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  • Q.1 How is A2 Different from A1 milk?

    Desi cows are treated like family members where the cows and calves flourish together in companionship. A2 milk produced by desi A2 cows is full of motherly love, while cows that provide A1 milk are treated as milking machines. Since A2 milk is desi cow milk, it is easily digestible. On the other hand, A1 milk is difficult to digest. The term A2 stands for a form of protein found in desi cows milk. A2 cow milk is known for its anti-cancer properties, while A1 milk causes a host of medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and autism.

  • Q.2 Where is the SwadeshiVIP farm located?

    SwadeshiVIP farm is located near Green Beauty Farm, Sector 135, Noida, in Uttar Pradesh.

  • Q.3 Can we take a tour of the farm?

    Yes, why not. Our happiness will be on another level if you will visit our SwadeshiVIP farm. Prior consultation is crucial, though. We leave no stone unturned in welcoming our guests.

  • Q.4 Can I get a sample of desi A2 milk before subscription?

    Yes, you can get the paid trial of SwadeshiVIP’s farm A2 milk.

  • Q.5 Is your milk free of pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics, and unwanted preservatives?

    Absolutely! We, at SwadeshiVIP, go ahead for close monitoring and testing of a2 cow milk. We assure you that SwadeshiVIP milk is free of preservatives, chemicals, antibiotics, and other unwanted substances. Maintaining the purity level is our priority.

  • Q.6 Is A2 milk natural?

    Yes, A2 milk produced by desi Indian cows is natural. No genetic modification or technological process is involved in the production of this divine milk. We don’t add anything as it’s just perfect for milk lovers.