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Benefits of A2 Milk

Anti-cancer Properties

Keeps Heart Healthy

Natural Immunity Booster

Strengthen Bones

Fight against Diabetes

Reduces Heart Attack Risk

Skin-friendly Lotion

High level of Omega-3

Rich in Vitamin A, D, B2, B3

Enhances Memory Power

Perfect for Pregnant Women

Prevents Digestion Issues

About SwadeshipVIP

SwadeshiVIP is a paradise-like destination for Desi Indian cows where Mother cows receive love, respect, and care from our family of Gaupalaks and Gau-lovers. Healthy and nutritious hydronic fodder is the secret behind the 100% pure and organic A2 Gir cow milk produced by our cheerful cows. Our Gir cow milk has become the family's favourite, and due to its nutrient-rich quality, it is labelled as Ayurvedic Amrit. Life will be a soulful tale when you make Gir cow milk a part of your trip.

We Deliver 100% Organic and Nature-friendly

In the era of adulteration, we are your family dairy farmers providing healthy Vedic solutions by delivering additives-free and chemical-free A2 desi cow milk and other dairy products.

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