Our Initiatives

Indian Cow Breed Improvement Programme

  • Through the Indian Cow Breed Improvement Programme, we are aiming to work towards the upliftment of indigenous cows and arranging a clean and safe environment for them
  • Preservation and protection of indigenous cows is a crucial part of our initiative
  • As several native breeds of India are on the borderline of extinction, enhancement and improvement of such cow breeds have become extremely important
  • We are bridging the gaps between traditional & modern scientific methodologies to give wings to the mission of breed improvement
  • Improved and enhanced cow breed quality would boost the process of milk production and revival of the cows of native breeds

Awareness Creation

  • Since people in our country are still ignorant about the value of mother cows and their productivity, SwadeshiVIP is striving to pull people out of the shackles of darkness and enlighten them with the reality concerning the worth of indigenous cows breed.
  • We are endeavouring to generate awareness over the difference between indigenous & non-indigenous cows and how A2 milk is different from A1 milk. It’s important for people to understand that cows play a key role in the sustainable advancement of a nation.
  • We are gearing up to disseminate facts-based information regarding the cows via social networking portals and breaking the chain of heaps of myths and misconceptions.
  • It’s essential for folks to realize that embracing the milk produced by our native indigenous breeds would be advantageous due to the sufficient quantity of nutrients present in the milk. However, the sad reality is that a principal segment of folks is happy drinking milk available in packets produced from hybrid or foreign breeds.
  • People must know that consuming milk in packets may lead to diseases such as cancer, autism, type 1 diabetes, and heart attack in some cases.

Healthcare Assistance & Capacity Building

  • Through our initiatives, mother cows are receiving medical & health checkups on a frequent basis
  • Special veterinary doctors are always ready to extend support by providing the medical report of the cows and impart knowledge regarding the ways through which the health of the cows can be uplifted
  • The hygiene and cleanliness within the premises of the Gaushalas and farms are taken into consideration, and we ensure regular washing of cows that enhance the milking environment and maintain the purity factor till the end
  • Through capacity building and training workshops, we are aiming to empower cow breeders, farmers, students who are pursuing their education in the field of veterinary and staff members at Gaushalas
  • Eliminating the practices of indiscriminate breeding by incorporating various strategies and aiming to evolve the methodologies concerning the same