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Meet the Gau-lover turned Dairypreneur behind SwadeshiVIP Farm

Shri Narendra Kumar

Born and brought up in an ordinary farmer family, Shri Narendra Kumar has always been inspired and passionate about dairy farming. After proving his mettle as a CA & CS and running a group of legal Fintech companies, he decided to follow his passion for preserving Gau-culture and delivering 100% pure, cruelty-free and chemical-free milk & other dairy products. Thus, he started SwadeshiVIP Farm in the year 2020. ‘

In the last few years, devoted Gau-sevak Narendra Ji has realized that the concept of the local milkman has lost its elegance. People have started mixing detergents, chemicals, and other harmful additives in milk, and a significant segment of dairy customers stand in the queue to purchase adulterated milk sold at Kirana stores and big shops. In order to revive the Vedic days of purity, he came up with the SwadeshiVIP brand to serve pure and healthy desi cow milk, make new families and help everyone live a wholesome life free of diseases.

Being the founder of the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, an NGO for unfortunate ones and Aatmnirbhar Sena, he is now actively working as a dairy entrepreneur. He is creating the perfect balance between an environment-friendly approach in the dairy sector and adapting hi-tech milking technology to deliver the purest form of A2 milk products. 

He commenced his dairy journey with around 20 cows and later accelerated his passion and turned it into a huge dairy farm situated in Noida in a pleasant, lush-green surrounding with 200+ cows grazing in it. With the goal of starting 100 Gaushalas in India, this man seems to be unstoppable.

He showers love and moments of care on Mother Cows and helps them flourish well in a calm and peaceful environment.

The cows at SwadeshiVIP farm are bestowed with deep love and respect, and farmers at the farm actively take care of the precious souls roaming in a spacious paradise. Veterinary doctorsare available round the clock to take care of the healthcare needs of the cows. They identify the diseases and give proper as well as timely treatment.

Our Story

The growth of the pharma industry and the massive pull that the Healthcare industry has attained in the last few decades is primarily due to the circulation of adulterated and chemical-rich products in the market. People are consuming such products, and they are suffering due to different health issues such as cancer, high blood pressure, neurological diseases, respiratory issues, chronic weight gain, etc. "Organic and Swadeshi" are the terms that have lost their ground. It has made us come up with the SwadeshiVIP brand that is here to revolutionize the dairy industry and bring back the contamination-free era of good health and freshness.

"I spent my entire childhood in the lap of nature, and organic has always grabbed my attention. I started SwadeshiVIP to serve the combination of "Shuddh" and "Desi" SwadeshiVIP A2 milk obtained from desi cows such as Gir and Sahiwal. I remember the time when a local milkman used to visit my house and deliver milk. As he used to visit regularly, he became a part of our family members and hence, I started calling him- "Doodhwale Bhaiya". In the last few years, I’ve witnessed that the concept of the local milkman has lost its grace. People have started mixing chemicals and detergents in milk that is harmful to health, and dairy customers stand in the line to buy a packet of milk sold at general stores and other shops. In order to revive the concept of the local milkman, I came up with SwadeshiVIP to serve pure and healthy desi cow milk, build new relation every day and help people live a healthful life free of diseases. Finally, we are happy that people are loving our “Swadeshi” and “VIP” products." No hassle, only purity and taste at SwadeshiVIP!

“We are aiming to share a significant percentage of our profit with our fourth generation family farmers; it is our bit to serve those who deserve our love and care.”


To know more about the Founder of SwadeshiVIP, Mr. Narendra Kumar, click here-