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Welcome to SwadeshiVip

We are the fourth generation dairy farmers aiming to empower your health and well-being by delivering antibiotic-free A2 certified Desi Cow milk and other organic dairy products to your doorstep. No artificial fertilizers and pesticides are served to our indigenous cows.

Since they get natural green fodder and nutritious diets, they give healthy and wholesome milk to you and your family members. Our A2 milk and A2 milk-based products pass through different tests and meet quality and safety standards.

Our little, innocent herds are raised in a blooming environment and are nurtured ethically. We are breaking the modern culture of adulteration and reviving the traditional culture of serving the purest form of freshness. Feel the goodness and superiority of fresh milk produced by the family of joyful desi cows in the nation.

We apply desi cow manure in the soil at SwadeshiVIP farm in order to strengthen the soil.

Besides this, pests and insects are managed with holy cow urine. The outcome is healthy soil and natural dairy products that retain the organic culture at our farm, and you get 100% pure and chemical-free products.

At SwadeshiVIP, we ensure that all personnel and Gausevaks follow the safety protocols and use gloves and masks with utmost care. Leaving no room for contamination and adulteration in any form is our topmost priority. Our fully equipped, environment-friendly Vedic Gaushala maintains the purity factor of the milk. Our eco-friendly packaging technique would give you a sense of safety and a strong belief in milk delivered by us. We are aiming to give you a farm-to-door experience along with encouraging a sustainable way of living.

At SwadeshiVIP, we want to help you in making a deep bond with, caring for, and cherishing organic life. We feel that Adopting Swadeshi for good health and preserving culture is the new normal.

Our Vision

We are moving ahead with our motto, "Your good health, our utmost priority." In the era of adulteration, we want to become the flag bearer of providing 100% pure and organic desi cow milk and other products without compromising on goodness and purity. We are gearing up to become "Harr Family ki First Choice."

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the lifestyle and transform the diet chart of people by making them understand the importance of A2 milk in the current time when hardly chemical-free milk and milk-based products are available in the market. Our intent is to deliver A2 Gir and Sahiwal cow milk within 6-12 hours of milking in order to serve the combination of freshness and purity. When it comes to delivering A2 bilona cultured ghee and other dairy products, we make sure that they reach you in their purest form.

Our Objectives

  • To ensure that indigenous cows at our farms and Gaushalas receive a proper nutritious diet, medical facilities and get a spacious and a healthy environment to live
  • To maintain the health and well-being of the cows so that they can produce novel, natural, and healthiest milk
  • To serve people dairy products that are suitable for all ages
  • To apply reasonable and effective practices in animal nutrition, animal care, the nutritional quality of milk, and quality of life
  • To deliver hands-free milk by effectively implementing the safety protocols such as sanitizing the hands of personnel before and after the delivery takes place and making it compulsory for the people to wear masks & gloves
  • We wash our cows daily and ensure that they live in a clean environment. Our veterinary doctors visit regularly and monitor the health of the cows.
  • To make sure that A2 milk reaches up to a major chunk of the population in Delhi NCR
  • To strictly prohibit the usage of chemicals, detergents, and other additional substances in the milk that may deteriorate the quality of milk.

Our Product Portfolio

A2 Desi Gir Cow Milk

The desi humped Gir cow milk is available in eco-friendly bottles. It has become mothers' favourite for their kids.

A2 Sahiwal Cow Milk

SwadeshiVIP brings farm-fresh A2 Sahiwal cow milk that is completely pure and additive-free. It is obtained from free-grazing Sahiwal cows.

A2 Gir Cow Ghee

Our Bilona Cultured A2 Gir cow ghee is a blessing from SwadeshiVIP Gir cows that improves heart, and brain functioning, controls high BP and kills cancer cells.

A2 Gir Cow Premium Ghee

Our A2 premium ghee is made on customer's order and is a heavenly match for your requirements.

Super Soft A2 Paneer

Our fresh, delicate, soft, and tasty A2 paneer is made using desi cow A2 milk. Consuming it will give your body the nourishment it deserves.

SwadeshiVIP Khoya

Our mouth-watering khoya is pure and granular and gives a delicious touch to sweets. It's 100% organic, natural and additives-free.

SwadeshiVIP Butter

SwadeshiVIP brings to you Farm made fresh butter prepared in a hygienic way to ensure its nutritional traits in every spoon you taste.

A2 Cultured Lassi

Our A2 cultured lassi is a great mix of aroma and natural flavour and is as pure as love. It's a perfect treat for a hot sunny day.

SwadeshiVIP A2 Dahi

SwadeshiVIP A2 Dahi is chemical-free and is prepared by using DNA-tested A2 milk. It's something that will enhance your diet chart.

Honey and Pickles

At SwadeshiVIP, we provide four variants of honey, i.e., SwadeshiVIP pure honey, Lemon Honey, Ginger Honey, and Tulsi Honey, along with pickles.