Indigenous dairy breeds of Cow

1. Gir

  • This breed is native to India & is originated from the Gir forests & hills of the Kathiawar region in Gujarat.
  • Apart from Gujarat, Gir cow breed is found in states such as Rajasthan, Maharashtra and other states.
  • Gir cow is known by different names such as Kathiawari, Bhodali, Desan, Surati, Gujarati, etc.
  • The average milk yield for the Gir breed lies in the range of 1200=1800 Kgs per lactation.
  • Desi Gir cow milk contains A-2 beta-casein protein.
  • No major maintenance structure is required for Gir cow farming.
  • Gir cow milk has phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and rich fats, helping keep blood pressure under control.
  • The milk produced by this breed strengthens the bone and maintain the health of the teeth.


  • Rathi cow is a popular milk cattle breed indigenous to India. This breed is originated from the Ganganagar, Bikaner, and Hanumangarh districts of Rajasthan.
  • Apart from Rajasthan, the Rathi cow breed is found in states such as Haryana and Punjab.
  • The variants of the Rathi cow breed are Rathi and Rath.
  • Rathi cows are well-known as efficient & excellent milkers. The lactation milk yield for this breed ranges from 1062 to 2810 Kg.
  • The endurance level of these cows is phenomenal.
  • These cows have emerged as a significant source of livelihood.
  • Rathi cow breed can survive amid all the climates and are capable of yielding milk even in draught-prone regions.
  • Rathi cow milk is a vital vitamin D source and is good for organs such as the heart, eyes, and brain.


  • Sahiwal is a breed of zebu cattle and is regarded as one of the best milch cattle breeds originated from the dry regions of Punjab.
  • Apart from Punjab, the Sahiwal cow breed is found in states such as Bihar, U.P, Haryana, and various other states in India.
  • Some popular names of Sahiwal cow are- Lola, Lambi Bar, Teli, and Mint Kumre.
  • The lactation yield of Sahiwal cow ranges from 1600 to 2750 Kg.
  • Sahiwal cow milk ensures high-quality milk along with high production potential.
  • This cow breed is very popular among the farmers as they can withstand all the weather conditions.
  • These cows flourish well by feeding on natural pastures.
  • Sahiwal cow milk is useful in tackling various health issues by curing diabetes, cholesterol, and heart-related problems.