help you remember your growing-up experience. As you might have speculated, SwadeshiVIP Gulab Jamun is a calorie-rich sweet dish. A 100-gram serving of Gulab Jamun has 432 calories. Gulab Jamun’s calories are mainly from carbs, but it also contains protein and fat. 100 grams of Gulab Jamun gives 56 grams of carbs, 16 grams of fat, and 16 grams of protein. The most outstanding aspect of SwadeshiVIP desserts is that they are made through traditional methods to give you an authentic taste of Gulab Jamun.

Balu Shahi

Balu Shahi

Balu Shahi is one of the delicious and conventional Indian sweets. In North India, it is named Balushahi, and in South India as Badusha. In Rajasthan, it is well known as Makkhan Bada as it is a rotisserie in pure A2 ghee. In comparison to other Indian sweet dishes, this can be put away for a week and is exceptionally delicate to eat. The SwadeshiVIP Balu Shahi is produced using a solid batter made with Maida, A2 ghee, and a touch of baking soda. The dough is then made into a disc shape, dipped into pure ghee, and dunked in thick sugar syrup to make gloss over. The SwadeshiVIP Balu Shahi is exceptionally sweet but scrumptious with a marginally flaky surface. Our SwadeshiVIP Balu Shahi gets its nutty taste and aroma comes from A2 ghee. It is decorated with pistachios or almonds. These nuts give more wealth to the dish.

Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli

SwadeshiVIP Kaju Katli, otherwise called Kaju barfi, is one of the premium Indian sweets that is usually characterized by its precious diamond shape, made with cashew nuts, cardamom powder, sugar, and A2 ghee. This Indian sweet treat is wrapped with an edible silver foil, implying appreciation and luxury for the customer. Dried fruit and saffron can be added to the sweet to upgrade its flavours. In Indian culture, it is trusted that by consuming Kaju Katli, one carries the best of luck and even flourishes it to his home. Be it any event, celebrations, weddings, or a religious function, Kaju Katli, which is a decadent and rich sweet dish, is the favoured decision.

Indian Sweets: Cham Cham

It is one of the milk-based Indian sweets. Milk is soured to get coagulated milk solids or chenna. This chenna is additionally kneaded and afterwards molded in tube-shaped or elongated pieces, which are then cooked in sugar syrup. When you make desserts like cham cham or Rasgulla, what one searches for in these Indian sweets are lightness, smoothness, and softness. SwadeshiVIP Cham is made with new A2 khoya, water, sugar, cardamom, pistachios, and almonds. It is regularly served chilled with cardamom seeds or dried nuts. Spongy, delicate, and sweet-smelling, this Bengali dish is generally served toward the finish of a dinner.

Ras Malai

Ras Malai

Ras malai is one of the recognised Indian sweets comprising white cream, milk, sugar, and cardamom-enhanced paneer cheddar known as chenna. Almonds, saffron, and cashews are frequently added to this treat. Ras malai originated from West Bengali and is at times portrayed as a rich cheesecake without a solid crust. The name of the sweet is a mix of two Hindi words, ras, meaning juice, also, malai which means cream. It is normally served chilled and embellished with cardamom seeds or dried nuts like pistachios. Aromatic, delicate, and spongy, this Bengali dish is generally served toward the finish of a feast.

Indian Sweets: Peda

Indian Sweets: Peda

Peda is one of the amazing Indian sweets which originated in Uttar Pradesh, even though it is additionally exceptionally popular in Gujarat. SwadeshiVIP Peda is made of sugar, khoya, and other flavourings like cardamom, almonds, pistachio, and even saffron. Peda refers to all types of substances, for example, A2 khoya, which is a key ingredient used for making Peda. 

Pedas are usually served during celebrations as an offering to divine beings, even though they are appreciated and consumed consistently. Today, pedas come in various colours and shapes, while khoya is now and then replaced with other condensed milk.


As we all know, Bengalis have a sweet tooth and language, and the perfect example of that is the Sandesh. Otherwise called the “heart stealer” in certain pieces of Bengal. Sandesh is made with sugar and milk. This white/rich magnificence sweet dish is found basically in eastern India, and its variations are made from chenna (cheddar) rather than A2 Milk. Kolkata is the best spot for the sweet is a mix of two Hindi words, ras, meaning juice, also malai, which means cream. It is normally served chilled and embellished with cardamom seeds or dried nuts like pistachios. Aromatic, delicate, and spongy, this Bengali dish is generally served toward the finish of a feast. Sandesh is the astounding, delicate sweet which will amuse you like nothing else.


Kalakand was invented in 1947 by Baba Thakur Das of Alwar. Kalakand represents the personality of Alwar and is a delightfully Indian sweet dish. It is mainly made from solidified and sweetened milk and chenna. This utterly delicious square-shaped sweet is well known in northern pieces of India. Alwar ka Kalakand is an unquestionable requirement for those visiting this wonderful place in Rajasthan.

Indian Sweets: Modak

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in Southern and Western India. Modak is a sweet dumpling whose outside is made from rice or wheat flour while the inner parts are loaded up with coconut or jaggery filling. Western and Southern India is the best place to find Modak and is called by different names like Kudumu in Telugu, Sughiyan in Malayali, and Kadubu in Kannada. The delicate dumpling dissolves when it enters your mouth, giving you vast attacks of sweet joy. Aside from the coconut and jaggery filling, other famous fillings are doing the rounds in Ganpati Bappa’s platter. Chocolate-filled modaks and modaks loaded up with raisins, figs, and dates are becoming popular among devotees. 

Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is a popular sweet dish of Mysore and also an illustrious one; Mysore Pak was firstly prepared in Mysore royal court by a chef named Kakasurra. This delicious Indian sweet dish is made from A2 ghee, gram flour, sugar, cardamom, and even A2 butter. It is a delicious delight, and Mysore is the place to enjoy it. Pak refers to the sugar syrup acquired by stewing sugar with an equivalent measure of water; explicitly for Mysore Pak, this sugary syrup is cooked to the softball stage. The syrup gets its taste from other flavours like cardamom, honey, rose, and so forth.

Indian Sweets: Jalebi

Jalebi is a popular Indian sweet dish. Jalebi and Imarti is a sweet crispy delight consumed by millions each night on Indian roads or at homes with some hot tea. Jalebi and Imarti are made from Urad dal flour which is turned into a thick batter that is fried into A2 ghee and afterwards absorbed into the sugar syrup. An endowment of the Mughals, a Jalebi, causes a blast of pleasantness in our mouth. The best places to have this Indian sweet dish are Lucknow and Delhi.


Ladoos are round sweet balls that are made by hand. The motichur ladoos are highly famous and are the most popular assortment of ladoos. This motichur ladoo has a dazzling orange tone, furthermore, more often, these ladoos are in high demand during the ten days festival of Ganpati. Different assortments of ladoos are besan ke ladoo, sattu ke ladoo, Sattu ke ladoo, and so on. Ladoo can be enhanced with a wide range of flavours and fixings, like green cardamom, dry fruits, and rose water. It’s additionally normal to find Western-influenced ladoo made of coffee and chocolate.

Indian Sweets: Barfi

The name Barfi originated from the Persian name “barf”. The name signifies “snow.” Similarly, Barfi is a dense sugar form cooked with milk. This Barfi can be of different sizes and shapes and is most eminent in Northern India. Barfi flavour was upgraded with a natural product like coconut or mango, nuts like cashew nuts, or almonds.


Malpua is the renowned sweet dish of Odisha. You can without much trouble get this Indian sweet dish in many cities as it is in high demand; this dish is usually prepared for Lord Jagannath. Not just in Odisha, but this fried dish is very well known all over India. Malpua is a ghee-seared pancake produced using Maida flour and then dunked into the sugar syrup. It is garnished off with warm rabdi, pistachios, and almonds.

Indian Sweets: Ghewar

The western side, as well as the eastern side of the nation, is likewise popular on account of sweet dishes. The pastry that comes from the province of Rajasthan is Ghewar. It is made on propitious events. It is a circle-formed sweet cake produced using flour; then, at that point, this cake is absorbed into the sugar syrup. Ghewar is a circle-formed Indian sweet dish having a honeycomb design. It is arranged to utilize Maida and ghee. Certain individuals blend a little amount of besan to improve its taste. 

Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda is a Mughlai dessert prepared with pure A2 ghee and bread cuts deep fired in the ghee, which was then absorbed in cardamom rose sugar syrup, garnished with creamy and fragrant rabdi ( thick and sweet milk), and topped with dry nuts. Give your visitors the VIP treatment with this unrivalled Indian sweet dish. One bite of this utterly delicious and traditional shahi Tukda will provide you with a sensation of sovereignty. The word shahi signifies “royal”, and Tukda signifies “a piece”; in a real sense deciphered, this tasty Indian sweet dish signifies “imperial piece”. This sweet is otherwise called shahi toast.

Soan Papdi

Soan Papdi is a well-known sweet dish in the Northern state. The shape of this Indian sweet dish is cubical and is served in pieces. Soan Papdi is an exceptionally famous Indian sweet ideal for all events. A magnificent Indian sweet dish can be effortlessly found in every sweet shop all over the nation. It is uncommonly purchased at festivals like Raksha Bandhan and Diwali. However, people like to enjoy its crispy and powdery texture. A blend of flour mixed with sugar and enriched with almonds and pistachios. Cardamom helps in upgrading the flavour and aroma of this dessert.

Indian Sweets: Kheer

You could say kheer is the customary Indian pudding. It is made by bubbling rice, milk, and sugar through and through. Saffron, raisin, pistachios, coconut, cashews, almonds, and more can likewise be added. Kheer can vary in both name and ingredients in various areas of the country. Different names of kheer are phirni, payesh, and payasam. It is one of the most desired Indian sweets. 


Rabri or Rabdi is a dense milk-based Indian sweet dish with a light yellow colour. Milk and pearl millet flour are the fundamental fixings. Jaggery/sugar, nuts, and flavours add flavour to the chilled and diverse treat. Rabri is utilized as the main fixing.


With SwadeshiVIP, you can now order your favourite Indian sweets from the website with only a couple of clicks. With various sweet dishes available, SwadeshiVIP has made it possible for you to order your favourite Indian sweets right at your doorstep. Besides ordering it for yourself, you could also serve it to your guests or offer them as an offering. Mithai is generally served as a form of greeting, festivity, and gift-giving on practically all cheerful events and is viewed as a decent gift on propitious days. SwadeshiVIP presents the 20 most appetizing Indian sweets that can be perfect for gifting; they can be presented as Prasad for the Pooja or delighted in to improve your day. This list contains taste-worthy Indian sweets from various parts of India. At SwadeshiVIP, we prepare a wide range of Indian sweets by using A2 milk. 

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